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    The John Murray Show Thursday 31 January 2013


    The John Murray Show

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    Luka Bloom & Gitti Maas

    John is joined in studio by Luka along with his friend Gitti Maas, who inspired the song Luka will sing called 'You Survive'. Gitti courageously talks about her feelings of hopelessness, isolation & her attempts of suicide with John this morning.

    Pieta House website


    Silence Album

    Not long ago we spoke to Tony Bates about mindfulness & his quest to live his life more mindfully this year, sitting in silence for 30 minutes each morning. We have comae across a CD that may be able to help him, t is a disc containing nothing but silence. On the line from Sussex, is Canon Andrew Mayes who is behind the silent album.

    For further information on CD go to the church's website


    Grief - Jane Clare & Raymond from Sligo

    Yesterday morning Valerie Bresnihan was on the programme talking about grief & how we in Ireland need some kind of public conversation about it. Joining John on the line is the wife of the late Anthony Clare, Jane & a listener Raymond from Sligo.

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