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    Friday 27th February

    Vladimir & Anton Jablokov

    Vladimir & Anton Jablokov are Slovakian sibling musicians with a shared rare gift – mastery of the classical violin - & are set to join forces on the stage of the National Concert Hall this Easter Saturday, 4th April 2015 as part of their nationwide tour. Vladimir & Anton join John in studio for a chat & performance.

    Kate Murray - Pillowman

    Martin McDonagh’s play The Pillowman opens in the Gaiety Theatre next Monday & in typical McDonagh fashion, its humour is of the very dark variety. Joining John from our Galway studio is Kate Murray who has a role in the play. John spoke to Kate before on this programme not long after the death of her father, RTÉ sports broadcaster Colm Murray.

    Swedish band Timotei - Eurovision

    Timotei are Elina Thorsell, Cecilia Kallin & Bodil Bergström, an up & coming Swedish group. They join John in studio this morning before performing backing vocals for one of our Eurovision hopefuls on the Late Late Show tomorrow night.

    A Poem for Ireland

    Now, it’s time for Ireland’s best-loved poem & this week we hear what listeners think of them, A Disused Shed in County Wexford by Derek Mahon & Making Love Outside Áras an Uachtaráin by Paul Durcan. If you want to vote for either of today’s poems, or any of the other ten poems on the shortlist, go to

    Wednesday 25th February

    Football - Poet-in-Residence

    Dublin's Northside Bohemians FC have made a new appointment, not a manager, not a player, but a poet. Local man Lewis Kenny is the club’s first ever poet-in-residence, a role he’s greatly looking forward to & he joins John in studio this morning. Also joining John on the line is one of the football club board of directors, Daniel Lambert.

    Music from English folk rock trio The Staves

    One of the most talked about acts in folk rock at the moment are three sisters who started out as part of the backing group to Tom Jones. Sisters Emily, Jessica & Camilla Staveley-Taylor joined John from our London studio.

    Irish Cricket Team down under

    We asked Sonia O'Sullivan to keep an eye on the performance of the Irish cricket team currently playing in the World Cup in Australia. Sonia is on the line from Australia this morning.

    Operation Transformation in assoc with Safefood

    John is joined by Alan Mullen, Mark McArdle, Louise Ormsby & Eilish Kavanagh, four of our five leaders from this year’s Operation Transformation in association with Safefood. We are also joined on the phone by the 5th member of that illustrious gang, Veronica Horgan who’s in Cork.

    Tuesday 24th February

    Book - Dublin 1847

    Historian Dr Frank Cullen of the Royal Irish Academy is author of a new book called “Dublin 1847: City of the Ordnance Survey” & Frank joins John in studio.

    Irish funerals online

    Having being asked to make a DVD of a funeral by a friend who could not make it home, Alan Foudy conceived the idea of streaming live webcasts of funerals for mourners abroad.

    No Cash for Beggars

    “A priest has warned that people who give to beggars may unwittingly help drug addicts feed their habit.” So reads a piece by Elaine Keogh in today’s Daily Mail. Father Michael Cusack of St Joseph’s Redemptorist Church in Dundalk, Co Louth is on the line to John.

    Monday 23rd February

    Hasan Elahi - Privacy Artist

    John's next guest describes himself as a privacy artist, but it is an odd kine of privacy he practises. Hasan is in Dublin for the Science Gallery's 'Life Logging' Exhibition & he joins John this morning to tell us a little more about himself.

    Emma Cahill - horse riding accident

    Five years ago 22 year old Emma Cahill from Cabinteely was student living the time of her life in France, until one afternoon, her life changed in a flash. Emma joins John to explain what happened.

    Music with Buffalo Sun

    John's music guests this morning released their debut album 'By the Ocean By the Sea' to great reviews. They are here this mornig in studio for a performance & chat.

