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    Friday 30th January

    Ireland's Best Loved Poem

    The John Murray Show has joined forces with The Works to find Ireland’s best-loved poem of the hundred years between 1914 and 2014. All those nominations have been whittled down to ten final poems... we’re announcing five of those this morning and The Works will announce the other five on tonight's programme.

    Ireland's Laureate for Fiction

    Well known author Anne Enright is our first Laureate for Irish Fiction. It is a 3 year appointment and she talks of her plans for the role

    Thursday 29th January

    Operation Transformation Weigh In

    Alan's Weigh In for Week 4


    Liene Berzina has suffered terribly with acne, which has now thankfully cleared. Dr Cal Condon, a Consultant Dermatologist at Dublin’s Blackrock Clinic, talks about how he treats patients with this condition.

    Brendan O'Connor

    Brendan O'Connor of the Saturday Night Show broke his arm six weeks ago. He talks about the injury and also speculation regarding his continued hosting of the show.

    Wednesday 28th January

    Pippa O'Connor

    Pippa is in studio to talk about the shock of the sudden death of her mother last October

    Memoir Writing Competition

    Some examples of memoirs for our Memoir Competition

    Donovan and The Late Late Show

    Maura Connolly and Donovan recall the day when the Late Late Show contacted him at a moment's notice to get him to appear on that night's programme

    Tuesday 27th January

    Writing A Memoir

    Our memoir competition has certainly got you thinking – or writing! Remember, we want you to send us the first paragraph of your prospective memoir and you'll be in with a chance to win a place on a one day writing workshop at Killaloe Hedge School on Feb 7th. Plus a 2 night stay at The Lakeside Hotel! Here’s a sample of the entries so far...

    MyPod Series - Donovan

    John's musical guest today was Scottish singer, songwriter and 'archetypal child' of the 60s, Donovan. He came in to talk about his headline concert as part of the Temple Bar Tradfest and also to share a selection of songs that resonate closely with him as part of our MyPod Series.

    Operation Transformation

    Once again this week, we linked up with the Rua Red Centre in Tallaght for this week’s Operation Transformation weigh-in, in association with Safefood. John spoke to leader Lousie and experts Dr Ciara Kelly, Aoife Hearne, and Karl Henry.

    Paper Girl

    Author and freelance crime journalist, Laura Lynott, joined John in studio this morning, to talk about her novel 'Paper Girl'. The book draws inspiration from her sometimes frightening, exciting and frustrating experiences with Gangland Ireland.

    Monday 26th January

    A Day on the DART

    John Murray took a trip on the DART from Greystones to Howth with Dave O'Hora, whose book Dublin Off the DART is the latest publication in the Best of Ireland series

    Expensive Switzerland

    If you’re planning a trip to the jeweller soon, to purchase a high quality, high value Swiss watch, you might be in for a shock. Earlier this month the Swiss Franc jumped in value against the Euro... making imports from that country as much as 30% more expensive. Clare O'Dea, journalist and John Galligan, tour operator explain.

    The Shebeen

    John Walsh has converted a caravan into a shebeen and it is now available for hire as a kind of mobile bar. A cooler and taps for two draft beers, and fitted a realistic electric stove and the windows will fold down and act as a serving hatch

    Letter to Santa

    Alan Campbell and William O'Callaghan

    Friday 23rd January

    Teachers Strike - Students in Cork

    About 350,000 secondary level students were off school yesterday as their teachers staged another one day strike. During the last strike in December, Colm Flynn took to the streets of Cork to test the students on their knowledge. The results weren't great, so Colm decided to give them a second chance. But how did they get on this time?

    Gatecrash My Wedding

    It’s expensive business paying for a wedding, so Corkman Patsy O’Connor and his Bulgarian fiancé Radina Nadzhieva have come up with a novel way to fund their special day. They are auctioning off six places to their wedding in Las Vegas on March 16th.

    Thursday 22nd January

    Living in the Mansion House

    The Mansion House on Dawson Street has been the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin for 300 years. It’s celebrating a special anniversary this year. Previous mayors Mary Freehill, Eibhlin Byrne and Gerry Breen relfect about life in the Mansion House...

