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    Thursday 30th July

    Sea Swimming Tour of Ireland

    We have an update from Michael and Brendan who are travelling the coast of Ireland in search of the best places to take a dip. They are going to select, photograph and write about 40 swimming locations that will eventually fit into a full-colour book.

    Mary Manning

    Mary Manning's memoir, Nobody Will Believe You, has just been published by The O'Brien Press. It is an incredible story of abuse and survival. Mary Manning's stepfather began raping her at their home in Ardee, Co Louth when she was in her early teens. He went on to father her first five children.

    Dermot Bannon

    We are going to spend another €500 million building 11,000 houses but where? Are the new apartment minimum size guidelines a good idea? Architect Dermot Bannon is in studio

    Wednesday 29th July

    Claudia Carroll

    Best selling author Claudia Carroll has just published a new book called Meet Me in Manhattan. As a single person and purely for research purposes for her book, she got involved in some online dating with some mixed results.............

    David Carey, Child Psychologist

    Child psychologist David Carey is in studio to talk about behaviour problems and discipline with children

    Gavin Duffy

    Now that the recovery seems to be coming we need to start thinking again about what kind of a society we want to have, what kind of a country we want to be and what our priorities should be. Entrepreneur Gavin Duffy is in studio with his thoughts....

    Tuesday 28th July

    Around the World Without an Aircraft

    Most of us get wanderlust from time to time – the desire to get away from it all and see somewhere new. Most of the time it will involve a plane. Not so Niall Doherty, who earlier this year completed a 44 month round the world journey without flying. And he learned quite a few things along the way

    We Three Magee

    Rio 2016 may be a year away, but three badminton hopefuls will be looking to keep it in the family and book their place on the plane, particularly after all securing bronze medals in last month’s European Games in Baku. Two time Olympian Chloe Magee hopes to be joined by her 2 brothers, Sam and Josh and all three join Brendan in studio...

    Michael Colgan

    Michael Colgan has a great zest for life. He feels incredibly lucky to be surrounded by great friends and says he thankfully has never experience unwarranted sadness in his life. He’s been running the Gate Theatre for 32 years and counts Brian Friel and Samuel Beckett among his close friends.

    Siobhán Ryan, Weather Forecaster

    Siobhán, a meteorologist broadcaster with Met Eireann, talks to Brendan about the really poor weather we are having this summer

    Monday 27th July

    Finbarr Filan

    Finbarr is Shane Filan’s (Westlife) older brother. He has entered politics and is the Renua candidate for the Sligo constituency in the next general election

    Ronan Ryan and Pamela Flood

    They were the model Celtic Tiger couple. His restaurants were host to the celebrity set during the boom years. She was the darling of the fashion TV world. But their careers went bust together. But they’re back... setting off on a new restaurant venture together and having their third baby

    Laura Kennedy

    Laura found out last month that her mother had terminal cancer and was told she has a year or less to live. Laura talks of her grief that at a time when her mother was finally able to take life a bit easier, it is all being taken away from her.

    Friday 24th July

    Stephen O'Leary - Social Media

    Joining Sinéad, Oliver & Brendan we have Stephen O'Leary from Olytico, the social media monitoring & analysis company with what's trending this week.

    GAA Poc Fada Awards 2015

    Catherine McGourty, a top camogie player has accused the GAA of sexism after getting a medal for winning a poc fada competition — while her male counterpart received a prize of a skiing holiday. Furious Down player Catherine McGourty said she was shocked at the treatment of female competitors after winning the Ulster championship.

    David McSavage

    Comedian David McSavage is in studio to take us through the eccentric and eclectic music on his iPod

    Drink and Click

    The demon drink gets blamed for a lot of things, and perhaps, with good reason! Author Sinéad Moriarty has been writing this week about the useless and expensive things some people have bought online while tipsy. Sinéad is in studio to tell us more

    Oliver Callan

    Satirist & comedian Oliver Callan is in studio with his weekly satirical swipe at well-known faces in the worlds of entertainment, politics & sport.

