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    Friday 22nd May

    Eurovision - Derek Mooney

    Good night Vienna. Yes, it’s curtains for Molly Sterling & for Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest. John is joined by Derek Mooney who’s picking himself off the floor in Vienna!

    Thursday 21st May

    The Irish Wingsuit Team

    Next week in the UK, Ireland will be represented by three brave competitors in a World Cup, which involves great heights, fantastic views & careful landings, brothers Stephen & David Duffy join John in studio.

    Music - Sinéad White

    Singer songwriter Sinéad White is fast gaining a following & she’s accompanied in studio this morning by Sam Killeen. Sinéad’s new album called 'Finally' will be released on the 30th of May. Sinéad is also playing a gig in the Sugar Club that night to launch the album.

    American chat show hosts

    US chat show host David Letterman brought his 33 year career to a close last night. He will rank alongside the greats from the past such as mentor Johnny Carson, Ed Sullivan & Steve Allen. Former producer of the Late Late Show John Masterson joins us from KCLR.

    Breaking Up service

    This morning John is joined by Kristy Mazins in Melbourne, Australia to tell us about her company 'Sorry Its Over' - ending relationships for those who cannot do it face-to-face, with their services of doing it for you with a text message, email or sympathy hamper!

    Wednesday 20th May

    Blow the Dust Orchestra

    The Blow the Dust Orchestra, set up to encourage older people who once played instruments to take them out of their cases, dust them off and start again & John is joined in studio by 7 members of The Blow the Dust Orchestra who are here to perform for us this morning ahead of appearing in the National Concert Hall at lunchtime.

    Stammer Pride

    About 70 million people worldwide have a stutter, with men about four times more likely to stutter than women, 5% of children stammer at some point & a quarter of these may stammer into adulthood & those that do avail of a variety of treatments. But 31-year-old Simon Walsh doesn’t want to be ‘cured’. Simon joins John in studio this morning.

    Book - Mindful Walking by Hugh O'Donovan

    Most people think about stillness when they think about mindfulness, how does walking come into it? In his book Hugh O'Donovan talks a lot about self-judging, about the voices in our heads that criticise ourselves... does walking not give those voices more space? John met with Hugh yesterday & received some pracitical advice.

    Tuesday 19th May

    Shark close encounter

    38 year old Erwin McCullough who’s from Ennis in Co. Clare has been living in Australia for the past twelve years. He works as an electrician, but his passion is surfing. In February he was surfing in Hastings Point - when he had a close encounter with a Great White Shark. Erwin tells John his story.

    Naoise Barker - Royal Visit

    Today in Galway, a young boy from Conamara is going to meet Prince Charles, and it’s not his first effort to meet the Royals on the line to John is Naoise Barker & his mum Brigid.

    Monday 18th May

    Conor McGregor Cereal Box

    Two Irish lads have come up with one of the most bizarre ideas ever in an attempt to raise funds to go to Las Vegas on July 11th to see their hero, UFC fighter, Conor McGregor take on Jose Aldo for the featherweight title. Joining John this morning is one of those lads, Rob O'Rourke from Bogata in Colombia to tell us more.

    Carousel - Aoife O'Sullivan

    Following critically celebrated performances in London & Paris, Opera North will be bringing the hit production of the Carousel to the Dublin stage at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre for 76 performances from the 10th of June . John is joined by Irish soprano Aoife O’Sullivan will be playing Carrie Pipperidge from a studio in London.

    Smuggling Tales from our listeners

    Lots of great stories coming into us about the adventures some of you have had smuggling various items between countries. On the line to John are Gaye Hanna, Michael, Angela, JP McMahon, Moira & Robert.

    Friday 15th May

    Classics with Oscar McHale -Julius Caesar

    Stratford College transition year student Oscar McHale is back to give us his mini class in the classics. This morning the focus is on Gaius Julius Caesar who was a Roman general, statesman, Consul & notable author of Latin prose. He played a critical role in the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic & the rise of the Roman Empire.

    Thursday 14th May

    Actor Rex Ryan

    John's next guest is a young Irish actor who for the first time is bringing is one-man play to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. Rex Ryan is in studio to tell us all about the show called Pilgrim.

    Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - JIA

    We recieved a great response to our item on juvenile arthritis on Tuesday. This morning John speaks to Collette in Offaly, whose daughter Catherine should be looking forward to doing her Leaving Certificate but instead had to finally concede & defer it, because of her pain & having spent more time in hospital this year than in school.

    Auto-bioghraphy - My Fight to the Top

    From an impoverished upbringing in the east end of Glasgow to running a 50million lingerie empire, Michelle Mone appears to be the personification of the fairytale rags to riches story. She has written unflinchingly of the highs & lows of building a business to come out the other side & Michele joins us from a studio in the UK.