    Friday 20th February

    The John Murray Show Tribute to Maxi

    Today we have a special programme because we’re going to be celebrating the life and times of one of Ireland’s favourite broadcasters. Maxi will probably be best known to listeners as the voice of Risin’Time on Radio 1 for many years – and on Monday she hangs up her RTÉ microphone after more than thirty years in the organisation

    Thursday 19th February

    A Poem for Ireland - Paula Meehan

    'Our Second Poem today is 'The Statue of the Virgin at Granard Speaks' by Paula Meehan

    A Poem for Ireland - Yeats

    Now, it’s time for Ireland’s best-loved poem and this week we took to the streets of Galway and the prom in Bray to ask listeners about 'Easter 1916' by WB Yeats...

    Skin Problems

    Dr Cal Condon, a Dermatology Consultant in the Blackrock Clinic, is in studio to answer queries on a myriad of skin problems

    Christine Campbell

    20 year old apprentice plumber Anthony Campbell was shot dead while fixing a radiator in a house in Limerick, a classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anthony’s mother Christine Campbell is still awaiting justice for her son’s death.

    40 Days of Lent

    Fr Kevin McNamara thinks instead of 50 Shades of Grey, his congregation should be taking heed of the 40 days of Lent

    Wednesday 18th February

    Connie Dodgers

    Catherine Walsh's granny, a sharp business woman in her day, devised the Lenten biscuit the Connie Dodger so the people of Cork could still stop in to her restaurant to enjoy their chat & tea with a biscuit, even during Lent!

    Runover Train Survivor

    Whilst researching a book on kebabs in India Gabrielle Jackson had the misfortune to fall under a moving train. She lived to tell the tale and now lives in Sydney where she works as the deputy opinion editor for Guardian Australia

    Outsider Art

    More associated with the rugby punditry, Brent Pope actually has another deep rooted passion which is 'Outsider Art' (art created by people who are self taught) and many of whom have experienced some kind of adversity in their lives.

    Passionate Irish Sports Fan

    For some sport is a hobby, for others it’s a distraction. But for Jim Ryan it’s a passion

    Tuesday 17th February

    Operation Transformation

    Live from the Rua Red in Tallaght the five leaders of Operation Transformation who are only a few days from the 5k in Cork and Dublin and we have the experts who are keeping a close eye on them... and we’ll have music from Hogan

    Monday 16th February

    Claudia Boyle - Soprano

    Dublin Soprano Claudia Boyle has been confirmed in the lead female role of “Mabel” in the Pirates of Penzance in an English National Opera production to be directed by Mike Leigh

    LGBT Kids

    Transition Year students at Mount Mercy College in Cork talk about a project they’re working on called “LGBT Plus You”.

    Gun Show Report

    On a recent trip to Florida Colm Flynn was surprised when he stumbled upon a very different type of show….. the type of show you’d never find here…. a GUN show!

    Ciara Geraghty

    Ciara Geraghty's book 'Now That I've Found You' has been nominated for this year's Romantic Novel Awards

    Friday 13th February

    The Mathematics of Love

    Dr Hannah Fry of University College London tells us about the mathematical probability of finding ‘the one’

    Oscars Fashion and 50 Shades of Grey

    A studio discussion about the upcoming Oscar ceremony and the film '50 Shades of Grey' which is on general release from today

    Thursday 12th February

    Michael O'Regan: Irish Coastguard

    Mizen Peninsula can be a treacherous place -- where strong winds meet dangerous cliffs and powerful Atlantic waves. Veteran volunteer with the Irish Coast Guard, Michael O'Regan has been patrolling those cliffs for 50 years, and in those years he has saved over 100 lives.

    Ireland's Best Loved Poem: O'Ríordáin

    Along with our colleagues in The Works on RTE television, we are searching for Ireland's best-loved poem. Last Friday the shortlist of ten poems was announced and each week for five weeks we're bringing two of those poems to the streets of Ireland to find out what you think of them. The poem featured here is Fill Arís by Seán O'Ríordáin

    Engineers' Week: Dr Ian Johnston

    Dr Ian Johnston is an academic engineer and applied mathematician with a passion for taking science to the masses. He's in Dublin at the moment as part of Engineer's Ireland's Engineers Week - an annual campaign to encourage students to discover engineering and the possibilities a career in engineering can offer.

