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    Sunday 23rd November

    Sean MacBride

    Archives reveal Sean MacBride’s subservient attitude to the Catholic church.

    Sainsbury’s Christmas Truce Ad

    The Sainsbury’s Christmas Truce ad has been branded cynical and disrespectful. TCD's Peter Arnds and historian, Michael Kennedy give their assessment.

    Lord Lucan's Disappearnce

    Lorcan Clancy charts Lord Lucan's disappearance forty years ago this month as well as the aftermath.

    Alan Turing

    As a big screen adaption of Andrew Hodges biography opens in cinemas, we explore the life and death of Alan Turing – the brilliant World War II code breaker who paid the ultimate price for being gay. Andrew Hodges’ biography – The Enigma is assessed by our November Book Club guests, Aoibhinn ni Suilleabhain, Sean Duke and Peter Arnds.

    Sunday 16th November

    Government Plans for centenary of 1916 Easter Rising

    Minister of State at the Department of Justice. Aodhan O’Riordan spoke of Ireland’s complex history at the launch of the government's plans for the 2016 centenary on Wednesday evening

    How Should Centenary of 1916 Rising be Marked

    Our panel Diramuid Ferriter, Roisin Higgins, Ruth Dudley Edwards discuss

    50th Anniversary of Easter Rising in 1966

    In 1966, the country celebrated and commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising. Events to mark the Golden Jubilee took place in every county in Ireland. Lorcan Clancy spoke to historian Mary Daly and trawled through the archives to paint a picture of what was involved.

    Sunday 9th November

    Enniskillen Bombing

    Historians Heather Jones and Edward Madigan discuss what the Enniskillen bombing symbolised in terms of the polarisation of Irish views of war remembrance in 1987 and how it symbolised a turning point in terms of our relationship with the First World War as an historical event.

    Irish Rugby and World War 1

    Ciaran O'Mara of Lansdowne Rugby FC and Dr. Liam O’Callaghan from Liverpool Hope University talk about Irish rugby players who enlisted to flight in World War 1.

    Irish Memorials to WW1 Dead

    Historians, Heather Jones of the London School of Economics and Dr. Edward Madigan, lecturer in Public History and First World War Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London talk about the significance of these memorials and how our attitude to commemorating the war dead has changed over the past century.

    The Poppy as a Symbol of Remembrance

    Louise Denvir reports on the origins of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance which is particularly associated with today, Remembrance Sunday and 11 November.

    Sunday 2nd November

    The History Show - full programme podcast - 2nd November 2014

    History on a Plate, Lackendara Jim, The Unlucky Cabin Boy, Irish MPs During WW1, John Berryman Centenary and Greystones War Memorial

    Lackendara Jim

    Orla Rapple tells the story of a hermit who lived in the Comeragh mountains for almost 40 years - World War 1 veteran Lackendara Jim.

    The Unlucky Cabin Boy

    Mike Finn talks about Patrick O’Brien of Limerick who was killed and cannibalised by his shipmates in 1835.

    Irish MPs During WW1

    Mark Duncan on Arthur O’Neill, the first MP to be killed in WW1 on 4 November 1914. UCD historian, Conor Mulvagh talks about other MPs who were killed.

    John Berryman Cenenary

    To mark the centenary of the birth of this poet who was an admirer of WB Yeats and a one-time Dublin resident, Johnathan Creasy brought us a report about the man and his time in Dublin and his untimely death.

    Greystones War Memorial

    Peter Murtagh on the stories behind the 22 names on the Greystones War Memorial.

    History on a Plate

    Irish Times restaurant critic Catherine Cleary and historian Juliana Adelman talk about food in Ireland during the Emergency and their radio series, History on a Plate.

    Sunday 26th October

    Temple Street Children's Hospital

    Founded in 1872, Temple Street is now one of Ireland’s best recognised children’s hospitals. From the nurses who used to smuggle ‘Penny Horribles’ onto the wards, to the child whose journey to Dublin took seven hours on a turf-fired train, memories of Temple Street are as rich as they are varied.

    Irish Vampire Myth

    Consultant psychiatrist, Dr. Brendan Kelly talks about studying the medical condition, vampirism and the origins of the vampire myth.

    Haunted Ireland

    Lorcan Clancy speaks to Tarquin Blake about some of the unexplained phenomena that can be found around Ireland.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 26th October 2014

    On this week's show; 1916 Proclamation, James Hack Tuke, Temple Street Children's Hospital, Haunted Ireland and Irish Vampire Myth

    James Hack Tuke

    Clifden historian, Kathleen Villiers-Tuthill highlighted the work of James Hack Tuke, an English banker and philanthropist, whose charitable work in Ireland in the 1880s is now almost entirely forgotten.

    1916 Proclamation

    A new book written by historian, Ann Matthews claims that in fact Patrick Pearse probably didn’t read the 1916 Proclamation. Ann Matthews and University of Limerick historian, Ruan O’Donnell discuss.

    Sunday 19th October

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 19th October 2014

    On this week's show; Earnest Shackleton (Ireland's unsung hero), Daniel O'Connell, War and Peace, Centenary of First Battle at Ypres and WW1 School Trip to the Somme

    Sunday 12th October

    A History of Dublin in 10 Buildings

    Lisa Marie Griffith on telling our capital's history through its buildings.