    Mice at Old Trafford

    A recent hygiene report from Old Trafford claims the stadium is infested with mice. John spoke to sports journalist, Peter Smith, about the rumours.. AND we even have an eye-witness account of a rodent sighting, from listener, Siobhan Leech.

    Tinted Windows

    Irish Rugby international, Cian Healy has been in court on motoring charges. One of the charges he faces is having tinted windows on his 4 wheel drive. Conor Faughnan is Director of Consumer affairs with the AA. He joined John to discuss the rules in relation to tinted windows.

    Wednesday 21st January

    Physical Education in Schools

    Some school in Ireland don't achieve the hour a week of sport that’s recommended in the primary curriculum. Professor Niall Moyna from the School of Health and Human Performance in DCU and PE Teacher Dermot Sheridan want things to change. They joined John in studio to discuss their proposals.

    Writing A Memoir

    If you were listening yesterday you’ll know we’re encouraging you to write your memoirs. Send us the first paragraph of your prospective memoir to be in with a chance to win a place on a one day writing workshop at Killaloe Hedge School on Feb 7th. Plus a 2 night stay at The Lakeside Hotel! Here’s a sample of the entries so far...

    Aussie Wine

    In Australia, the grape harvest is 4 or 5 weeks away. However there is concern that smoke from bushfires will result in wines which taste like smoked meat, leather or even ashtrays. Mark Kristitch, from the Australian Wine Research Institute, spoke to John on the phone to highlight his concerns and what it might mean for wine lovers worldwide.

    David Arnold

    David Arnold has composed the scores for some of the biggest films of our time, including five James Bond movies, and other big releases like Independence Day, Godzilla and Stargate. He’s worked with big name bands and solo artists from Bjork to Massive Attack and even our own Damien Rice. He joined John in studio to talk about his life and work...

    Tuesday 20th January

    Operation Transformation

    We’re linking up with the Rua Red Centre in Tallaght for this week’s Operation Transformation weigh-in, in association with Safefood. John spoke to Kathryn Thomas and experts Dr Ciara Kelly, Aoife Hearne and Karl Henry.

    Writing A Memoir - Writing Workshops

    Writing a novel is one of those things that is on a lot of people’s bucket list. Fear not, a memoir is something anyone can write that’s according to David Rice, novelist and director of the Killaloe Hedge School who joined John in studio this morning.

    Dublin Airport Memories

    Our trip to Dublin airport yesterday stirred up many memories for listeners including Nuala who told us what it was like being the only family to live between two runways. The airport has also been a place of employment for many thousands of people in it’s 75 years including Derry Ann Morgan who contacted us about her experiences as an air hostess in the early 1980’s and Captain Barney Croghan.

    Monday 19th January

    Film Makers Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh - Apples Of The Golan

    Majdal Shams is one of the five and two Irish filmmakers spent five years there documenting village life as war broke out in Syria, dividing the community. Their documentary is called ‘Apples Of The Golan’. You can see ‘Apples Of The Golan’ by filmmakers Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh at the IFI this Thursday (22nd January) at 4.15pm. And it’s available from iTunes from today (Monday). See for more.

    Dublin Airport Celebrates 75 years of Irish Aviation

    Today, Dublin Airport celebrates 75 years of Irish Civil Aviation. The Collinstown Terminal Building at Dublin Airport opened on the 19th of January in 1940, two Aer Lingus planes left Dublin bound for Liverpool. Before this flights civil flights used Baldonnel Aerodrome now used by the Irish Air Corps. Last week John Murray visited old Terminal 1 with Dublin Airport Authority’s chief communications officer, Paul O'Kane. John also spoke to Nuala O'Hagan, who contacted the programme to tell us of how her family, husband and nine kids lived in the middle of the two runways in Dublin Airport for 28 years.

    Comedy Clubs

    The attack of the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris has shocked millions across the world. Our reporter Colm Flynn went into the Comedy Club in Dublin at the weekend to find out where Irish comedians draw the line when it comes to religion and indeed other so-called taboo subjects.

    Friday 16th January

    Singer Songwriter Don Mescall

    John's music guest has collaborated with Boyzone, Sharon Corr & Rascall Flatts & has written for so many other people. Don Mescall is in studio for a chat & performance.

    Bord Bia Quiz - Kitchen revamp wort 3,000 euro

    On the line this morning are the 3 winners from the week, Lily Tangney, Pauline Heffernan & Dympna Corish to take part in winning the overall prize of a kitchen makeover.

