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    Thursday 24th July

    Zbyzsek Zalinski on Audio Books

    The digital revolution may have dealt a heavy blow to print, but it is boosting literacy in other unexpected ways by fuelling the explosive growth of audio books. Our own Zbyzsek Zalinski spoke to John about audio books, and details of the clips we played are on our website.

    Modern Seanchai - Storyteller Neil Horgan

    Storyteller Neil Horgan, director of a well-known large travel firm struggled with depression and alcoholism but that was all before he became a Seanchai, storeytelling helped him give up medication for depression and staying off alchol.

    What Is Your Last Happy Memory?

    Our own John B Reilly went out to St Stephen's Green where he asked passersby one single pertinent question, What is your last happy memory? Tell us yours? email John on

    Wednesday 23rd July

    Finding Bridie 60 Years Later - Michael Freer

    Michael Freer, is looking for a woman he met almost 60 years ago when he was visiting Ireland from the UK, and he spoke to John today.

    Fur Farming - Rachel Pilkington

    She plays the vamp in Ireland’s premier soap Fair City, but away from the drama she is a very passionate animal rights campaigner. Just last week she handed in a 13 page submission to Minister Simon Coveney asking him to ban fur farming. Joining me now is Rachel Pilkington or Carrigstown’s Jane Black.

    Tuesday 22nd July

    Robert Dowdall

    John speaks to explorer, adventurer and acupuncturist Robert Dowdall. He has never let his blindness get in the way of doing the things he loves most, Robert discussed the issues he faced at the time of when he lost his sight.

    Bears in Space

    You might know our next guest Jack Gleeson from King Joffrey out of Game of Thrones. Jack is taking on Bears in Space, so to tell us more himself and director of Bears In Space Dan Colley joined John Murray in studio.

    Faery Tree Cleanup

    In olden times they would have been associated with Holy Wells, although the practice goes back into the mists of time. It’s not always good news for the trees themselves though, and John spoke to Carmel Diviney who has started a Facebook campaign to save a couple of particularly significant Fairy Trees at Tara.

    Monday 21st July

    Underdogs Update

    The John Murray Show are following the fortunes of teams striving against the odds to succeed in their respective sports & John Murray spoke to Sean Molloy, to get an update on Achill Rovers FC and how their season is proceeding.

    Happy Danes

    A group of scientists from Warwick University have come up with proof that the Danes are the happiest people in the world. We tracked down two Danish people living in Ireland to see if they indeed are happier Inge Buckley and Susannah Keller Finn who spoke to John this morning.

    The Misuse of Science Terms - Niamh Shaw

    Many words, phrases and ideas have left the world of science and made their way into everyday language and unfortunately, according to scientist and actress Niamh Shaw, they are almost always used incorrectly.

    Friday 18th July

    Monty Python Final Show

    Paddy McKenna, Lisa Garvey & Eoghan McLaughlin join Shay to discuss the grand masters of the British comedy. Don't worry if you can't make the final show the show will be beamed into cinemas nationwide this Sunday 20th of July at 7PM.

    Strange Weather

    Iconic Irish statue Molly Malone was wheeled away from her home on Grafton Street a few weeks back to make way for the cross-city Luas project, the iconic bronze statue received some vital repairs and bronze cleaning but now resides in Suffolk Street, our reporter Colm Flynn went to the Ironworks in Tallagh to view the cleaning process.

    B & The HoneyBoy

    B & The HoneyBoy preformed live for Shay this morning.

    Thursday 17th July

    Maria Fitzgerald - archaeologist

    Yesterday a team of archaelogists were called to a site outside the front gates of Trinity College Dublin after medieval remains were discovered. On the line to John is principle archaeologist with the RPA, Maria Fitzgerald.

    44th Annual Liberties Festival

    The 44th annual event kicks off this week & culminates on Saturday with various activities throughout the legendary Dublin 8 area. The final event is Nighthawks at the Guinness Storehouse Saturday night & John's next guest, Colm Keegan will be on stage.

    Parkbench Series 7

    Our series where our own John B Reilly takes to St Stephen’s Green where he asks a number of passersby a single pertinent question - 'Are you hiding anything from anyone?”

    English actor Stephen Berkoff

    English actor, author, playwright & theatre director, Stephen Berkoff joins John from London this morning. As an actor, Stephen is is best known for his performances in villainous role. Steven Berkhoff will be in Dublin between 1 - 6 September 2014 with his play 'The Actor’s Lament' in the Gaeity.

