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    Wednesday 1st July

    San Diego Musical - Lauryn Gaffney

    Back in March we had 22 year old Lauryn Gaffney in studio telling us about her plans to bring her musical to the prestigious San Diego Fringe Festival. Her plans hinged on raising 40,000 euro & Lauryn is back in studio to tell us how she's been getting on.

    Clonmel Junction Festival

    John's next guests have created & co-produced what sound like an amazing theatre production for the upcoming Clonmel Junction Festival. It is called Forever Young set in the streets of Clonmel town itself. David Teevan director of the festival joins John in studio along with Aoife Delaney-Reid & Rian Condon.

    Greece Crowdfunding

    Last night Greece plunged further into financial crisis as a result of defaulting on its repayment to the IMF. As the rest of the world looks on with concern, one Englishman is thinking about the human predicament of the Greeks & has come up with a novel crowd-funding idea to help them. Tom Feeney joins John on the line from the UK.

    Music with The Drays

    Irish music fans of a certain vintage with a liking for low-key, quality, country-tinged guitar music will undoubtedly fondly remember Dublin's great Stars of Heaven. Stephen Ryan is back with his new band & equally laid back, The Drays.

    Tuesday 30th June

    Kate Winter author

    Kate Winter describes herself as a country-living girl who travelled the world in a camper van with an eccentric family & no TV! Her first novel is called 'The Happy Ever After of Rosie Potter' published by Little Brown. Kate joins John in studio.

    Mark Moriarty - chef

    In studio with John this morning is Mark Moriarty an award winning young chef who is just back from Milan where he was named the World's best young chef for 2015.


    In the Irish Times Enda Sheppard took a wry look at his relatively new found position balancing the insecurity of coming up with ideas for & writing articles for a variety of newspapers while helping raise two young children. Enda is in studio with John this morning along with Sarah Jane Lanagan, Al Higgins & Chris Wasser, all freelancers.

    Chris Wasser

    Singer songwriter Taylor Swift played one of her two Dublin gigs last night & among the throngs of young screaming swift fans, was arts journalist Chris Wasser who joins John in studio this morning.

    Monday 29th June

    Noel McCall - Farmer with no land

    Noel McCall is a prize-winning farmer, he recently wond Dairy Farmer of the year & overall Farmer of the Year at the Zurich Farming Independent Awards. He has a dairy herd & farms 150 acres in Wicklow, but owns no land. Noel joins John in studio this morning.

    Regina Brennan

    Last week we spoke to Olivia Harte, Irish Rail's only female apprentice & joining John on the line is listener Regina Brennan, who got in touch with us to tell us about her story of working in a man's world 30 years ago.

    Mauled by Dog

    Last September 11 year old chld model, Cameron Lynch was attacked by a dog while he played outside his grandmother's house. He suffered lacerations to his face, but he is hopeful he can still return to modelling. Cameron is in studio with John along with his mother Jacqueline Lynch.

    Brendan Doyle - Skeleton Racer!

    In studio with John this morning is Brendan Doyle who has brought along his sled! Brendan is a member of the Irish Bobsleigh Skeleton Federation, a sport that involves sprinting full speed down an ice track before jumping headfirst down the track onto a metal slider, banking & turning at speeds up to 130km/h.

    Friday 26th June

    Shiela & Barry Boland - Oisin's Story

    In September last year parents Shiela & Barry discovered their 3 year old son, Oisin had an untreatable brain tumour. They decided against radiotherapy which might have prolonged Oisin's life by a couple of months. Oisin died on January 18th 2015. Shiela & Barry were devasted. Now they are trying to set up a charity to support other families.

    Jacqueline O'Brien, widow of Vincent

    The 150th running of the Irish Derby takes place on Saturday at the Curragh. To mark the occasion Jacqueline O'Brien widow of the great trainer has co-authored a book about the race, called 'The Irish Derby - celebrating 150th running of Irelands Greatest Race'. John spoke to Jacqueline in her home recently.

    Olivia Harte - Irish Rail

    Irish Rail announced an apprenticeship scheme last year & saw over 2,000 apply. Of that 2,000 only 9 were women. One made the cut & she is Irish Rail's only female apprentice, Olivia Harte is on the line to John.

    Thursday 25th June

    Six months to Christmas

    Today is the 25th June & of course that means there's only six months to Christmas!! Our reporter Colm Flynn was out & about yesterday asking people on the street if they started their festive shopping yet. In studio also is Giftware Buyer for Arnotts, Paula McEvoy.

