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    Friday 24th April

    Family Lawyer Justin Spain

    Recently a high court judge awarded a woman €18,000 monthly maintenance during separation proceedings from her well-off businessman husband. Family lawyer Justin Spain says that as the economy is recovering, separation & divorce are back on the agenda for many couples whose relationships ended years ago & he joins John in studio.

    NDC Promotion - Cheesy Photo

    Continuing to mark National Dairy Week by giving listeners a chance to win a thousand euro voucher for Ballymaloe each day. The NDC celebrates the diversity of cheese with Supervalu stores. Joining us this morning for our cheesy photo comp are 3 finalists Mike Fenton, Mike Downey & Eileen Harty.

    Classical Studies - Oscar McHale

    Oscar McHale is a 16 year old student from Stratford College. He joins John in studio to talk about his love of the Classics, the study of languages, literature, laws, philosophy, history, art, archaeology & other material culture of Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome. He explains to John how & when the love of classical studies began.

    Thursday 23rd April

    Gadgets in Space

    Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti will be bringing something special to International Space Station, an espresso maker that functions in microgravity! Astronomy expert Leo Enright joins John in studio to explain how this will work.

    Planning Your Own Funeral

    Facing into a terminal illness is probably one of the most devastating & traumatic things a family can go through. Life without a loved one can be unbearable, but is it a good idea to sit down with that loved one when they are still alive & plan funeral arrangements. Mother & daughter, Wendy & Helen Coughlan join John in studio.

    Wednesday 22nd April

    Promotion - National Dairy Council Week

    This week is National Dairy Council Week & joining us on the line for todays prize of 1000 euro voucher for Ballymaloe House are entrants David, Dee, Ann, Christine, Kathleen & Con.

    Noel Rock - Hilary Clinton's Senate Office

    Hillary Clinton is currently dominating the contest for the Democratic nomination & is ahead by a country mile in the polls to be the next President of the United States. In studio is a FG councillor, Noel Rock who worked as an intern in Hillary's Senate Office & on her last primary elections contest Barack Obama in 2007.

    Poems that Make Grown Men Cry - Drogheda Arts Festival

    André Agassi, Tom Hanks & Enda Kenny have all been moved to tears in studio with John we have travel writer Manchán Magan & actor Phelim Drew who have been asked to read at an event at the Drogheda Arts Festival called 'Poems that Make Grown Men Cry' to share their wisdom with us.

    Royal Visit to Sligo - Noel Cunningham

    Charles & Camilla are coming to Ireland next month & it appears that they will spend some time in Mullaghmore in Co Sligo. Noel Cunningham, who has been a royal watcher for many years now, joins John on the line.

    Tuesday 21st April

    Promotion - Nat Dairy Council - Comp

    This week is National Dairy Week & we are offering our listeners a chance to win a fantastic prize of 1,000 euro voucher for a Ballymaloe House cooking experience. On the line are entrants Rory O'Brien & Betty McDonald.

    Hearing Voices Network Launch

    Two weeks ago John spoke to Rory Doody from West Cork who told us about the voices he hears in his head. We got a great response from our listeners & this morning clinical psychiatrist with the HSE, Dr Malcolm Garland joins John in studio. First a report from Colm Flynn who was at the recent launch of the National Hearing Voices Network.

    20 Year Anniversary Fr Ted

    It is hard to believe that it is 20 years today, since the comedy series Fr Ted first appeared on Channel 4 TV & who better to celebrate the anniversary with us this morning, than Mrs Doyle herself, Pauline McLynn.

    Monday 20th April

    Promotion - National Dairy Week with Derval O'Rourke

    World Indoor Champion, multiple European medallist & three times Olympian Derval O'Rourke is an ambassador for the NDC & she is out in Dublin Zoo with the Moo Crew which aims to educate children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle & diet. Colm Flynn is also there along with pupils from St Philips NS, Clonsilla in Dublin.

    Self Publishing

    On this programme we have often talked about the difficulty faced by first time authors in getting their books published. Brian Byrne is a young journalist now based in New York & John asks him about how he set about writing his first novel for children.

    Gold Prospecting

    On Friday's programme we spoke to Steve Boggan about his adventures prospecting for gold in the Sierra Nevada in California, but need he have gone that far...Michael McMahon spends his weekend searching the rivers & streams of Ireland, prospecting for gold & he joins John in studio this morning.

