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    Monday 22nd December

    Christmas for other Nationalities in Ireland

    Christmas is a special time of for many families especially for those living away from home - the Irish abroad & the new Irish who have made this county their home. In studio with is Daisy Mauhay, who is senior Staff Nurse in St. Vincents Hospital & on the line are Harvey Vukovic, from Croatia & from Cameroon Michael Nkeng.

    'Liam Clancy, Mo Chara' - Documentary Tg4

    The legendary Clancy Brothers took Irish Music to the world & brought it back home again. On Christmas Night, Liam Clancy, Mo Chara, a compelling & heart warming documentary about the 'man behind the cap' will be broadcast on Tg4. Director Tadhg ÓhUallacháin joins John from our Waterford studio.

    Bereavement at Christmas

    While a lot of us look forward to a Christmas among family & friends, for some who have suffered a bereavement, Christmas may be a difficult time, particularly if it is the first without a loved one. Joining John in studio is Dr. Susan Delaney, the Irish Hospice Foundation's Psychologist & Bereavement Manager.

    Thursday 18th December

    TV & Movie Moments this Christmas

    Christmas is traditionally a time for watching tv, fighting over the zapper & enjoying some of the big box office movies at home & tv specials! Michael Doherty of the RTE Guide has been looking at whats on offer this Christmas & joins Shay in studio.

    Music with Chris Kavanagh

    Chris Kavanagh bears an uncanny resemblance to Luke Kelly, both in voice & beard! For many years he has paid tribute to Luke in song & he will mark the anniversary of his death in January with gigs in Dublin & Cork. Chris joins us for a chat & performance.

    Computers & Children

    No doubt this Christmas many happy children will be finding playstations, DS's & computer games in their Christmas stockings. This morning we ask the question, how much screentime is too much? In studio with Shay is child psychologist, Owen Connolly & writer/broadcaster Emma Clarke on the line from the UK.

    Wednesday 17th December

    Restaurant Makeover - Oscars in Cork

    It’s all systems go at Oscars Cafe in Cork this morning as the premises has re-opened for business. Our Restaurant Rescue mission was led by advisor Blathnaid Bergin. Darragh Fitzgerald’s business “Oscars” was chosen for the make-over & both Daragh & Blathnaid join John on the line this morning.

    Maeve Higgins from New York

    It’s been a few months since we caught up with Maeve Higgins in New York city & in that time she’s been on American TV, she’s experienced Thanksgiving & has been writing about Eric Garner, among other things. Maeve Higgins joins John from New York.

    Camden Street Charity Shops

    We enter the last 8 shopping days to Christmas & shops all over the country are packed as canny shoppers are always looking out for bargains. So its no surprise that charity shops are booming as never before. Colm Flynn brings us this report from the Camden Charity Mile!

    Emma & Lorraine Gavin

    A few weeks ago fifteen year old Emma Galvin was crowned Miss Teen Ireland 2015 – having previously been named Miss Worldwide Teen Ambassador for LIVE OUT LOUD - a suicide awareness charity in Chicago. Emma & her mother Lorraine join John in studio this morning.

    Tuesday 16th December

    Spandau Ballet 80's Band

    Some you can remember 1980, think it was the bleakest year in living memory, with crippling unemployment & little to cheer about. However 5 young lads from London were about to re-write chart music, transform pop culture & define a decade, these young lads were Spandau Ballet.

    Ballet Dancer Melissa Hamilton

    Melissa Hamilton's path to success as First Soloist in the Roal Ballet has been far from straightforward. Growing up in Belfast Mellissa started ballet late, was told by her teachers to give it up but she has defied it all & gone on to great things. Melissa joins John from a studio in London.

    Monday 15th December

    Private Eyes in India

    Cheating on a partner has always been precarious, risky exercise but with the onset of the social media boom, the chances of both parties starting an extramarital relationship & getting caught have increased. This phenomenon is not restricted to the west as John is joined on the line from Delhi, by journalist Snighda Poonam.