    Clothing Obsessions - hats & shoes

    John is surrounded in studio by hats this morning, sun hat from Rwanda, Russian military hat, a fertility hat from Sri Lanka, tibal hat from Nepal & many more. Their owner is Tommy Morris & we also have singer songwriter Sean O'Neill who has a pair of cowboy boots, worth around 900 dollars but only paid 4 dollars for them!

    Wednesday 13th May

    Breifne Earley - Charity Cycle - Pedal the Planet

    We hear about charity cycels & walks quite a bit, but John's next guest is truly undertaking a mammoth journey of cycling around the world! He has cycled day & night, through the richest urban suburbs to the poorest slums & he is not finished yet.

    Music - Roesy

    Birr in County Offaly breeds men of a particular kind, singer songwriters who go by one word-titles, such as Mundy & John's music guest this morning Roesy. Roesy will perform from his new album Wolf Counsel.

    David Blake-Knox & the Eurovision Song Contest

    The Eurovision Song Contest celebrates its 60th edition in Vienna next week & Ireland is celebrating 50 years of the competition this year. To mark the occasion David Blake-Knox has written a new book called 'Ireland & the Eurovision'. David worked as Head of Entertainment at RTE TV in 1990 to 1994 during Ireland's Eurovision Golden Era.

    Tuesday 12th May

    Living with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

    Most of us associate arthritis with people of a certain vintage, but John's next guest breaks dramatically with that stereotype. Since she was a small child 16 year old Niamh Costello has suffered fron JIA & Niamh with her mother Wendy join John in studio this morning.

    Teaching Self-Defence

    In studio with John is Mick O'Brien, from Self Protection, who teaches self-defence programmes. Mick is here to describe the types of programmes used, especially one tailored for women. Our reporter Colm Flynn went along to one of Mick's classes over the weekend & talked to some of the women taking part.

    Trad Music - Begley & Cooney

    Almost 20 years ago Steve Cooney from Australia & Seamus Begley from West Kerry released their album Meitheal - lively, foot-stomping collection of West Kerry traditional tunes & songs. Now, they are back together & the good news is that Meitheal has been re-mixed & re-released. Seamus & Steve join John in studio this morning.

    Shopping Habits

    Yesterday we heard about new research which found that on average we spend 200 euro a month on clothes shopping. Our reporter Colm Flynn hit the streets of Dublin to ask people about their shopping habits. This morning on the line to John are two listeners with different shopping philosophies, Margaret from Cork & Rory from Kerry.

    Monday 11th May

    Music - Pierce Turner

    Pierce Turner is in studio with John this morning for a performance & chat. He has been described by the Sunday Times as having 'finest body of work in contemporary Irish music, bar none'. A Wexford native, Pierce lives in Manhattan & has returned to Ireland to play four dates this month.

    Role of Godparents - Study

    A listener was in touch with us on hearing the item on Godparents last Friday. Bernadette Sweetman contacted to tell us about a very interesting study she is doing at the moment as part of her Doctorate in Education on the very subject - Godparenthood. Bernadette joins John in studio.

    Over 50s & Job seeking

    On Friday last John spoke to Jillian Godsil about her search for a job & how she felt there was a bias for the over-50s, employers, recruiters & HR people don't invite you for an interview that seem perfectly fit for your skills & experience. Peter O'Connell, career development specialist was quick to respond & he is here in studio with John to elaborate.

    Friday 8th May

    Oscar McHale - Classical Studies

    A couple of weeks ago we had 16 year old Oscar McHale in studio & impressed us all with his knowledge of classical studies. We have invited him back to give us a few classes & tell us the basics about the classics. This morning Oscar tells us about the Greek historian, Herodotus.

    Space & what it has done for us

    Recently we spoke to astonomy expert Leo Enright, about Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti bringing a special espresso maker that functions in microgravity to the International Space Station. Leo returns this morning to answer our question, what has space ever done for us?

    Invisible at 50

    According to John's next guest, the new 50 is believed to be the new 40! We are suckered into believing that at 50, we can still fit into our skinny jeans, go to trendy cafes & we are part of a thriving culture, but, when it comes to applying for jobs, that date of birth is the kiss of death! Jillian Godsil is in studio & explains all.

    Scottish National Party Landslide Win

    The Scottish Nation Party won a landslide victory in Scotland that promises to shake up British politics & no doubt mean a return to the issue of Scottish Independence is on the cards. On the line to John is Pat Kane, Scottish political activist & musician with Hue & Cry.

    Thursday 7th May

    UK's General Election

    Today voters across the United Kingdom are going to the polls in what looks likely to be the most interesting & unpredictable election in British history. Here to make sense of it all, comedian & broadcaster Abie Philbin-Bowman joins John in studio.

    Long & Short of Things

    New research from the Ohio State University revealed that taller people deserve to be paid more than anyone else because they are more likley to have been better nourished as children growing up in a healthy environment, giving them the best chances of fulfilling their potential as adults.