    Friday 17th April

    Jim Rooney

    Jim Rooney's musical odyssey has seen him cross paths with the likes of Bob Dylan and James Taylor and as a Grammy winning record producer he’s worked with Nanci Griffith and Hal Ketchum. He is in Ireland and talks to John Murray from Galway

    Gold Fever: Journalist/author Steve Boggan

    Steve Boggan, an English journalist, travelled to the West Coast of the USA to meet the gold diggers who arrived to take advantage of the huge increase in the price of gold. He has written a book about his experiences

    Thursday 16th April

    Work Scheme for People with Aspergers / Autism

    85% of autistic people in Ireland are unemployed and because one of the traits of Aspergers and autism can be poor social skills, they tend to do very badly in interviews. A company called Specialisterne Ireland are trying to help them get employment. Peter Brabazon and Darragh McMahon are in studio

    Wednesday 15th April

    MC Lynchy - Rapper

    Jack Daniel Lynch — or MC Lynchy is a talented young rapper – and has been described by Limerick’s own Slim Shady. He’s never been on national radio before but his videos have been viewed over seven million times online and is packing out discos and in his home city

    Ron Reagan

    Ron Reagan chats to John Murray about his atheism and life as son of the President of the United States

    Tuesday 14th April

    Sting visits Monaghan

    Rock Star Sting visited the unmarked grave of his maternal ancestor in Monaghan last week. He made the private visit following his participation last year in the American-produced Finding Your Roots programme.

    Help Xchange and New Irish Citizens

    Megan Varano is an American who spent a number of weeks in Ireland recently working 4 hours a day in exchange for free accommodation. She speaks to John about her experiences in two different work exchanges. She spoke to John from Trento in northern Italy. Last Friday 2,700 people from all corners of the globe became Irish citizens. One of them is Claire Burge, originally from South Africa, who speaks of her emotions when given her certificate.

    Ian Lloyd Anderson

    Ian Lloyd Anderson, a star of Love/Hate, is now in rehearsal for the upcoming 50th anniversary production of John B Keane's 'The Field' which opens on 28th April next in The Abbey Theatre.

    Teenage Pixel Seller

    Richard Wilson is a 19 year old from Bangor, Co Down. He has started a website which has already earned him over £60,000. The idea is to try and make $1 million by selling 1 million pixels for $1 each.

    Canadian Visas

    Tonight at 7.00 p.m. thousands of young Irish men and women will be glued to their computers competing with each other for 10,000 Canadian visas when the online application opens; last year they disappeared in 11 minutes. Edwina Shanahan, Marketing Manager at, explains.

    Monday 13th April

    Storm Large

    Storm Large, a cabaret singer from Portland, Oregon, is in Ireland for a special performance with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra

    Dr Eddie Murphy

    Clinical Psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy is in studio to answer listeners' queries on mental health issues

    Lord Henry Mountcharles

    Lord Henry Mountcharles is in studio to discuss his health, Slane concerts and politics

    Friday 10th April

    Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam & Skerries!

    A popular travel guide & blog has compiled a list of Europe's most beautiful cities & unsurprisingly Vienna, Budapest & Barcelona all feature. What is perhaps a little unexpected is the inclusion of one north Dublin town, Skerries. On the line to John we have Kevin O'Malley, a retired teacher & play director in the Skerries Theatre Group.

    Auditory Halluncinations

    Most of us know what it is like to be under pressure, having too many thoughts running around our heads but can you imagine how difficult it would be to hear actual voices? It is what psychiatrists refer to as 'auditory halluncinations'. Joining John from our Cork studio is Rory Doody, who knows too well what it is to have this condition.

    Jockey Samantha Wynne

    With the eyes of the World on Aintree with the Grand National taking place tomorrow, one young Irish jockey will be plying her trade at a race meeting in Christchurch, in New Zealand. Dubliner Samantha Wynee joins John from New Zealand this morning.

    Thursday 9th April

    Book: Buried Treasure

    Everyone has a favourite album that didn't quite make it in the charts. Dan Hegarty, the 2FM DJ has written a book documenting 110 albums from his own choice and those of some well known people in theatre, film and sport

    Book: Numb The Diary of a War Correspondent

    Numb was written by a ghost writer who has chosen to remain anonymous. The story concerns an English war correspondent who led a shocking double life that included torture, rape and murder.

    Síle Seoige

    Síle Seoige, normally a TV and radio presenter, is currently appearing in I Keano in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin

    Wednesday 8th April

    Mixed Martial Arts - Nathan Kelly

    Last Wednesday John spoke to a very young fan of mixed martial arts, 10 year old Nathan Kelly. Nathan stole the show & he is here along with a friend, Sarah Ferguson to tell us a little more about the rules of Ultimate Fighting Championship & demonstrate some of the moves to John.

    Book - Cotton Wool Kids

    In studio with John is author of a new book called 'Cotton Wool Kids', Stella O'Malley argues that parents are keeping their children indoors more & more because of an irrational fear of predators lurking around every corner & that children are spending far too much time in front of screens, resulting in overweight & unhappy children.

