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    Wednesday 16th April

    Rackhouse Pilfer - music & chat

    Music & chat with six young men who are all from Sligo & are great friends. They are Rackhouse Pilfer who are getting rave reviews with their brand of music, described as bluegrass, folksy, This morning they play a song called called Bright Lights & their new album is called 'Love & Havoc'.

    Creative CV

    Joining Kathryn on the line is a youngman from Cork, Brian O'Sullivan, who is sending his CV to various companies in a very creative way, printed on six bottles of beer! Kathryn asks Brian about the response he has been receiving. You can contact Brian @

    Weekly Knitting Club

    They say age is only a number & Kathryn's next guest in studio is living proof of that. At 93 Emer Cosgrave, a mother & grandmother has never been idle in her life. Emer's grandaughter, Aisling Brennan is also in studio to tell us all about their weekly knitting club 'The Knit Wits'.

    Louise Kennedy & Joan Bergin

    The State visit to Britain last week proved to be memorable, historic, cordial & above all very stylish! Two of the womem responsible for that fashion excellence join Kathryn in studio this morning, internationally renowned designer Louise Kennedy & award winning film & tv costume designer, Joan Bergin.

    Tuesday 15th April

    Collectaholics - Trish Murphy

    We’ve been talking to people who collect things over the past week & this morning we invited Psychotherapist, Trish Murphy into studio to explain why people collect things. We are also joined by listeners Freddy Herr, Mary O'Neill & Tommy Holohan, to talk about what they love to collect.

    Artist Maser

    He is arguably Dublin’s most talked about artist. He has worked with corporate brands, city councils & many, many other collaborators. His socially conscious murals, set in giant, tastefully-set type, span the walls & hoardings of our grey little city, brightening things up and reminding us of solidarity, common decency.

    Mobile Phone Legislation - Conor Faughnan

    Kathryn's first guest in studio this morning is Conor Faughnan from AA Roadwatch. Conor tells us about the new road safety regulations, drivers caught using morbile/smartphone will be given a mandatory court appearance & fine - even if it is a hands-free kit.

    Monday 14th April

    Music & chat with Asgeir

    This morning we have a singer songwriter from Iceland, who was in Dublin recently & joined us in studio to record a couple of songs. Asgeir album is called 'In the Silence'.

    Dublin Footballer Ger Brennan

    Ger Brennan joins Kathryn in studio this morning & Ger is still on a high after his club St. Vincent's won the All-Ireland Club championship not so long ago & yesterday's victory over Cork!

    Walking Barefoot for Holy Week

    Kathryn's next guest is Linda Chambers who is raising money for shoes for primary school children in Swaziland, who walk barefoot over rough terrain in all season. Linda is going barefoot for this week & hopes to raise funds when people see what she is doing.

    Canopi Sleeves

    In the Irish Independent this morning there is a story about the Tipperry born entrepreneur has gone from losing two shops during the recession to wholesaling her designs to 17 countries. Sandra Walsh from Mount Merrion joins Kathryn on the line this morning

    Friday 11th April

    Park Bench Questions - 'When was the last time you held hands with someone?'

    In the second part of our Park Bench series our own John B Reilly takes to St Stephen’s Green where he asks a number of random strangers a single pertinent question. This week's question: 'When was the last time you held hands with someone?'

    Maeve Higgins from New York

    The last time I spoke to Maeve Higgins we discussed her big move to New York. Well, she’s well ensconced there now & she joins John this morning to talk about a matter close to our hearts - eating & where to eat in NY. Maeve also tells us about a helicopter ride.

    Thursday 10th April

    Wholesome Food - Caitriona Redmond

    Recently John spoke to Englishwoman, Jack Monroe , about frugal cooking, her cookbook & her outlook on life. Several listeners got in touch with us to talk to Caitriona Redmond, the woman behind the wholesomeireland blog & website. Catriona joins John in studio this morning.

    Music & chat with Ralph McTell

    President Michael D has been paying tribute to the contribution of the Irish to literature in England. Of course we Irish also owe something to our neighbours’ input here – like the Englishman who wrote 'From Clare to Here'. Ralph McTell is coming to Ireland for 'The Celtic Cousins Tour'.

    President Michael D visit to London

    Joining John in studio is our resident etiquette expert, Tina Koumarianos who has been keeping a watchful eye over events in Windsor & Westminister for us.

    Wednesday 9th April

    Collecthaloics - Francis van Maele

    Earlier this week we spoke about unusual things people collect & we are joined on the line this morning by Francis Van Maele who lives in Achill to tell us about his collection of paper cups!

