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    Tuesday 23rd September

    How Henrike Solved The Missing Persons Case

    A young German lady living in Cork has a very unusual hobby, Henrike Hoeren investigates missing person cases online from the comfort of her bedroom and she spoke to John about solving Missing Persons Cases.

    Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong - John Purcell

    If your spending time on YouTube you've more than likely seen this Starbuck video, John Purcell is an Irish Comedian living in New York. Based in Queens in New York the actor John Purcell (pictured above) and comedian has been making a name for himself on the comedy scene. His latest video on Starbucks has gone viral with over 7 million views.

    What happens to us when we die? - Colm Keane

    What happens to us when we die? It’s a perplexing question and one Colm Keane has spent several years researching. In his new book he has put together a list of ten stages that he believes we go through when death occurs. Colm's latest book is called 'Heading For The Light' published by Capel Island.

    Monday 22nd September

    Walking With Rob Heffernan

    Irish World Athletics Champion Rob Heffernan joined John in studio this morning. It has been a long wait for Rob Heffernan, who was robbed of a finish line bronze medal celebration in the 2010 European Championships.

    Plain English - How To Get It?

    The National Adult Literacy Agency wants your support and they want it in the name of a very good cause Plain English. With Jargon becoming more common in our daily lives, from media and politicians. Inez Bailey, director of the National Adult Literacy Agency spoke to John this morning about the issue of Plain Speaking and why they have decided to start a petition on the issue. If you would like more details check out National Adult Literacy Agency.

    Friday 19th September

    All Ireland Quiz - Kerry v Donegal

    On Sunday it will be all Green & Gold in Croke Park when Donegal meet Kerry for the first time ever in an All Ireland Football Final. Here on the John Murray Show, we are calling on our Kerry and Donegal listeners to contact us to take part in our All Ireland Quiz. Joining John on the line are for Kerry Mary Lyne & for Donegal John Marron.

    Music with The Twin Headed Wolf

    Our next music act are a little bit different. Described by Hotpress as 'playful, experimental - an ingenious mix of old and new,” - they have created a new genre they call “Scrapyard Folk” --– so called because they have converted a variety of unlikely discarded articles into musical instruments.

    New TV Series - Drunk

    A new TV series starts next week on RTE which aims to put our commonly held perceptions & beliefs about alcohol under the microscope. Eoghan McDermott is the presenter & Dr. Steven Stewart is a consultant heptologist on the show & they Join John in studio this morning.

    Parkbench Series 9

    Now our series where our own John B Reilly takes to St Stephen’s Green where he asks a number of passersby a single pertinent question “What physical thing about yourself would you change?”

    Lotto Syndicate Winner

    Joining John on the line this morning is one of the luckiest people in the world. Maria Doherty has just won a share of a €4.9million on the Lotto as part of a syndicate based in Forward Emphasis International.

    Thursday 18th September

    Irish Films

    First a clip from Calvary the film directed by John Michael McDonagh. He’s second-generation Irish, a brother of Martin McDonagh the playwright &, filmmaker who was widely quoted this week talking about the problems with Irish films. Joining John are Dr. Mathew McAteer, Film Lecturer in UCD & Nadine O’Regan, The Sunday Business Post.

    Music with The Young Folk

    John is now joined by a young band who have been called 'serious challengers' for the area populated by the likes of Fleet Foxes & Mumford and Sons. They are The Young Folk & their new album called 'Little Battle' was released last week. It’s available in Tower Records & on iTunes.

    Mary Aiken, Cypberpsychologist

    Johns's first guest this morning is Mary Aiken, who is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in CyberPsychology, a discipline that combines psychology & technology. Her works has inspired a new spin off series in the hit TV crime drama CSI franchise called 'CSI: Cyber' .

    Wednesday 17th September

    Spinning - Play by Deirdre Kinahan

    When love breaks down, chaos erupts in a new play from writer Deirdre Kinahan called ‘Spinning’, which opens next month as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. Deirdre joins John in studo this morning to tell us more about the play, inspired by real life events.

    John Rusnak

    John Rusnak who hit the news headlines over a decade ago for one of the biggest trading frauds ever involving AIB’s US bank Allfirst. His multibillion dollar bets on currencies ultimately cost AIB 691 million dollars. After serving serving five years in prison, he has begun a new life running a dry cleaning business in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Tuesday 16th September

    Roger McGough

    Roger McGough presents the longest-running broadcast of verse anywhere in the world, he is President of the Poetry Society and has been described as the patron saint of poetry and he is coming to take part in the Kinsale Arts Festival on 23rd and 24th September

    Private Car Rental

    A group of young Danish men have come up with an idea to make money from your car when you're not using it. Jacob Nielsen is one of the founders of the new company 'Rentecarlo' and speaks to John from Newcastle about their new venture.