    Brendan Cole - BBCs Strictly Come Dancing

    Kiwi Brendan Cole has been a professional dancer on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing since the very first season in 2004 when he coveted glitterball trophy with dancing partner Natasha Kaplinsky. Since then he has become a permanent fixture & he joins John this morning.

    Friends of The Elderly - Ronnie Delany

    Most of us spend Christmas with friends & family, seeing those we havent seen in a long time or celebrate with those that we live with every day. Spare a thought for those who may not be as fortunate, as this time of year is particularly difficult for the elderly. Ronnie Delany is in studio with John.

    Thursday 11th December

    Irish Explorers-Recreation of Christmas Dinner 100 years ago

    Three renowned Irish explorers, Sir Ernest Shakleton, Tom Crean & Tim McCarthy were among a crew of 28 men who 100 years ago were about to enjoy a hearty Christmas dinner in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean. In studio with John is grandson of Tom Crean, Brendan Crean O'Brien & John O'Reilly owner of the Shackleton Exhibition.

    Christmas Engagements

    For many of us there is joy & pehaps a little romance in the air at this time of year. Many couples pop the question before they make the big purchase, a diamond ring. We have reports from John B Reilly & Colm Flynn who went out researching the subject of Christmas Engagements. In studio with John is retired jeweller, Pat O'Brien.

    Wednesday 10th December

    Catherine Fulvio & Francis Brennan

    We dont want to add to your headaches at Christmas by telling you that everything has to be perfect, there is enough stress around this time of year. This morning Catherine Fulvio & Francis Brennan are in studio with a little advice for your Christmas festivities. Also Colm Flynn brings us a report from Mary & Tony Walsh's goose farm in Kilkenny.

    Tuesday 9th December

    Music with I Draw Slow

    In studio this morning we have band ' I Draw Slow' for a performance & chat. They will be playing a gig tomorrow night in Whelans in Dublin in aid of lifesaving blood cancer research & all proceeds go the the Mater Institute for Research & Therapy in Blood Health Innovation.

    Sony Film Hackers

    There is speculation that North Korean hackers were involved in last week's cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, which caused massive disruption to the company's internal computer network. It appears that the powers in North Korea saw red over a movie about the supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. In studio with John is Irish Times film critic, Donald Clarke.

    Olan Harrington - homophobia

    Olan Harrington, a 23 year old student wrote an essay entitled 'The Day I Held My Boyfriend's Hand'. It is currently going viral on social media & aims to highlight the physical & psychological impacts of homophobia. Olan joins John from our Cork studio.

    Monday 8th December

    Restaurant Make-over

    John speaks to Daragh Fitzgerald, owner of Oscars Cafe in Cork to get an update on the restaurant make-over with restaurant advisor Blathnaid Bergin.

    Music with Hermitage Green

    Hermitage Green has been very busy this year & they are getting ready to record a new studio album. They join us in studio for performance & chat.

    Christmas Trees

    Every year in Ireland about four hundred thousand Christmas trees are sold & with only 17 days to go, many families across the country were putting up their christmas trees. Colm Flynn brings us this report from Ennis, Co. Clare.

    Christmas Survival Guide

    Ever feel at a bit of a loose end at the Christmas office bash, have one too many say the wrong thing to a visiting friend or relative over New Year's? Or do you stuggle to find the right Christmas gifts. John is joined by etiquett expert Tina Koumarianos & stand up comedian & writer Eric Lalor to sort out your festive conundrums.

    Friday 5th December

    Oein De Bhardúin

    Kathryn & John met 19 hopefuls for Operation Transformation in Santry two weeks ago & out of that 19, 5 were chosen as leaders. But one person who was'nt chosen was Oein De Bhardúin & he joins Kathryn in studio to tell us a little bit more about himself.

    Bord Gais Energy Book of the Year Announcement

    Kathryn is joined by author Mary Costello, whose book 'Academy Street' has been voted Novel of the Year in the Bord Gais Energy Book Awards. It is Mary's first novel, as Mary has been working away as an author but mainly short stories. Mary joins Kathryn in studio this morning.