    Wednesday 16th July

    Career Changes

    Have you ever thought about changing your job or giving up a safe regular & possibly pensionable income to follow your passion. This morning John is joined by two women who did just that, Marija Aslimoska in studio & on the line Sinead Deegan.

    Singer Songwriter chance meeting in New York

    Young Donegal man, Diarmuid McGee was walking down a street in New York, when out of the blue he was approached by a complete stranger. Diarmuid joins John from New York to tell us how this chance meeting landed him playing at Madison Square Garden.

    The Hawking index - the books we never finished

    By counting which readers highlight on their Kindles, a new scale attempts to measure how far people persist with certain well-known books. Joining John in studio is author Claudia Carroll & owner of Gutter Bookshop, Bob Johnston to discuss the Hawking index.

    Outdoor Weddings - Sheila O'Keefe

    Since 2008 marriages could take place outside churches & registry offices under auspices of minister or registery office person. Last year Humanists were added to list & weddings will be able to take place in the grounds of hotels & other approved wedding venues after a ruling by the attorney general.

    Tuesday 15th July

    Novelist Anna McPartlin

    Dubliner Anna McPartlin is a novelist and scriptwriter, Anna’s debut novel Pack Up The Moon was published in January 2006, it went on to be a best seller both here & abroad. The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes is her sixth novel & she joins John in stuio this morning.

    Music - Featuring X

    In studio with John this morning are a female five-piece from Drogheda in Co Louth who earlier this summer all did their Leaving Certs. Their band is called Featuring X & their new single is called Wild Love.

    Men's Hair Dyeing - Barry Whitelaw

    Style gurus that we are, we on the John Murray Show are convinced we’ve noticed a major fashion trend, men are dyeing their hair more, whether it’s older gents disguising the grey or younger guys playing around with colour & John B Reilly has been out and about to see if we’re right.

    Garth Brooks Concert cancellations

    On the line to John this morning is one very disappointed Garth Brooks fan, Barry Kelly who had won tickets for singing a Brooks song on our programme & how very disappointed he is.

    Monday 14th July

    Final of the World Cup 2014

    The 2014 World Cup is done & dusted for another four years. Brazil 2014 came to a climax last night in Rio De Janeiro with Germany beating Argentina 1-0. Joining Kathryn on the line this morning are our two supporters from our John Murray Show family of World Cup fans, for Germany Cora Molloy & for Argentina, Andrew Reddin.

    UB40 Lead Singer-Ali Campbell

    Alistair Ian 'Ali' Campbell is a British singer, solo artist & songwriter who was the lead singer & a founding member of reggae band UB40, who sold over 70 million records world wide. In 2008 Ali Campbell left UB40 & embarked on a solo career. Ali joins Kathryn on the line this morning.

    Bill O'Herlihy - Final

    Last night saw the end of a wonderful World Cup but it also marked the end of a era when broadcasting legend Bill O’Herlihy hung up his mic for the final time. After a TV career spanning five decades, Bill bade farewell to his three ‘amigos’ Eamon Dunphy, John Giles & Liam Brady, also to his many, many admiring viewers.

    Grease Search for Sandy semi-finals

    Recently the John Murray Show launched a nationwide talent search to cast the principal role of Sandy for a new production of ‘Grease, the Musical,’ which is to play in the Gaiety Theatre in November. Joining Kathryn in studio are our three judges, Tony Finnegan, director of the show, David Hayes Musical Director of Grease & Susan McFadden.

    Bob Geldof with The Strypes

    Bob Geldof shocked fans when he walked through the doors of the Sweeney's pub on Dame Street, which was hosting a night of music in celebration of its fifth birthday. The Strypes were rocking the venue as they played a gig there when starting out three years ago & joining Kathryn on the line is Evan Walsh.

    Friday 11th July

    Music & chat with Mr. Woodnote

    This weekend sees the start of the Laya Healthcare City Spectacular with concerts, family picnics, artisan food events. Australian-born & now Bristol-based, Mr. Woodnote, joined by vocalists Lil Ryhys & Eva Lazarus join John in studio this morning.

    World Cup Supporters Cup Draw

    A Big Thank You to all the supporters who volunteered to join our family of supporters for the World Cup 2014. As promised we have a nice prize of a 2 night stay in Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny & a replica of the World Cup Trophy.

    Astrologer Margaret Neylon

    Ever gone on a holiday with a friend or partner that went inexplicably wrong? Astrologer Margaret Neylon says that it could have been written in the stars. She says different star signs need to be especially careful when holidaying together & Margaret joins John in studio this morning.

