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    Sunday 7th February

    The History Show - The Pearse Family - Full Programme Podcast - 7th February 2016

    The Pearse Family. This episode looks at the leader of 1916 through the prism of his family, and explores the lives of his siblings and parents - to paint a fresh portrait of one of the most studied figures in Irish history.

    Sunday 31st January

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 31st January 2016

    The Great Blasket Island; Dublin Metropolitan Police Files; The Easter Rising and India; Flooding in 1916; Johnny McEvoy

    Johnny McEvoy

    Singer Johnny McEvoy drops in to share his thoughts on this centenary year, reflect on his memories of the 50th anniversary of the Rising in 1966, and he performs his song 'The Dublin Fusiliers'.

    The Other 1916 - Flooding

    As part of our occasional series 'The Other 1916', historian Fin Dwyer recounts how the year opened with violent, deadly storms and severe flooding around Ireland.

    The Easter Rising and India

    Kate O'Malley joins Myles to talk about how the Rising inspired radical nationalists in India, and the upcoming conference at University College Dublin 'Globalising the Rising', which will explore the 1916 rebellion from a global perspective.

    Dublin Metropolitan Police Files

    Our reporter Lorcan Clancy talks to historian Padraig Yeates about the records of the Dublin Metropolitan Police from the early decades of the twentieth century, which provide a unique and previously unexplored view of Dublin life in the revolutionary period.

    An Island Community - The Ebb and Flow of the Great Blasket Island

    We hear Colette Kinsella's interview with the late Mike Carney, who talks about growing up on the Great Blasket Island. Then, Mícheál de Mórdha and Gabriel Fitzmaurice join Myles to talk about their new book 'An Island Community', which is a comprehensive social and cultural history of the island.

    Sunday 10th January

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 10th January 2016

    Children of '16; Maud Gonne; Michael Collins in London; Dalton Trumbo

    Dalton Trumbo

    Film lecturer Steven Benedict on the story of a screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, who defied the Hollywood blacklist in an age of McCarthyism and paranoia about Communism.

    Michael Collins in London

    Diarmaid Ferriter on the ten years Michael Collins spent in London between 1906 and 1916, and the experiences and people that influenced him there.

    Maud Gonne

    Historian Margaret Ward on the life of Maud Gonne - the actress, philanthropist and Irish nationalist activist - who was much more than just the muse of W.B. Yeats.

    Children of '16

    Broadcaster Joe Duffy and singer-songwriter Declan O'Rourke on some of the projects inspired by the bestselling book 'Children of the Rising', including Declan's original song 'Children of '16'

    Sunday 3rd January

    Bigger Than Jesus?

    In 1966, the Beatles were at the peak of their popularity, which led John Lennon to make the perhaps ill-advised comment that the band were 'more popular than Jesus' - a remark that caused uproar. Our reporter, Lorcan Clancy has looked back at this notorious episode in the band's career.

    The Strange Case of Mary the Elephant

    Lorcan Clancy tells the story of a violence, murder and retribution involving a circus elephant, in a small Tennessee town in 1916.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 3rd January 2016

    Upcoming anniversaries in 1916 - other than the Easter Rising. Myles is joined by Katherine McSharry, Paul Rouse and Mark Duncan.

    Sunday 13th December

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 13th December 2015

    Doctor Zhivago; Feast and Famine in Cork; Ireland and Migration; Ireland's National Costume; Television in Ireland

    Television in Ireland

    Media sociologist Eddie Brennan talks about the history of television in Ireland, in the years before the national broadcaster.

    History Bites - Ireland's (Almost) National Costume

    As part of our occasional series History Bites, Colette Kinsella finds out about an outfit that was designed to be Ireland's national costume.

    Ireland and Migration

    Myles is joined by Mary Gilmartin, author of the book 'Ireland and migration in the twenty-first century'

    Feast and Famine in Cork

    Our reporter Lorcan Clancy speaks to UCC historian Regina Sexton about the food culture in mid-19th century Cork, as revealed in the letters of George Boole.