    Monday 15th September

    Great Blasket Island Café

    Killian O'Riordan gave up life as a banker in AIB in Dublin to open a café on Great Blasket Island

    Dunvillaun Beg Island for Sale

    Dunvillaun Beg is about 2 kilometres off the Mayo coast and goes under the hammer tomorrow. Harriet Grant, Head of Country Houses and Estates with Savills Residential estate agents, who has been involved in a number of island sales, and Dublin solicitor David Walsh, author of “Oileáin, the guide to the Irish Islands” discuss

    Age Related Macular Degeneration

    Margaret Kidney who suffers from AMD and writer Sheila O’Flanagan whose mother also has the condition are in studio to discuss this eye condition which mainly affects people over the age of 50

    Friday 12th September

    Dublins Commissioner for Start ups

    Dublins new Commissioner for Start Ups Niamh Bushnell joins John in studio to tell him all about her new job.

    Kitchen Hero on Tour

    Donal Skehan has been cooking up a storm from his cottage in Howth for a couple of years now and he’s been going from strength to strength. His YouTube channel was snapped up by Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube and he’s about to embark on a nationwide tour. Donal joins John this morning to help all those students starting college to look beyond pot noodles

    Dancer and footballer

    Dancer and Kerry minor footballer Tómas Ó Sé has a busy few weeks ahead of himself besides performing in the Dingle Tradfest he will be togging out for the Kerry minor team in this year’s minor All Ireland Final - he is on the phone this morning to tell John all

    Thursday 11th September

    The Under Dogs Catch Up

    Miriam Gormally from VolleyBall Ireland and Sean Molloy from Mayo's Achill Rovers FC give John an update on how their teams have been getting on over the summer

    A Nightingale Falling

    Director of A Nightingale Falling Garret Daly and actor Tara Breathnach tell John all about their new film and how a community came together to help shot A Nightingale Falling. The Film will be on release in IMC cinemas nationwide from Friday

    Each and Everyone - Rachel English New Book

    Morning Irelands Rachel English joins John this morning to tell him about her 2nd novel and juggling being an author and journalist

    Wednesday 10th September

    Co-operative Tea Room

    For eight years, residents of Loughmore, Tipperary didn’t have a local business, If you wanted to buy a loaf of bread, a newspaper or a cup of coffee you had to make the three-mile journey to Templemore. That was before Maeve O’Hair and Mary Fogarty set up ‘The Cottage Tea Rooms’. Based on a co-operative, community-driven model the business won the Irish Times “Best cafe / teashop” this year. John is joined by Maeve and John Restakis who is active in the co-op movement in Canada and is author of “Humanizing the Economy – Co-operatives in the Age of Capital’

    SMS Tutor

    Frank MacNamara spoke to John in March when he was launching his scheme to use the seemingly irremovable mobile devices from the hands of teenagers & to employ these devices in the pursuit of study. He back this morning to tell John about SMS Tutor. For more information go to

    Kiss and Tell

    From Presidents to Prime Ministers, from Bishops to Band members, from Royalty to the rich, they have all featured in Kiss and Tell books. Only last week the former president of France Francois Hollande was able to read about the ups and downs of his affairs courtesy of former partner Valerie Trierweiler. But what does a kiss and tell achieve? Is it an effective tool of revenge or does it hurt the author more than the subject? Tina Koumarianos tells all.

    Tuesday 9th September

    Niamh Shaw – To Space

    The Earth has served its purpose, it's time to find another place to exploit”. That’s the tag line for a show in the Science Gallery Dublin as part of the Tiger Dublin fringe. The show – “Niamh Shaw – To Space” started yesterday and Niamh Shaw joins John

    Why Do We Que?

    We do it every day although sometimes it drives us crazy… Most of us recognize that without it we could descend into chaos, Queuing, Love it or hate, we can’t do without it… Dr Jamie Saris is an anthropologist from Maynooth University and he’s tells us more

    Monday 8th September

    Watching Hurling For The First Time

    UK Councillor Bob Copland watched his first game of Hurling yesterday and told John what he thought about it

    GAA Jersey Fashion

    All Ireland finals are of course great occasions for players and supporters but they also showcase the work of the designers of county jerseys. The person with most influence on the look of GAA jerseys is Alison Underwood, the head of jersey design at O’Neills, the company most closely identified with GAA style. She joins John in studio

    Mary Berry Cooks the Perfect

    Mary Berry chats to John about the Bake Off and her new book

    Hurling Vs Soccer

    Eamon Dunphy is on the line this morning, He watch most of the hurling and all of yesterdays but what did he think of both?