    Young designer Ali Delaney

    John is joined in studio by young designer, Ali Delaney who is working from a room in her parents home, but has already built an impressive fan base that included Kim Kardashian's sister, Kylie Jenner. Ali explains to us what her company Custom Vintage Dublin specialises in?


    YouTube celebrated its tenth birthday this year. What started as a video website full of cats doing funny things is now is a cultural phenomenon . But how do you stand out from the crowd & more importantly how do you make money from YouTube? In studio I have web expert Darragh Doyle & YouTube partner Clare Cullan.

    Olan McGowan

    The chances of me using my legs again are bleak, life is short & I intend to honour those who died by living the happiest & most fulfilling life possible', the words of recovering Berkeley student, Clodagh Cogley. In studio with John is one of his colleagues, Olan McGowan, who has been in a wheelchair following an accident 20 years ago.

    Wednesday 24th June

    Mindful Walk - Hugh O'Donovan

    We have been checking in regularly with Hugh O'Donovan during his mindful walk from his native county of Cork to Malin Head in Donegal. He has walked 668 kilometres & has 14 left in his walk, for the charity Hugh joins John on the line from Donegal. To make a donation go to Hugh's website

    Rock n'Roll stage accidents

    As Shakespeare once pointed out, all the world's a stage. What he failed to mention is that especially if you're a rock star, that stage can be a dangerous place! John is joined by freelance radio & tv producer, Pat O'Mahony to take us through some of the more well-known & simply bizarre stage accidents.

    Lynette Smith - Sex Education Consultant

    How early should we start teaching children about pornography? Most would agree that it is right to tackle the subject with young people, but how young? John is joined on the line from the UK by Lynette Smith, sex educ consultant with Big Talk Education who recently featured in a BBC tv doc called 'Porn, what's the Harm'.

    Top Gear Auditions

    Top Gear is looking for co-hosts to work with the new presenter on the show Chris Evans. If you are into motors, a fan of the show, have a great sense of fun, this could be the job for you! In studio with John this morning are Michael Sheridan, RTE motoring journalist, comedian Eric Lalor & drift racer, Danielle Murphy.

    Tuesday 23rd June

    Music with Seo Linn

    Seo Linn & TG Lurgan brought us Avicii as Gaeilge & the band appeared on the Late Late & have racked up thousands of Youtube hits. The 6 member band are all fluent Irish speakers & are passionate about bringing the Irish language & culture around the world in a fun way with their Kickstart campaign. Seo Linn join us for a chat & performance.

    Padmini & Babu Turlapati - Air India disaster 30th anniversary

    It is 30 years since the Air India disaster when Flight 182 exploded off the Cork coast & all 129 passengers & crew were killed in a terrorist attack. Dr. Padmini Turlapati & her husband Babu lost their two sons & they return each year for the anniversary on Sheep's Head peninsula. John speaks to Padmini & Babu.

    Marty Ryan - Island hopping musician

    For a lot of musicians the summer months is an opportunity to tour & hit the different festivals around the country. One young musician from Limerick city has decided to tour the islands instead & Marty Ryan joins John from our Limerick studio.


    Being part of the sandwich generation is hard, as men & women looking after children are also concerned with the well being of elderly parents. Operation Transformation's Dr. Ciara Kelly wrote a very honest & open piece recently in the Sunday Indpendent about her own mother's dementia. Dr. Ciara Kelly joins John this morning.

    Monday 22nd June

    Music - Niamh Crowther

    John's music guest this morning is a relative newcomer to the music business. Niamh Crowther impressed a panel of Irish music industry gurus with her songwriting as far back as 2011, at the tender age of 14!

    Job Seeking for over 50's - update

    Last month we had Jillian Godsil in discussing how the job market was generally unkind to people who are in their 50's. Jillian returns this morning with an update.

    The Good Husband

    A couple of weeks ago we took a cheeky look at what it takes to be a good wife with the help of jounrlists Fiona Looney & Mairead Lavery. This morning we have journalist John Meagher & Louis Copeland to tell us what makes a good husband!

    Friday 19th June

    Singer Songwriter Jimmy MacCarthy

    Jimmy joins John in studio this morning to reflect through his music on a week of sadness & sorrow.

    Thursday 18th June

    Book - The Ballroom Café

    Ann O'Loughlin is a journalist with the Irish Examiner & spends much of her days sitting in the high court, observing & reporting on proceedings. Recently Ann turned her hand to fiction & her début novel is called The Ballroom Café & she joins John in studio this morning.

    Daddy And Me Campaign

    A new campaign has been launched by the parent support group, Anam Cara in the run up to Father's Day this Sunday. It aims awareness of the difficulties all bereaved Dads face. John is joined in studio by Adrian Hendrick.