    Thursday 23rd July

    To Russia With Love

    Debbie Deegan set up To Russia With Love after adopting a seven year old girl from Hortolova orphanage in Russia in 1998. When she saw the conditions children lived in she felt she had to act, and so founded the To Russia With Love charity. She is in studio with Sasha, one of the former orphans, who now works with her in the charity

    Gary Monaghan

    Gary Monaghan from Artane in Dublin has spent 23 years working in British prisons. In November 2013 he became governor of Britain’s most notorious prison,Wormwood Scrubs. He talks to Brendan from a London studio

    Dr Eva Orsmond

    Dr Eva is living in France while she writes a book on her findings regarding Type 2 diabetes. She came into studio on a trip back home to talk to Brendan about how to prevent children from eating the wrong foods, how parents should keep a check on their weight and that you should be open and honest with them about it

    Sonya and Alex Butler

    Alex Butler is tetraplegic as a result of the injuries she suffered at birth at Waterford Regional Hospital. Her parents Sonya and John took the HSE to court for damages, and the case was finally settled for €10 million and an apology given by the HSE after 10 years of court battle.

    Wednesday 22nd July

    Maria Walsh - The Rose of Tralee

    Maria Walsh is this year’s Rose of Tralee – about to come to the end of her tenure. She’s definitely the most modern and fascinating Rose we’ve seen in a few years. From dancing with George Hook to winning a VIP style award, she’s left her mark this year there’s no doubt

    Paul O'Brien

    Paul O'Brien wrote three novels in his bedroom and self-published them. He now has two US TV pilots in development, one based on his Blood Red Turns Dollar Green novels in LA and the other a black-comedy based out of NY.

    Twink's New Career

    There’s been a lot of talk about Adele King’s AKA Twink’s brand new line in cake baking. She is selling her home-baked treats at a farmers’ market in Dublin every Saturday morning and now has a successful business baking and decorating cakes for every occasion.

    Tuesday 21st July

    Dil and Anne Marie on Home Birth of their Baby Phoenix

    Dil Wickremasinghe and Anne Marie Toole, a same sex couple, were expecting their first child and wanted to have a home birth. Their son Phoenix was born at home in May and Dil and Anne Marie join Brendan in studio

    Seagulls are a Danger to Children

    Senator Denis O'Donovan says seagulls are becoming a nuisance in towns now and he wonders is it a lack of fish which is driving them inland

    Cian Twomey

    Cian Twomey, the internet sensation, is in studio. He’s one of the biggest online stars in Ireland with over 1.4 million followers on Facebook and just close to 1 BILLION views. In his shorts videos he role-plays scenarios between himself and his girlfriend Emily

    Paul Dunne - Amateur Golfer

    Colum Dunne, father of Paul, who led the British Open going into the final round, talks of the whole experience of his son competing at the highest level in golf

    Death Threats sent to Senator Lorraine Higgins

    Senator Lorraine Higgins is in studio to tell Brendan about the recent threats to her which are extremely distressing for her and her family

    Monday 20th July

    Christy O'Connor Jr

    Talks about Paul Dunne at British Open Golf

    Friday 17th July

    Stephen O'Leary - Social Media

    Joining Sarah, Oliver & Brendan is Stephen O'Leary from Olytico, the social media monitoring & analysis company.

    Sarah Carey & Nudity

    Broadcaster & journalist, Sarah Carey has just returned from her family holiday where she had a life changing experience! While staying on staying at one of those brilliant French campsites, she discovers a nudist camp & decided to embrace the glorious imperfections of the naked body.

    Oliver Callan

    Satirist & comedian Oliver Callan is in studio with his weekly satirical swipe at well-known faces in the worlds of entertainment, politics & sport.

    Thursday 16th July

    Loneliness - Gabrielle Monaghan

    Loneliness is bad for your health, part of the problem is its massive taboo status. But while pretty much everyone suffers with loneliness from time-to-time – very few have been public about a lack of human connection in their lives & freelance journalist, Gabrielle Monaghan is one of them. Gabrielle joins Brendan in studio this morning.