    Shirtless Runner - a Dublin character

    A new short Dublin film has been selected to be screened at this weekend's Galway Film Fleadh. It features a man called Chris Devoy, produced by Ciaran O'Connor. John met up with Chris in Herbert Park last week.

    World Cup - View from the Couch

    Time to head to Spain now where our ver own World Cup correspondent, Fiona Looney is standing by to give us the good, the bad & the brilliant of the 2014 World Cup! We are also joined by Dr. Ian Gargan, psychologist on the overall impact it has had on us.

    Thursday 10th July

    Lawn Obsession v Natural Gardening

    As a nation we spend over 700 million euro a year on gardening activities. Gardening is big business & holds a great fascination for many. In studio this morning is award winning professional gardener, Mary Reynolds to talk about natural gardening.

    World Cup Semi Final - Argentina v Holland

    Joining John on the line this morning we have our supporters of the soccer teams in last night's semi finals, for Argentina we have Andrew Reddin & Holland, Eithne Molloy.

    Wednesday 9th July

    Destinations that Disappoint

    It is clearly very subjective: one person’s treasure is another’s nightmare. The Trip-advisor Generation is obsessed with rating every experience out of five & there are some destinations however that have a reputation for constantly disappointing its tourists. Joining John in studio is travel adventurer Manchán Magan.

    Nathan Carter on Brooks Concert Cancellations

    Nathan Carter was due to play support to Garth Brooks on Monday & Tuesday nights at Croke Park & he joins John on the line this morning from Spain.


    John's next guests are two ghostwriters, Sue Leonard, who has ghostwritten several books & sports journalist Malachy Clerkin & ghostwriter to Ruby Walsh' autobiography.

    World Cup Supporters Club - Semi-Finals

    This morning John speaks to Paolo Oliveira for Brazil & Cora Molloy for Germany for their reaction to last night's World Cup semi-finals with Brazils' record-breaking 7-1 defeat by Germany!

    Tuesday 8th July

    Building Ireland

    In Ireland we always celebrate & visit the many natural wonders & marvels that exist on our doorsteps but what about the places we should visit! John is joined in studio by practising engineer Tim Joyce, who features on the tv series 'Building Ireland' on RTE 1 is dedicated to Ireland's engineering & building heritage.

    Veronica McSwiney

    Veronica McSwiney is a concert pianist who has played all over the world for many years. She is well used to public performance, but just over two years ago she stopped playing the piano altogether. She will play her first public recital in some time this Friday lunchtime in the National Concert Hall. Veronica joins John in studio.

    World War II Hero found

    The melting of a glacier in Alaska has led to the solving of a 62 year old mystery of what happened to an Irishman who disappeared in a military plane crash, Eugene Smith was born in Lavey, Co Cavan & had becom a hero in World War Two & John is joined by one of his relatives Amy Kiernan to tell us more about the story.

    Monday 7th July

    World Cup Supporters Club

    It was another weekend of intense world cup action, not the best of games but plenty of talking points. On the line to John are Paolo Oliveira (Brazil) Juan Carlos Guaqueta (Colombia) & Cora Molloy (Germany).

    author Greg Baxter

    John's next guest in studio is author Greg Baxter. Born in Texas in 1974, he lived for a while in Dublin but now lives in Berlin. Greg's third novel is titled 'Munich Airport'.

    Productivity & Working Hours

    Council staff in the Swedish city of Gothenburg are about to take part in an experiment, which, if successful, could revolutionise life for everyone. To work a six-hour working day for 1 yr, which in turn will create more jobs, increase productivity & reduce sick leave. Claire Burge, productivity expert is in studio this morning.

    15 Smiles - Mark McMahon

    A new project by two teenagers from Dublin 15 looks at how we experience mental health issues. The project from Barnardos’ Amplifying Voices programme, aims to make people smile more through the use of uplifting & inspiring quotes & images. The project is called 15 Smiles & was thought up by 15 yr old Eric Hughes & 16 yr old Mark McMahon.

    Friday 4th July

    Music & chat with a band from Seattle

    Nirvana's original drummer was Chad Channing, who now fronts a band called 'Before Cars' who are on a European tour this month. They join John here in studio for a chat & performance.

    An American in Dublin - Glenn Kaufmann

    John's next guest is the author of a very interesting blog called An American in Dublin & Glenn Kaufmann joins John in studio to talk about the differences between our countries.

    RTE Washington Correspondent

    Caitríona Perry got the job based in one of the the most important capital in the world & she joins John this morning to tell us what the first few months have been like.

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