    Bracey Daniels

    Marc McMenamin reports from Donegal on the man who brought the movies to that county.

    Ann Goody Glover

    Alan Titley talks about the last woman to be hanged as a witch in Boston. An Irish woman who spoke only Irish at her trial.

    Irish Anzacs

    Historian, Jeff Kildea talks about his research to name the Irish who fought with the Australian Imperial Forces during WW1

    Indian Restaurants

    The rise of Indian restaurants in Dublin. Guests: Historian, Michael Kennedy and David Butt son of Mike, who established the Golden Orient Indian Restaurant in 1956.

    Sunday 5th October

    Dr. Ada English

    Psychiatrist, Dr. Brendan Kelly talks about his new book about Dr. Ada English who was one of the first women doctors in this country. She was also a republican who served in the civil war and a TD.

    The Emperor and the Irishman

    Harriet Wheelock, archivist with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland tells us about the friendship between Dr. Barry Edward O’Meara and Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Military Service Pensions Collection

    Lorcan Clancy reports on a new release of files from the Military Service Penions Collection. Fiona Fitzsimons, genealogist and research director with Eneclann and UCD historian, Diarmaid Ferriter talk about this treasure trove of first hand accounts from the volunteers of the revolutionary period.

    Richmond Barracks

    Louise Denvir reports from a ceremony in Richmond Barracks in Inchicore, Dublin, to mark its upcoming restoration.

    16 Dead Men

    Eoin Sweeney takes to the streets to see how many people can identify the 16 men who were executed after the 1916 Rising. Anne-Marie Ryan who has profiled the executed volunteers for her book 16 Dead Men talks to Myles Dungan.

    Sunday 28th September

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 28th September 2014

    Report from John Redmond’s grave in Wexford. UCD historian, Conor Mulvagh on Redmond’s Woodenbridge speech and the significance of 1914 in shaping his legacy Historian, Patrick Lynch on the new discovery of a letter written by Francis Ledwidge. Colette Kinsella reports on the turbulent history of elephants at Dublin Zoo. Brendan Culleton on lunacy in Ireland 100 years ago. Lorcan Clancy on the Nazi Counterfeit Plot 75 years ago. Would Home Rule have worked in 1914? Historians Mary Daly and Dermot Meleady discuss.

    Would Home Rule Have Worked in 1914?

    Mary Daly, professor of history at UCD and president of Royal Irish Academy and also, Dermot Meleady, author of a two-part biography of John Redmond joined Myles to debate this issue.

    Nazi Counterfeit Plot

    Lorcan Clancy tells the story of a Nazi plot to attack Britain's financial system 75 years ago this month.


    Were the Irish more prone to madness than the British in the early 20th century? Brendan Culleton on his TG4 series Ar Intinn Eile.

    Zoo Elephants

    Colette Kinsella talks to Dublin Zoo historian Catherine De Courcy about the turbulent history of keeping elephants at the zoo.

    September 1914

    Orla Rapple reports from a wreath laying ceremony at John Redmond’s grave in Wexford. UCD historian, Conor Mulvagh talks about the significance for September 1914 in shaping Redmond’s legacy. Historian, Patrick Lynch talks about a letter he discovered by Francis Ledwidge which raises questions about why he ultimately enlisted in the army.

    Sunday 31st August

    Scenes from the First World War 25-29 August 2014

    You can hear these one minute pieces played each weekday throughout the month of August on RTE Radio One these includes a selection of archive voices, letters, diaries, poems, songs and stories, featuring special reports on different aspects of the war and Ireland's involvement in it.

    Veterans who fought in War of Independence

    Historian, Edward Madigan on ex-servicemen who fought on both sides in the War of Independence.

    Venereal Disease

    Historian, Padraig Yeates talks about venereal disease brought home by the troops.

    Desertion Biggest Crime

    Historian, Padraig Yeates talks about the crime of desertion.

    Spanish Flu

    Historian, Heather Jones talks about the Spanish Flu in 1918 which killed 50 million people worldwide.

    Returning Soldiers

    Historians, Edward Madigan and Padraig Yeates along with psychiatrist, Brendan Kelly talk about the challenges that faced soldiers who returned home after WW1.

    Shell Shock and Richmond War Hospital

    World War One troops were the first to be diagnosed with shell shock. Psychiatrist, Brendan Kelly who gained access to the archives of Richmond War Hospital at Grange Gorman talked about symptoms and treatment.

    Economy and Employment after WW1

    The economic consequences of war would be felt here for many years to come with high unemployment and rising living costs. Historians, Edward Madigan and Padraig Yeates discuss employment after the war.

    Cruelty to Children

    Historian, Padraig Yeates charts how cruelty to children statistics fell during WW1.


    In the absence of a body to bury, a report with historian, Tara Doyle explores bereavement and grieving during WW1. Historian, Edward Madigan and psychiatrist, Brendan Kelly talk about the difficulties for families.

    Sunday 24th August

    Scenes from the First World War 18-22 August 2014

    You can hear these one minute pieces played each weekday throughout the month of August on RTE Radio One these includes a selection of archive voices, letters, diaries, poems, songs and stories, featuring special reports on different aspects of the war and Ireland's involvement in it.

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