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    The Irish and World War One

    This August will mark the centenary of the start of World War One. We will be commemorating this anniversary on The History Show with special programmes and short items telling the stories of Irish people who were involved in the war. We will also be examining what was happening here during these turbulent years.

    Do you have relatives who were involved in the First World War? We would like to hear their stories. Email:

    The History Show Sunday 5 May 2013


    The History Show

    On tonight's show, The History of Cannes, Historical Comic Books, National Famine Commemoration in Kilrush, The Last Hanged in Carlow, History Ireland 20th Birthday.


    The History of Cannes

    The ultra-chic city of Cannes grew from being a poor fishing village to the playground for the rich and famous it is today.

    It’s is perhaps best known for its Film Festival which kicks off on the 15th of this month. Over the 10 day festival, billionaire actors, porn stars and art house directors will throw shapes and sell their wares on the coastline of this glamorous French city.

    Credit:   Lucien Adrion's depiction of Cannes

    The festival has its origins in the 1930s. It began properly in 1946, but of course, Cannes was around for a long time before then. Trinity College historian, Laura O’Brien and film lecturer Steven Benedict gave us a potted historyof the city and the festival.

    The 2013 Cannes Film Festival runs from the 15th to the 26th of May.


    Historical Comic Books

    Historical comic books have been rising in popularity in recent years.

    The latest publication is Big Jim: Jim Larkin and the 1913 Lockout by Rory McConville and Paddy Lynch (O’Brien Press). Liam Geraghty took a behind the scenes look at this niche market in historical publishing.


    National Famine Commemoration Kilrush

    The National Famine Commemoration is an annual day of observance which was established in 2008 to remember the Great Irish Famine. Each year, a weeklong programme of events is held in a place in Ireland that was particularly affected by the Great Hunger. This year, the venue is the town of Kilrush in southwest Clare. Lorcan Clancy spoke to Paddy Waldron of the Kilrush & District Historical Society about what happened in Kilrush during the famine years.

    The National Famine Commemoration in Kilrush runs throughout this week with among other things, walks, remembrance ceremonies, lectures and there’ll also be reconstructions of original soup kitchens. The events will culminate next Sunday with a National Famine Commemoration Ceremony which will be attended by President Michael D. Higgins.

    Link to the National Famine Commemoration Kilrush


    The Last Hanged in Carlow

    The name Lucinda Slye might not mean much to most people, but over the last two centuries, her story has weaved its way into the folklore of County Carlow. The ingredients are a dizzy cocktail of tainted romance, a secret love affair, and a murder. And Lucinda Sly’s name entered the history books when she became the last woman to be hanged in Carlow. Gabriel Fitzmaurice told her story to Rhona Tarrant.

    ‘Lucinda Sly, A Woman Hanged’ by Gabriel Fitzmaurice (Liberties Press) is the first translation of Maidhc Danin Ó Sé’s historical novel.


    History Ireland 20th Birthday

    The year 1993 saw the beginning of the end of the Troubles in the North and the rise of the Celtic Tiger. And as we all know, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then.

    Another event that took place in that Spring was the launch of History Ireland magazine. The idea behind the magazine was to bring history out of the ivory tower. It covers topics from early history to modern times and to mark its 20th birthday, Myles was joined by editor, Tommy Graham.

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