    Friday 5th September

    Eleanor Tiernan - Her National Therapy Project

    Comedian Eleanor Tiernan joins John in studio to tell him about Her National Therapy Project which she will be performing in this year’s Dublin Tiger Fringe in the Liberty Hall Social Hall from the 16th to 20th September

    Giant Granny Takes Over Limerick

    Sheila Deegan Limerick Citys arts officer - tells John all about the Giant Granny that will be taking a 3 day ramble through the streets of Limerick

    Thursday 4th September


    After more than 250 years of the binomial naming system, The International Botanical Congress has ruled that descriptions of plants in Latin are an ‘irrelevant anachronism’ and should now be written in English. So is this the beginning of the end for what many already consider a dead language? Harry Mount is a journalist and author of 'Amo, Amas, Amat… and All That: How to Become a Latin Lover ' and joins John


    It happens to all of us: you’re thinking about a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to for ages, then they ring up unexpectedly. Similarly you might find yourself in a place, or in a situation, that occurred to you earlier in a dream. We’ll all had the experience of anticipating the future, and we describe this experience using words such as coincidence, intuition, premonition. Dr Sean O’Donnell is an Irish scientist who has been working on a theory that explains our ability to look into the future.

    Comedy: Foil, Arms and Hog

    Comedy trio Foil, Arms and Hog join John in studio this morning and perform some sketches. They will be performing as a part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival in Smock Alley from 5th to 14th September.

    School Books - Book Splits

    Margo Fleming rang us after she heard the Waterbabies story on yesterdays’s show because she is another. She has a simple answer to a problem most families face. As each of her four children started secondary school, she watched them struggle with schoolbags crammed with heavy textbooks. Book-Splits, a DIY product that can be used to halve the weight of schoolbooks -

    Wednesday 3rd September


    Carol and Therese McNally from Blanchardstown brought Water Babies to Ireland five years ago. The sisters operate the franchise in Leinster but Water Babies operate classes in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Wicklow, Meath, Kildare, Galway, Waterford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Wexford, Sligo, Carlow and Kerry. For more info on Water Babies classes, check out

    Women and the Internet

    More than 100 well-known actresses and female celebrities have unwittingly made headlines in recent days as nude pictures and videos have appeared online after a targeted hack of private material stored on Apple’s iCloud service. The focus has been on the security leaks and names involved but what does this controversy say about how the internet is treating women? To discuss this John is joined by freelance writer Barbara Scully and Anne Sexton, columnist with HotPress


    According to a recent academic survey overconfident people often fool others into believing that they are more talented than they really are. The same survey found that overconfident people are also likely to overestimate the talents and abilities of others. Overconfidence is one reason why businesses, small and large, go to the wall, and indeed may explain why the world has been in recession over the last six or so. Joining John to discuss overconfidence is psychologist Owen Fitzpatrick

    Ice Cream Turf Wars

    Liam Haylin from the Examiner tells John about the Ice Cream turf wars in Cork

    Tuesday 2nd September


    Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are becoming increasingly common in our skies. Drones fitted with cameras took some unforgettable photographs from last weekend’s Electric Picnic festival; drones went into the poisoned air above Fukushima to assess the damage to the reactors. The Americans are using armed drones against jihadis in the Middle East. Drones are useful but they’re also problematic. In the wrong hands they can be used to commit crime or violate privacy. Joining John to discuss their use and misuse are Paul Gorey, who’s a lecturer in aviation technology at DIT, and Tony Kinlan, a commercial photographer

    Hidden City: Adventures and Explorations in Dublin

    Dublin is a city that we all have a relationship with and opinions about. Dublin City’s landscape has changed drastically in recent decades but that’s not to say history hasn’t repeated itself as Dublin boundaries were expanded by planners during the boom years. Karl Whitney has been described as “Dublin’s best psycho-geographer since James Joyce” and his first book ‘Hidden City: Adventures and Explorations in Dublin’ has just been published. Karl joins John to tell him more.

    Danger Is Everywhere

    A new children’s book is about to hit the shelves. It’s called ‘Danger Is Everywhere’ and is published by Puffin Books. It was written by comedian David O’Doherty and illustrated by Chris Judge and they’re both in studio this morning with John

    Monday 1st September

    The Imelda May Show

    Imelda May joins John in studio to tell him more about her new TV show starting this weekend.

    Irish Champions Weekend

    The Irish Champions Weekend is a new two-day race meeting featuring ten Group races. It will be run at Leopardstown on Saturday 13th September and the Curragh on Sunday 14th September. Horse trainers Ted Walsh and Johnny Murtagh tell John more about it and what horses people can expect to see racing

    Domestic Divas

    Domestic Divas Aisli Madden and Cat Lawlor come into studio to help John brush up on his domestic skills and tell him all about their new TV show

    X Factor

    Ben Quinlan from Kerry was on the X factor this weekend he tell John about how he got on

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