    Student Enterprise Awards National Finals

    John speaks to two young students Edel & Richard who are celebrating a big event, as winners of the Social Media Award for their project ‘Sheep Watch’ from St. Oliver Post Primary School in Oldcastle, Co. Meath.

    The Word of Breda

    John's next guest is a young Galway woman who is trying her hand at comedy. Breda Larkin, has recently performed her a gig at the Comedy Club in Dublin's International Bar & is hoping to undertake a tour around the country. Breda's website is

    President's visit to London

    In studio with John this morning is Tina Koumarianos, our resident etiquette expert, who has been keeping an eagle eye on events in Windsor Castle & Westminster for the John Murray Show.

    Tuesday 8th April

    Collectaholics - follow up

    Yesterday we spoke about people who collect unusual items, joining John on the line this morning is Liz Nolan to talk about her drinking glass collection, only those with names on them & also John Weldon who collects rubber ducks!

    Sports Underdogs call out

    It is that time of year again to start our Underdog Series, where we follow a somewhat down on their uppers team, who could do with a little help & support. We have got behind hurlers in Offaly, footballers in Carlow, Camogie Squad in Kerry, Cricketers in Louth & hurlers in Oldtown, Dublin. We play highlights from our last series.

    Death of Peaches Geldof

    Joining John on the line is Church of Ireland Dean of Waterford, Rev Maria Jansson on the immense grief her family are now feeling.

    Monday 7th April

    Listeners call & Brooks Company - comp winner reveal

    Joining John the line from St. Anne's, just outside Blackpool, is 84 year old Bill Dalton. Bill tells us he collects keyrings, over 3,000 in fact. The most unusual one that he has is one from Alcatraz Prison!

    Music & Chat with Keith Hanley

    In studio with John this morning is the Voice's 2013 winner, Keith Hanley. Keith is accompanied on guitar by Richard McCourt & performs his song called Hush.

    Ben Barnes - Director of new opera The Invader

    John's next guest is Ben Barnes, Director of Theatre Royal in Waterford. Theatre Royal Productions are preparing to stage a new opera The Invader which will be premiered in the Theatre Royal May 23rd.


    When we think about collecting we usually think about stamps or maybe coins but on the other hand we know people also collect the most unusual things. Zbyszek Zalinski joins John in studio.

    Friday 4th April

    Presidential visit - Coventry

    President Michael D Higgins & his wife Sabina are heading off to Britain for a four day state visit with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle. London will not be their only destination as we learn now from Kay Forrest, Chairperson of Coventry-Cork Assoc.

    Music & chat with The Eskies

    On their posters they describe themselves as 'Amazing Bearded Men', 'Sea-soaked Gypsy Folk' & 'Furious Folking Folkers', they are called The Eskies & they join John in studio this morning.

    Sports Commentaries - Conor McNamara

    There has been plenty of talk this week about sports commentary & sports commentators with the focus on the Sky/GAA deal. This morning we will be playing some of the best & most memorable pieces of sports commentary. We are joined by Irishman Conor McNamara, from BBC Radio 5 live. {includes clips of selected sports commentaries}.

    IFTA co-presenter Laura Whitmore

    The prestigious annual IFTA awards takes place tomorrow night & the country's most talented film & tv stars will be preparing for this night of glitz & glamour. Preseding over ceremonies will be the actor Simon Delaney & Laura Whitmore. Laura joins John on the line this morning.

    Thursday 3rd April

    Paul Ronan - new role on tv drama

    The Irish drama Love Hate has been the most talked about tv series to hit our screens & is set to return in the autumn. It is currently being filmed in Phoenix Park & there is one new cast member been spotted on set, Paul Ronan joins John on the line this morning.

    Ben Kellett - Director of Mrs. Brown's Boys

    Having achieved enormous success both here & abroad, Mrs. Brown's Boys - D'Movie, will soon hit our cinema screens. The man responsible for directing the successful comedy, Ben Kellett joins us from the UK this morning.

    Whats on your mind first thing in the morning?

    John Bela Reilly takes to St. Stephen's Green where he asks a number of random strangers - a single pertinent question - whats on your mind first thing in the morning?

    Jockey Ruby Walsh

    This weekend the Aintree Grand National takes place but one of the greats of the Aintree race will not be taking part. Joining John on the line is Ruby Walsh, who on the last day of Cheltenahm sustained a fracture to his arm.