    Thursday 4th December

    Ken Mooney, author

    You may remember author Ken Mooney spoke to John Murray about his book 'The Little Book of the End of the World' a few weeks ago. Ken was putting the finishing touches to that book when he was diagnosed with an astrocytoma, a kind of star shaped tumour sitting on his brain. Ken is here to tell us his own personal story.

    Restaurant Advisor - Oscars in Cork

    Cork cafe owner Daragh Fitzgerald persuaded our restaurant advisor Blathnaid Bergin that his business would benefit from her expertise. Blathnaid has started the makeover process which involves working closely with Daragh. Blathnaid joins Kathryn in studio, but first our man Colm Flynn accompanied Blathnaid & brings us this report.

    Wednesday 3rd December


    In todays Daily Mail there are photos of David Beckham with new tattoos on his hands, so this morning we bring you this report from our man Colm Flynn who visited Tattoo Zoo in Cork to meet Con Griffin, tattoo artist & Kathryn is joined in studio by John O'Keeffe.

    Mary Aiken - Cyber Psychology

    The TV series 'CSI: CYBER' will star Patricia Arquette and goes into production in the coming months. Mary Aiken is Director of the Cyber Psychology Research Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, will get an executive producer credit & is delighted to be involved. Mary joins Kathryn in studio this morning to tell us all about it.

    Tuesday 2nd December

    Music & chat with Finbar Furey

    Finbar Furey takes to the stage next February at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, for a sort of homecoming & he joins Kathryn in studio this morning for a chat & performance.

    Monday 1st December

    Music & chat with LilandMad

    This morning we are joined by sisters Lily & Madeleine Jurkiewicz aka 'Lily & Madeleine', from the US to perform a couple of songs from their album 'Fumes'.

    Longevity - Prof Des O'Neill

    How would you feel if you were told that you were going to live to 120 years old, given the inevitable decline of body & mind, would you opt for quality over quantity. In studio we have Gernontologist, Professor Des O'Neill, first a report from John B Reilly.

    Holding Out for a Hero

    Neil Delamere has been spending a lot of time in strange clothing over the last few months, but with good reason! Neil is in studio with Kathryn this morning to talk about a series he has been working on, called 'Holding Out for a Hero' on RTE 2 TV.

    Happiness in Schools

    At this time of year, we all like to think about happy children, planning for Santa Claus, snow, the picture painted on numerous ads of families gathered together & all been right with the world. But how do parents make sure their children stay happy? In studio with Kathryn is Jolanta Burke, psychology researcher in Trinity College, Dublin.

    Friday 28th November

    Operation Transformation

    Kathryn Thomas reveals the final leader for Operation Transformation 2015 - Alan Mullen from Westmeath.

    Africa Stop Ebola

    Carlos Chirinos, producer of the song 'Africa Stop Ebola' and Adekunle Gomez of Africian Cultural Project speak to Shay Byrne about the alternative Africa aid song to 'Do They Know It's Christmas'

    Restaurant Makeover Winner

    Daragh Fitzgerald, owner of the Streat Cafe in Cork, is the winner of the Restaurant Makeover Competition. He talks to Shay Byrne about his hopes for a turnaround in his business.

    Thursday 27th November

    Operation Transformation 4th Leader Revealed

    Kathryn Thomas is in Dublin City Centre to surprise the 4th leader

    Tony Ran Across 40 Countries Over 4 Years

    Ultra runner Tony Mangan returned in earlier this year from a 4 year trip which saw him run across 40 different countries in 4 years he told Shay Byrne all about it this morning - For more information on Tonys run and to read his blog click here

    And The John Murray Show Irish Book Awards Listeners Choice Winner is....

    Shay Byrne speaks to the this years winner of the John Murray Listerners Choice Award from last night Irish Book Awards...

