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    Gallipoli 100 

    24th - 26th April, Kells, County Meath

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    The History Show and the organisers of the annual Hay Literary Festival in Kells have joined forces, to launch a commemorative event "Gallipoli 100", marking the 100th anniversary of the Dardanelles campaign of World War One.  

    All events will take place in the Church of Ireland, Cannon St, Kells.  It will run from the 24th to the 26th of April 2015, the centenary of the first landings by troops on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.

    The three-day programme of events will commence on the evening of Friday, 24th April with the Francis Ledwidge Memorial Lecture, delivered by the distinguished Irish WW1 historian Philip Orr.

    Click on the link below to view a draft schedule of events.

    The History Show Sunday 12 May 2013


    The History Show

    On this evening’s programme, to mark the launch of Century Ireland, we bring our listeners back to Spring 1913 to see what was going on in people’s lives back then.


    Century Ireland digital newspaper and interactive website - Spring 1913

    The Century Ireland interactive newspaper and website is a collaborative partnership involving many of our leading cultural and educational institutions. Our guests were Professor Mike Cronin of Boston College who manages the new Century Ireland digital newspaper and interactive website.

    Visit Century Ireland at



    Century Ireland & 1913

    Our guests were Professor Mike Cronin of Boston College who manages the new Century Ireland digital newspaper and interactive website.

    Also, Catriona Crowe from the National Archives, historian Mark Duncan, founder of the InQuest Research Group and Dr. Paul Rouse of UCD’s Department of History and Archives.

    They talked about the new website and gave us a flavour of what was going on in Ireland in the Spring of 1913 - emigration, suffragist movement, politics, shopping, weather, poverty in Connemara, court reports, sport.


    A Picture - Century Ireland and stories from Spring 1913

    The Century Ireland interactive website is based at Boston College on St. Stephen's Green. Colette Kinsella paid them a visit to see what it's all about.


    Music and writers of 1913

    Lorcan Clancy took a look back to 1913 when Ireland was in the middle of a literary revival.  There was a renewed interest in the country’s Gaelic heritage and it was also an exciting time to be involved in the arts.

    John McCormack and literary giants like Yeats and George Bernard Shaw were at the height of their careers, while others like James Joyce were still striving for recognition.


    Children in 1913

    Let’s go back to 1913 and the children who were growing up during that period. Most of us tend to conjure up an image of shoeless waifs wandering the streets and newspaper sellers as young as 12 years of age.

    But there was another side to childhood too – as historian, Donal Fallon now tells us.

    For more on Children in 1913 visit 'Come here to me!' Dublin's life & culture website  

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