    Play 'Charolais'

    In studio with John this morning are writer & actor Noni Stapleton & producer Tom Dowling, to tell us all about their play about a pregnant girlfriend of a farmer, who is not happy, as he seems to pay more attention to his prize heifer than to her!

    Wednesday 6th May

    Limerick's International Conference on cyber-bullying

    Parry Aftab is an Internet privacy & security lawyer & founder of, the world's first cybersafety group whose clients include Facebook & MTV. A regular contributor to Major American TV & Radio programmes, Parry Aftab joins John from our Limerick studio this morning.

    Skin Cancer Awareness Month

    If the weather over the past few days is anything to go by, you won't be thinking too much of putting on on the sun factor 50 just yet! On a serious note, non-melanoma skin cancer is one of the 5 most common cancers in Ireland today & consultant dermatologist, Dr. Cal Candon joins John in studio this morning.

    Róisín Meaney - Writer & Prizewinner

    The phrase 'Born Winner' could well have been coined for John's first guest this morning, In studio with John is Róisín Meaney who is a writer, but also has a knack of winning lots of competitions.

    Tuesday 5th May

    World Asthma Day

    Ireland has the fourth highest prevalence of asthma in the world, with more than one person dying each week from the condition. The Buteyko breathing method has recently been endorsed by the Global Initiative for Asthma & in studio with John are Patrick McKeown, breathing practioner & asthma sufferer Caitriona NiDhuill.

    Tenor Luciano Botelho

    Playwright Marina Carr has written a new English-language version of Verdi's Rigoltetto for Opera Theatre Company Ireland. Brazilian tenor Luciano Botelho plays the part of the Duke & he joins John in studio accompanied on keyboard by Frank McGrath.

    Celebrity Political Endorsements in UK

    In an interview with Jeremy Paxman, controversial British comedian Russell Brand famously told people not to vote! Yesterday he changes his mind, encouraging people to vote Labour in Thursday's UK General Elections. Are comedian becoming more politically influential? In studio with John is Abie Philban-Bowman, comedian & broadcaster.

    Friday 1st May

    Dawn Chorus with Derek Mooney

    Its a big weekend ahead for the Mooney Goes WIld team, not only is the programme celebrating 20 years on air, Saturday night Derek & his colleagues will be doing an all-nighter with the Annual Dawn Chorus programme.

    Local Telephone Exchanges

    Remembering the role of postmistress in the local telephone exchanges of the 1950s & 60s. Listener Susie Hall joins John on the line this morning with her story.

    Unruly Stags

    Generally Irish people have a great reputation wherever we travel & tend to get a great welcome. But once in a while, someone lets the side down. On the line to John is publican Frank Haughton with the story.

    Thursday 30th April

    Playwright Paddy Cuneen

    Paddy Cuneen's play 'Deadly' is set in Glasgow, rooted in the violence of street crime & specifically knife crime. Paddy has re-written the play for a Dublin setting & he joins John in studio this morning.

    Music with Karen Wyman

    When Karen Wyman made her first tv appearance, she was 16 years old & the show was the Dean Martin Show & the year 1969. In her time she dueted with the likes of Glen Campbell, Tom Jones & the legendary Bobby Darin. Karen is in studio for a chat & performance ahead of her gig in Dublin next week.

    Free Runner Matt McCreary

    Just yesterday we had a young ballet dancer on the show & ballet of course is a very graceful, elegant & dignified dance. This morning, it’s a different kind of routine, not quite dance, not quite gymnastics, not quite climbing! Joining John this morning is free runner Matt McCreary.

    Wednesday 29th April

    Irish National Youth Ballet - Gearóid Solan

    Two years ago young ballet dancer Gearoid Solan appeared on this show where he was trying to persuade his dad to allow him to audition for the Royal Ballet School in London. His dad relented & 15 year old Gearoid from Meath is now the first Irish maled in 30 years to get a place in the prestigious school.

    Listeners Best Surprises

    Yesterday we asked our listeners to tell us about their best surprises ever. This morning we are joined by callers Mary Foley, Stephen Ross, Mary O'Connor & Mary McMorrow with their stories.

    Bundoran 'shanty town'

    A Mayo councillor has called the popular Donegal seaside town of Bundoran 'a shanty town'. Independent Cllr Christy Hyland also said signage had become gaudy. Christy Hyland & Bundoran Cllr Sean McEniff join John on the line this morning.

    Tuesday 28th April

    Book 'Forgotten Girl'

    When Naomi Jacobs woke up on the 17th of April 2008 she looked in the mirror & gave herself the shock of her life, she was a 32 year old single mother in Liverpool, but her brain was telling her that she was 15 again. Naomi was unaware she had dissociative amnesia. Her book is called 'Forgotten Girl' & Naomi joins John this morning.

    Playwright Hilary Fannin

    She has a regular column in the Irish Times where she covers topics as diverse as cares, crocs & contraception, formerly an actor now a playwright Hilary Fannin is here to tell us about her latest play 'Famished Castle' directed by Lynne Parker.

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