    Wednesday 26th November

    Ben & Jerrys

    In 1978, Jerry Greenfield and his friend Ben Cohen learned how to make ice cream form a $5 correspondence course and then opened a homemade ice cream parlour in Burlington Vermont. In 2000 they sold the company to Unilever, but it was agreed that they could maintain Ben & Jerry’s existing philanthropic apparatus and brand integrity. Today Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is ubiquitous around the world and the company is well known for its work in sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Ben and Jerry’s and Ashoka - a global association of more than 3,000 of the world's leading social entrepreneurs - are running Join Our Core, a global competition to celebrate those who are creating innovative new models for sustainable business to help make a difference in communities. This year’s finale, held across London, Singapore & Tokyo saw finalists from eleven countries (UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Singapore and Japan) go head to head, with one young entrepreneur from each region crowned as a winner.

    Operation Transformation 3 Leader Revealed

    Kathryn Thomas surprises the 3rd leader this morning

    Learning Dress Making in Prison and Using It On The Outside

    Deirdre Moran served 3 years of a five year sentence in Mountjoy jail’s female wing for collecting a gun for ex-lover and father of her child, crimelord Patrick Irwin. However, Deirdre has now put prison behind her, and has opened a thriving business. She is a dressmaker and stylist. She can be seen modelling her creations on Facebook – where they are also for sale. She joins John this morning to tell him more. To see more of Deirdres designs click here

    Tuesday 25th November

    Finnish School System

    Now imagine if you will an education system with no private schools, where children don’t start primary school til 7 years of age, where there are low study times and where a master's degree is the minimum qualification for a teacher. This is exactly the system that they have in Finland, which for the last decade, has come out on top of the OECD’s reports into education around the world. As a result, Finnish graduates propelled Finland to the top of the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness index in 2001 and they have stayed there or thereabouts ever since. So, to what extent are we here in Ireland preparing are our young people to meet their own needs, and how ready are they to contribute to society - the demands of the workplace, the changing nation? Well, 11% of students in Universities and 29% in Institutes of Technology drop out in their first year. So it would appear that there is room for improvement. On Dec. 5 in NUI, Galway, Finnish Educationalist and Harvard Professor, Pasi Sahlberg will address 'Reforming Learning: Driving Success' a conference which look at these questions

    Hello from the Gillespies, Monica Mc Inerneys new book

    It may be more of an American or Australian phenomenon, but many Irish households will have sent or received the Round Robin letter at Christmas – it’s an annual bulletin sent from one family to many others to let them know how the year has gone, some versions are funny, some are faintly boastful, and a very few are funny. Monica McInerney grew up in Australia and she has drawn on the tradition in her new novel ‘Hello from the Gillespies

    Operation Transformation 2nd Leader Revealed

    Kathryn Thomas surprised the 2nd leader for Operation Transformation

    Monday 24th November

    Michael Gibbons - Survivor

    In July 2005, the peak of the Celtic Tiger era, when three friends, Damien Bergin, Mark and Michael , hired a Robinson R44 helicopter to travel from Galway to the Tall Ships Races in Waterford. On their way back to the West, pilot Damien Bergin, lost his way in a thick blanket of fog and the helicopter crashed in a forested area on the northern slopes of Slieve Aughty. Michael Gibbons was the only survivor of that crash but with horrific injuries to his head, limbs and body. In his book Survivor, he tells how he painfully reconstructed his life and learned to live again. Survivor is published by Londubh Books on 20th of November priced at €14.99 and available in all good bookshops. 100% of royalties will go towards Ciara Brown’s medical bills. Ciara is Michael Gibbon’s niece who was born with no lower limbs. For more information click here.

    Robin Ince Comedian, Actor and Writer

    Robin Ince is an English comedian, actor and writer. He is best known for presenting the BBC radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage with physicist Brian Cox, he joins John this morning for a chat

    Operation Transformation First Leader Reveal

    Kathryn Thomas travels to co Waterford to reveal the first leader in this years Operation Transformation.

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