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    Jill Meagher Murder Case

    Jill's aunt, Catherine McKeon Halpin, gives the family's reaction to the sentence of 35 years handed down for the rape and murder of Jill Meagher in Australia.


    Later Life Mediation

    Caring for an elderly relative who is unwell can often cause difficulties in families, sparking off sibling rivalries and generating feelings of resentment.  Frances Stephenson and four colleagues have set up Later Life Mediation, a private mediation service, to work in this difficult area. They have mediated between parents and (adult) children, family members and nursing home staff.

    The mediators will meet all of the family members, either as a group or individually... and they will also meet the older person, either in their home or nursing home.

    They are organising a workshop, Ageing in Families Workshop, this Saturday 22 June 2013 from 10am to 4pm in Milltown Parish Pastoral Centre, Milltown Road, Dublin 6. Cost €50 per person. For details tel: (01) 685 6747

    For more details visit



    Donovan talks to Miriam about his music, living in Cork and transcendental meditation.

    He was one of the few artists to collaborate on songs with the Beatles, contributing lyrics to the song Yellow Submarine. Donovan was also invited by The Beatles to join them at Abbey Road Studios for the final orchestral overdub session for the Lennon-McCartney collaboration A Day in the Life, the grand finale of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    Donovan not only influenced the guitar styles of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but also studied Transcendental Meditation alongside the band. They are known for being chiefly responsible for bringing Transcendental Meditation and Eastern Mysticism into Western Culture.

    He is helping to launch an event at the Cill Rialag artists retreat in Kerry on June 21st.

    He is playing Listowel on June 20th, Set Theatre, Kilkenny on June 22nd, The Spiegel Tent, Navan on June 27th, The Balor Ballyfofy
    Donegal, June 29th and the Olympia in Dublin on October 26th. 


    Gill Hornby

    Gill Hornby's first novel The Hive follows the friendships and feuds of a group of women who meet at the school gate each day.

    The story takes us through one year in the life of an Anglican primary school, deep in the most bourgeois Boden country. First day back, the new headmaster explains that government cuts have kyboshed his plans for a new library, and so the elite St Ambrose Fundraising Committee is born.

    The Hive is published by Little Brown.

    “John Murray Show / Saturday Night Show Emerging Music Competition"


    1. Talent must be emerging rather than established. Open to those who have not received considerable air-play and/or exposure. Entrants must also normally be resident in the 32 counties.

    2. It is open to all musical genres like punk, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, folk, country, electronic, compositional etc.

    3. A backline and sound engineer will be provided by the Saturday Night Show on the night of the winning performance, May 30, but the winning act will provide their own instruments and drum kit. The winning act will look after their own expenses on the night of the Saturday Night Show performance.

    4. The act must be available to perform on the John Murray Show on Friday, May 29th and on the Saturday Night Show on Saturday, May 30th. 


    5. How do I enter? 
    All entries are by email only and should be sent to  

    6. What should my entry include?
    Your email should include a short description (maximum 100 words) of the musician or band, a contact mobile phone number and ONE audio file attachment. The audio filename should contain the band/musician name and composition title. The entry should also include a photo of act of approximately 1Mb. 

    Only original work will be considered – no covers or samples. Due to a high volume of entries we cannot give individual feedback on music received.

    7. Which type audio files should I send? 
    Audio files must be sent in high-quality audio, preferably stereo and of as high a production standard as possible as this track is what will be played on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio One. MP3 (192kbps or higher) files only will be accepted. No other file types should be entered as they will not be accepted. Tracks should be no longer than 3’30” in duration.

    8. Can I enter more than once? 
    No. One entry is sufficient.

    9. Deadline for submission? 
    Get your music in ASAP.  Deadline for submissions is 12 noon, Friday, May 8th.

    If you require a CD copy of this programme please e-mail or click here for RTÉ Archives sales form. Transfer fees and terms and conditions apply.

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