    Bord Bia Comp/Panelists & author James Wallman

    All the week we have had winners from Monday, Wednesday & Thursday & in studio we have guests Hotelier Francis Brennan, Pat O'Flaherty, IFA Pig Comm & Catherine Fulvio chef & food writer. Plus James Wallman tells us about his book Stuffocation.

    Thursday 15th January

    Weight Loss

    In studio with John are two men who,look slim and fit! However, not so long about they were both over 15 stone & for anyone who’s following Operation Transformation hoping to shed a few pounds, these two gents are here to tell you how they did it & how you can too! Philip Nolan & Jonathan Doyle join John in studio.

    Catherine Doyle - author

    When you write your début novel at the age of 22 & it’s taken up by the publishers who spotted Harry Potter, then people sit up and notice! Galway author Catherine Doyle book ' Vendetta' the title of her first book & is being published in the UK & the US. Catherine Doyle joins John in studio this morning.

    Second Weddings

    Since divorce was granted in Ireland in 1997, census figures show that 50% of divorcees go on to remarry. Joining John in studio to tell us, as brides, grooms or guests, hope to cope with all wedding is Adrian Grealy, Abbey Hotel, Roscommon.

    Wednesday 14th January

    Prof Charles Spence - Digital Biscuit

    Prof Charles Spence is the Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the Dept of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University. Known for his work in food science, he studies how sound affects the taste of our foods. Charles joins John from Oxford Univ in London.

    Music with soprano Danielle deNiese

    John's music guest this morning has been described as the woman who is changing opera. She’s loved by fashion designers & Hello magazine & has a particularly exciting year ahead of her in 2015, soprano Danielle deNiese Joins John in studio.

    Wake-Up App

    Most of us hear the dreaded sounds of alarms clocks everyday & for many people around the world, waking up & getting up is the hardest thing to do. Now there is an app that you can download if you want to receive a wake up call. Colm Flynn reports.

    Tuesday 13th January

    Operation Transformation in assoc with Safefood

    The John Murray Show is back in Rua Red in Tallaght to see how our leaders are getting on with their fitness challenge. There will be 2 Weigh-Ins before the end of the show & we also have music from The Swing Cats.

    Monday 12th January

    Friday 9th January

    The Special Consensus - Bluegrass Tribute to John Denver

    Country music singer songwriter John Denver was one of the most popular acoustic artists of the 1970's. Special Consensus is a grammy nominated Bluegrass Band with a tribute album to John Denver.

    Irish Design - Helen McAlinden

    015 has been designated the year of Irish Design as part of the government’s Action Plan for jobs and will include all major design disciplines, with events taking place throughout Ireland & internationally. John's guest is one of Ireland’s foremost textiles & fashion designer/consultants is Helen McAlinden.


    Almost 35% of us snore occasionally, with at least 10% of us taking the noisy approach to sleeping pretty much every night. Men of middle age & upwards are likely to be the worst culprits but women are not without blame either - John B Reilly has been finding out about the fallout of being a snorer or having a snoring partner.!

    Thursday 8th January

    Dave Fanning - TV for 2015

    A new TV news service on UTV, a new soap on TV3, Charlie on RTÉ One & our own Operation Transformation was back on screens last night, but will that keep Dave Fanning happy? Dave has been taking a look at what’s coming up on the small screen in the year to come & he joins John in studio this morning.

    Bere Island

    The islands of Ireland are a big draw in the summer months for tourists who are eager to find out about life on the edge of Europe, but it’s a brave soul who journeys to them in the month of January. So we send our man Colm Flynn packing to 1km off the coast of West Cork & to Bere Island.

    Clooney in Abbeyleix

    The town of Abbeyleix is bracing itself for a visit from Hollywood royalty. None other than George Clooney may visit here. George’s great great grandfather, Nicholas was born in Kilkenny. In studio with John is Andy Ring from Abbeyleix Tourism & Fiona Clooney is also on the line.

    Attack in Paris

    The brutal terrorist attack on the French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo in Paris yesterday has badly shaken Paris & the world. But journalists & cartoonists have reacted with determination to defend their freedoms. Joining John on the line is cartoonist Niall O'Loughlin.

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