    Wednesday 2nd April

    RAG Ireland - Image makeover for students

    In an effort to change people's perception of students, a new online campaign which encourages students to do good deeds, Hastag College Foot Print - organiser Daithí de Buitléir & student Aoife Duffy join John on the line.

    Parents John & Norma Finn talk about their autistic son Martin

    Their son Martin is 22 years of age & the family live near Wigan in UK. Martin is autistic & more or less non-verbal, but when he stands in front of a microphone he certainly can sing. John & Norma joins us from a studio in the UK.

    Music & chat with Wallis Bird

    John is joined in studio by one of our most instriguing & hard working singer-songwriters, Wallis Bird. Wallis is back with a new album 'Architect' & will perform in studio this morning.

    Penguins in love in Dingle

    Joining John on the line is Kate Hall, Head Penguin Keeper at Dingle Oceanworld, where same sex pair, Penelope & Missy, have fallen in love.

    Tuesday 1st April

    Cyclone in Philippines & a young mothers plan

    John's next guest is a mother of two young children living in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Following the images shown of the devastation caused to the Philippines by a powerful cyclone, Audrey Hallahan hatched an ambitious plan.

    Book - The New Science of Physical Intelligence

    According to a recently published book, holding a nice, warm cup of tea or coffee can make you feel warm, which in turn makes you feel warmer towards others! The book is titled 'Sensation – The New Science of Physical Intelligence' our resident scientist Niamh Shaw joins John in studio this morning, to tell us a little bit more.

    Michael Murphy's new project

    Newcaster Michael Murphy joins John on the line this morning to talk about his future plans & the possibility of a new venture with Spanish radio, RNE Radio Nacional.

    'Brooklyn' in Enniscorthy

    There are great photographs in today's papers of young actress Saoirse Ronan donning a bathrobe & hot water bottle to keep warm in between takes of Colm Tobin's 'Brooklyn' which is being filmed in Wexford. Joining John on the line is Town Clerk, David Minogue.

    Monday 31st March

    New phone service for students

    How do you solve the seemingly common problem of young students with deadlines to meet spending vast swathes of study time on the mobile? One frustrated father, Frank McNamara has come up with an idea of a new mobile texting service to assist students in study.

    Music & chat with D.F.F.

    In studio with John are a group of musicians to perfrom what they describe as 'African-tinged Chamber Pop Songs'. D.F.F. member Dave Flynn speaks to John & song title is Mad for You.

    Conscious Uncoupling & the play The Matchmaker

    John is joined in studio by Lisa O'Hara, couple counsellor & psychotherapist to discuss the ending of long relationships. Also in studio are actors Mary McEvoy & Jon Kenny who will appear on stage together in John B Keane's The Matchmaker.

    Bridge Card Game Cheats

    Bridge has been thought of as one of the most respectable & high-minded of contests but has been brought into disrepute after two German doctors were alleged to have cheated their to the top in last years Bridge World Finals in Bali. Joining us on the line is Mary O'Rourke, All-Ireland Bridge champion.

    Friday 28th March

    Relaxing - ASMR & Whisper Videos

    There are of course lots of different ways to unwind & calm down your racing thougths, we have come across a novel new approach, listening & watching people whispering & ASMR. In studio with John are Zbyszek Zalinski & Gerald Fleming, Head of Forecasting at Met Eireann.

    Playwright Seamus O'Rourke

    Digging a grave is increasingly left to the professionals, but in some rural places in Ireland, neighbours & friends are still called upon to dig the grave, which inspired John's next guest to write a play about it. Seamus O'Rourke joins John in studio this morning.

    Silent Sideline Weekend

    Parks across Ireland are alive with the sound of children's matches every weekend but most of the racket appears to be coming from parents of the little players from the sidelines. Dublin Antonio Manttero is organiser of the Silent Sideline Weekend & joins John on the line this morning.

    Thursday 27th March

    Diane Croghan & son Alan

    Coolock-based Diane Croghan brought up a family of eight – two of which are distinguished for very different reasons. Declan is one of Ireland’s most successful TV writers. His brother Alan was a career criminal who since has followed in his brother’s footsteps into writing. John is joined in studio by Diane Croghan & her son Alan.

    Wednesday 26th March

    Jack Monroe, writer, journalist, campaigner

    Jack Monroe is a British writer, journalist & campaigner on poverty issues, particularly food & hunger relief. Jack gained a profile in the British press for her recipes for ultra-affordable meals & she started blogging at A Girl Called Jack, sharing the affordable meals she made for herself & her son.

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