    Poet Rita Ann Higgins

    In studio with Brendan is poet & playwright, Rita Ann Higgins. A native of Ballybrit, Galway, Rita Ann was one of thirteen children in a working-class household. She has a writtern a number of plays as well as having her poetry published. Rita Ann's next poetry book will be released in April 2016, called Tongelish.

    Arklow Pig Race row

    A petition has begun to stop an annual pig race in Arklow, Co Wicklow. The race has been a signature event at the Arklow Seabreeze Festival for the last 24 years. On the line to Brendan this morning is local FF Councillor Tommy Annesley who is on the festival committee.

    Wednesday 15th July

    Seamus O'Rourke

    In a few weeks time Co Leitrim writer, actor & director will take his one man show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s partly auto-biographical & gives a fascinating insight into life growing up in the rural Ireland of the 1970s & 80s. Seamus joins Brendan in studio.

    Bruce Jones aka Les Battersby in Coronation Street

    The actor, who played Les Battersby on the soap, was axed in 2007 & has since opened up in a new documentary for Channel 5, to raise awareness about celebrities on benefits. Bruce Jones joins Brendan from a studio in UK.

    David Norris

    Irish scholar, indep Senator, gay & civil rights activist , David Norris joins Brendan in studio this morning . Founder of the Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform & was a candidate for President of Ireland in the October 2011 election.

    Model Mugged

    On the line to Brendan is model, Thalia Heffernan who tells how she was a victim of a vicious mugging in Dublin city yesterday morning on her way to a catwalk job. A teenage girl hit her in the face & ripped her bag off her back while a male teen helped & their friends watched.

    Tuesday 14th July

    Music from Bagatelle

    An Irish rock band who first formed in August 1978, well known for their popular pop hits such as 'Second Violin', 'Leeson Street Lady' & 'Summer in Dublin', perhaps their best known & best loved song. Bagatelle are now on their final tour & members Liam Reilly & Ken Doyle along with Canadian guitarist Kurt Schefter, join Brendan in studio for a chat & performance this morning.

    Book - Goodbye Sugar

    Is sugar the new Fat? Nutritional Therapist Elsa Jones has written a book called 'Goodbye Sugar' which contains the missing ingredient lacking in other diets. Her revolutionary programme targets both physical & emotional dependency on sugar. Elsa joins Brendan in studio.

    Ashling Thompson

    'Your heartache is someone else's hope. If you make it through someone else will'. These are the words of Ashling Thompson, who is currently captain of the Cork camogie team. Ashling is in studio with Brendan to talk about the tough years in her life & how she has come through it stronger than ever & to share her message of hope.

    Monday 13th July

    Relationships - Breaking Up

    We are going to talk a little bit about relationships over the next few weeks, so today we will be talking about breaking up. In studio with Brendan is relationship counsellor, Anne Matthews.

    Broadcaster Marty Whelan

    This morning Brendan speaks to Jacob's Award-winning Irish radio & television personality, Marty Whelan., who has presented a variety of shows, his early television credits included his own gameshows, Millionaire, Fame & Fortune, as well as the weekday afternoon show, Open House.

    Blindboy Boatclub from the Rubberbandits

    In studio with Brendan is a man who most of our listeners will know as a comedian & musician of sorts, but there is much more to him than 'The Horse Outside', he is a satirist, social commentator & now a historian as well!

    Nathan Kelly from Las Vegas

    Last Saturday night was of course the big fight night with Conor McGregor beat Chad Mendes to become the interim Ultimate Fighting Champion. So we are going to Las Vegas now to speak to 10 year old Mixed Martial Arts maestro Nathan Kelly aka Nate the Great.

    Friday 10th July

    Mary Lou & Shep Huntly

    Linsey Lindberg, aka strongwoman, Mary Lou & Shep Huntly, who lifts weights from his pierced nipples, allows a bowling ball drop from a height onto his stomach, are both in Ireland for the Layla Healthcare City Spectacular street festival in Dublin & Cork. Mary Lou & Shep show Brendan a couple of demonstrations of their unusual skills!

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