    Aoife Hearne

    Aoife Hearne is the Operation Transformation dietician, and she's also a fairly new mother to her son Dylan. She is very interested in what the World Health Organisation calls the Thousand Days campaign - pregnancy (270); year one (365) and year two (365).

    Wednesday 11th February

    Padraig Ó Tuama

    Theologian, poet and leader of the Corrymeela community in Belfast, Cork man Pádraig Ó Tuama is still trying to figure out how to negotiate his way as a gay man in the church... his latest book is called 'In The Shelter,' it is in the shelter of each other that the people live...

    Make Up Free

    You may have seen over the weekend seven prominent Irish women stripping back the makeup for a photo shoot and telling us about their relationship with the old war paint. Kathryn Thomas was one of these.....

    Tuesday 10th February

    Music with Pete Kennedy

    If you haven’t already heard of Pete Kennedy, the chances are you soon will because since leaving Offaly & heading to the Mecca of country music in Tennessee last July, things have really taken off for him. Pete joins John in studio with some of his fellow musicians from Nashville, for a performance & chat.

    Operation Transformation - Weigh In

    Kathryn Thomas is ready as usual with experts Dr Ciara Kelly, Aoife Hearne & Karl Henry on hand for Operation Transformation in association with Safefood, weigh-in in Tallaght.

    Children's Identity Wristbands

    Many families may have experienced one of their children going astray while shopping & the shock felt until reunited again. A survey for Kooliobandz, who make ID wristbands found that a third of Irish parents have been accidentally separated from their child. In studio John is joined by the MD of Koolio Ltd, Brian Walsh.

    Monday 9th February

    House Break-Ins

    In studio with John is Joanna McKiernan to tell us about her difficult experience of having her house burgled. That was a little of two weeks ago, but she is still finding it difficult to come to terms with her intrusion & her sense of vulnerability. house being burgled

    Music from Bear's Den

    In studio with John are Bear's Den, a British alternative folk band formed in West London in 2012, they released their debut album, Islands, in October 2014 on Communion Record. They are on a UK tour & will perform two of their songs in studio this morning.

    Estate Agents - honest approach to selling

    As the property market recovers, estate agents again return with phrases like 'ideal for the first time buyer', 'compact & bijou' or 'DIY entusiasts dream' but one estate agent will be taking a more honest approach to selling, Steve Symes from Co Clare joins John this morning. Also Blossom Hoyles from Essex is on the line.

    Friday 6th February

    A Poem for Ireland – Eavan Boland

    One of the poems featured in the shortlist of A Poem for Ireland is Quarantine by Eavan Boland. What do the public think of them?

    Waitangi Day

    Today is Waitangi Day which is New Zealand's National Holiday. To tell us more is Scott Baigent, a Kiwi living in Co Cork

    The Modern Mercenary

    Sean McFate is author of a fascinating and disturbing book: “The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order”.

    A Poem For Ireland

    One of the poems featured in the shortlist of A Poem for Ireland is 'When All the Others Were Away at Mass' by Seamus Heaney. What do the public think of them?

    Philip Rothwell - Horse Trainer

    Philip Rothwell from Fairwood Stables in Tinahely, Co Wicklow, is in studio to give a rundown of the ups and downs of life as a horse trainer.

    Thursday 5th February

    Operation Transformation for Dogs

    The Village Veterinary Clinic in Douglas in County Cork has taken Operation Transformation on board for the pet world. Elaine Quigley, practice manager, says that pet obesity is a significant and ever increasing problem. Over 50% of the dogs and cats in Ireland are overweight or obese

    Memoir Competition

    Aida Lennon, the winner of the John Murray Show Memoir Competition joins John in studio and from the Limerick studio the Killalaoe Hedge School director, David Rice, who picked the ten finalists.

    Mexican Border Crossing

    Rory Carroll tells the story of the dreadful plight of Mexican migrants trying to reach the US as tougher security pushes them deeper into the wilderness.

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