    Mindful Walk - Hugh O'Donovan

    Hugh O'Donovan set off from Cork at the end of May, on a mindful walk from his native county to Donegal. A former army man & a coaching psychologist who has written a book called 'Mindful Walking'. Hugh is on the line to John & to tell us about the walk he is doing for

    Wednesday 17th June

    Womens Sports - Anna Geary

    Many people may not be aware that there is a women's football world cup taking place at the moment as it hasn't received a lot of coverage in the main stream media, as with a lot of women's sport. In studio with John is recently retired camogie player & new coach on RTE's tv series Ireland's Fittest Family, Anna Geary.

    Book - The Flower Arrangement

    When writer Ella Griffin decided the the main character in her new novel was going to be a florist, she found out a lot more about flowers & people who sell them than she expected. Ella is in studio with John this morning.

    Music - The Willis Clan - chat & performances

    In studio with John this morning are a family of musicians from Nashville, Tennessee. The Willis Clan are currently in the middle of an Irish tour & John speaks Brenda, mother of the troop.

    Tuesday 16th June

    Book - The God Box

    John is joined in studio by New York best seller Mary Lou Quinlan. Mary grew up in New York, worked in advertising & now has her own successful advertising agency 'Just ask a Woman'. Mary is in Ireland touring a one-woman play called 'The God Box, a Daughters Story'.

    Music from The Railsplitters

    John is joined in studio by five musicians, all standing around one big old-fashioned looking microphone . They are The Railsplitters from various parts of US but Colarado based. They play bluegrass, with a modern twist & will perform 'Planted on the Ground' & 'Met the Day'.

    Tennis star - Simon Carr

    In studio with John this morning is former Dublin GAelic footballer Tom Carr & his young son Simon, who has set his sights on winning the All England Lawn tennis championships some day. Simon is 15 & he has decided to give up school in order to make it as a top tennis player.

    Monday 15th June

    Songs of Joyce

    Tomorrow is Bloomsday & Sinéad Murphy & Darina Gallagher will be enjoying a very Joycean breakfast & singing songs by James Joyce himself. They joins John in studio this morning for a chat & performance.

    Vintage Jaguar - Derek Tynan

    A 64 year old Jaguar which lay in a barn for more than 25 years, rusting & covered in bird droppings has been lovingly restored by the man on the other end of the line now. But Derek Tynan had to overcome a court battle to claim ownership of his dream car.

    Book - The 3 Day Nanny

    Kathryn Mews is author of 'The 3-Day Nanny, Your Toddler Problems Solved', as the name suggests Kathryn gives lessons on behaviour like tantrums, fussy eating & bad sleeping routines. Kathryn joins John from a London studio.

    Friday 12th June

    Boris Becker

    Boris Becker knows Wimbledon better than most, as a player, a pundit and a coach to Novak Djokovic... and he has written a book called Boris Becker’s Wimbledon

    Swedish Yeats Song

    Gustav Haggren has composed a song in Swedish in honour of Yeats

    Jools Holland

    At the end of this month the Killarney Festival of Music and Food takes place in the Killarney National Park in Co Kerry. Top of the bill on Saturday 27th June is Jools Holland. He chats to Shay Byrne about his busy life presenting radio and TV shows, composing music, writing books and extensive touring with his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra

    Dyscalculia - The Update

    Journalist Larissa Nolan was tested for Dyscalculia - a mathematical version of dyslexia - and is back in studio to give us the result. With her is Donald Ewing from the Dyslexia Association of Ireland

    Thursday 11th June

    Classics Quiz

    Over the past few weeks, Oscar, of the Classical Youth Society of Ireland has shared his passion for the subject and told us about some of the great leaders, battles and eating habits of the Greeks and Romans. Today he tests the knowledge of two of the John Murray Show listeners

    Memory Man - Eran Katz

    If only there was a way of remembering better; of being able to train ourselves to boost our memory power. Well in studio is a man who claims this is 100% possible - Eran Katz, best-selling author, Guinness World Record holder and speaker on memory and intelligence

    Park Bench

    John B Reilly takes to St Stephen’s Green where he asks a passerby a question. Today's topic was “What is Your Earliest Memory?”

    Emer O'Toole

    Emer writes a column for the Guardian newspaper that has touched on reproductive rights, armpit hair, her cat Frida and polyamory, among other topics.

    The Foods of Athenry

    John Cleese tweeted that the best crispbreads he had tasted are the gourmet sodabread toasts from the Foods of Athenry. Siobhán Lawless from The Foods of Athenry reports

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