    Tuesday 7th April

    French Foodie in Dublin

    In studio with John is Ketty Elizabeth, better known as the French Foodie in Dublin. Her award-winning blog recounts her culinary adventures around the Capital - her adopted home. Ketty tells us why she's fallen for our Fair City.

    Cataplexy - Jodie Kelly

    In studio with John is a young woman who has a rare neurological condition, called Cataplexy. It triggers episodes of muscular weakness by strong emotions & has to ban herself from watching her favourite comedy tv shows, for fears her giggles will make her fall over. Jodie Kelly joins John in studio.

    Windmill Lane Studios demolished

    The Windmill Lane studios was the iconic site for a host of top international music acts back to the 1970s. The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, REM, Sinéad O'Connor, Elvis Costello all recorded in the studios. U2 recorded parts of 'The Joshua Tree' album at the site. Dave Fanning of 2fm joins John in studio. Also on the line to John is James Morris who worked with those big names.

    Monday 6th April

    1915 - Review - 2nd Hour

    In studio with John are Henrietta McKervey, Catriona Crowe & we are joined by Fergus Sweeney to review newspapers in 1915, the first Irish produced film with Brian Reddin & playing the Ukulele with the Rathfarnham & Dunloaghaire Ukulele Band. Plus Colm Flynn from O'Connell Street.

    Official Countdown to the Easter Rising - Ist Hour

    Dublin in 1915 was a city of enormous change & today O'Connell Street, will come alive as RTÉ recreates the atmosphere of the time to 'The Road to The Rising'. On the programme this morning we shall paint a little picture of what Dublin was like in 1915.

    Friday 3rd April

    Devine's Chauffeur Service

    Devine's company has won the Global Operator of the Year gong at the National Limousine Association's annual awards. It has been in business for 40 years & has had many of the world's biggest stars on board. Colin Devine, MD joins John in studio.

    The Art of Saying 'No'

    For many of us it can be the hardest thing to say, whether at home, work or in a relationship! Joining John in studio is psychologist from Ballsbridge Counselling, Nicole Paulie. First our reporter Colm Flynn was in Dublin yesterday to get the views of people on the street.

    On stage with Nicky Minaj

    On the line to John this morning is 12 year old Danny McGahey, a Donegal boy who had his dream come true when Nicky invited up on stage at the Oddesey in Belfast last Wednesday. Danny tells us how amazing it was for him to sing with his idol.

    Thursday 2nd April

    Timi Ogunyemi

    Although John's next guest came to Ireland from Nigeria 13 years ago, he has been to very few places outside Dublin, but he is planning to change all that, as he joins John in studio to explain how.

    Travelling Alone

    We had a great response to our item on Tuesday's show about travelling the world solo. It seems a lot of people prefer to travel unaccompanied. Listeners Olive Costello, Gary O'Keefe & Trish are on the line to John.

    Book 'Once Upon A Time in the West....Country'

    Irish listeners know Tony Hawks from his days dragging a fridge a around the country & his contributions on Gerry Ryan Show. The subsequent book 'Round Ireland with a Fridge' was a big seller. More recently Tony quit London & moved to Devon, a decision that led to his new book, titled above. Tony joins John from a BBC studio in Exeter.

    Wednesday 1st April

    Personal Insolvency

    Despite the economic upturn, for many, personal debt remains a big problem, with thousands of people continuing to struggle to make ends meet. In studio are Amanda McLoughlan, of The Insolvency Service of Ireland & Gareth Neil from Grant Norton.

    Nathan Kelly - UFC press conference Star

    Yesterday in Dublin, at Conor McGregor & Jóse Aldo press conference, the controversy was all about McGregor snatching Aldo's belt, but the real star was a ten year old from Tallaght, who addressed UFC President, Dana White. Nathan & is mother Sarah join John on the line this morning.

    Tuesday 31st March

    Author Peter Akroyd

    He is one of the most celebrated film directors of all time, Peter's Akroyd's book 'Alfred Hitchcock' gets to the heart of his controlling relationships with his leading ladies & how this fearful figure became the most respected film directors of 20th century.

    Travelling Solo - Anna Nolan & Pat O'Mahony

    Travelling alone can seem like a daunting prospect to some people - ideal for others as you are free so suit yourself & maybe more likely to meet with adventure. In studio with John is TV presenter Anna Nolan & freelance producer Pat O'Mahony.

    Noelle Brown - Play 'Postscript'

    Noelle Brown was born in Bessborough, the mother & baby home in Cork. As an adult she decided to trace her birth family & that search led her to writing a play. Noelle joins John on the line this morning.

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