    Doctor Zhivago

    From banned Soviet novel to Hollywood hit. Myles is joined by film lecturer Steven Benedict and Judith Collins of University College Dublin, to talk about the political and cinematic history of Doctor Zhivago.

    Sunday 6th December

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 6th December 2015

    This week, we're taking a peek into a range of books dealing with 1916. We'll be particularly focusing on those that take a slightly different approach to the Rising. Such as works dealing with specific places and battles; first-hand accounts and stories about individuals; as well as the human legacy of Easter Week.

    Sunday 29th November

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast- 29th November 2015

    Einstein's theory of general relativity; Skibbereen's famine story; Outbreak in Connemara in 1916; Websites about the Easter Rising; TK Whitaker; Meath wedding photos project

    Wedding Photos

    Social historian Jean Walker joins Myles to talk about her quest to track down wedding photos taken between 1916 and 1966, that also have a Meath connection.

    TK Whitaker

    As TK Whitaker prepares for his 99th birthday, Myles is joined by his biographer Anne Chambers to talk about the man whose life spans the history of the Irish state.

    Websites about 1916

    Katherine McSharry of the National Library and Mark Duncan of Century Ireland give us a rundown of websites that will be useful for people who want to explore and understand 1916.

    The Other 1916 - Outbreak in Connemara

    Historian Fin Dwyer tells the story of one man’s fight to save the residents of Connemara during an outbreak of disease in 1916.

    Skibbereen: The Famine Story

    Flor MacCarthy reports from Skibbereen on a new Famine Walking Trail, which takes visitors to existing sites and buildings in and around the town to hear the stories of actual events and real people.

    Einstein's Theory of General Relativity

    One hundred years after Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity was first published, Myles is joined by science journalist Sean Duke to talk about the man and his genius.

    Sunday 22nd November

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 22nd November 2015

    In this special episode, we're looking at the long history of sport on this island, and the role that it has played in Irish life over the centuries. Myles Dungan is joined by Paul Rouse, Mike Cronin and Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh.

    Sunday 15th November

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 15th November 2015

    Belfast 1972 teenage diary; The Anglo-Irish Agreement; The Abbey Theatre; Medical Advances in World War One; Willie Pearse

    Willie Pearse

    Leanne Blaney of University College Dublin joins Myles to look back on the life of William 'Willie' Pearse, a life lived in the shadow of his brother Padraig.

    The Pearse Brothers at CBS Westland Row

    Louise Denvir visits the former school of Padraig and Willie at CBS Westland Row. She spoke to past pupil Des Byrne about the brothers' formative years at the school.

    Medical Advances in World War One

    Our reporter Lorcan Clancy spoke to medical history lecturer Joe Harbison about how medicine advanced during the war.

    The Abbey Theatre

    Myles is joined by Garry Hynes, former artistic director of the Abbey. She talks about the theatre's 1916 commemorative programme, in the context of the 'Waking the Feminists' movement for gender equality.

    The Anglo-Irish Agreement

    Myles is joined by Stephen Kelly of Liverpool Hope University and journalist Tom McGurk to evaluate the Anglo-Irish Agreement, 30 years to the day after it was signed by Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

    Belfast Days 1972

    Barbara Collins speaks to author Eimear O'Callaghan about how the diary of an ordinary teenager gives a unique insight into what happened during The Troubles.

    Sunday 8th November

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 8th November 2015

    The Irish Soccer Split; The men of Kilbarron Parish; A Woven Silence; Historical Memory; Women Reform and Resistance

    Women, Reform and Resistance

    Myles is joined by Jennifer Redmond and Conor Reidy, two of the contributors to the new book 'Women, Reform and Resistance in Ireland 1850 - 1950'

    Historical Memory

    Myles is joined by Professor Brendan Kelly, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at University College Dublin to talk about the forces that shape personal and historical memory.

    A Woven Silence

    Our reporter Lorcan Clancy talks to Felicity Hayes-McCoy about her new book 'A Woven Silence', in which she uses her own family story to examine how we remember Ireland's revolutionary period.

    The Men of Kilbarron Parish

    On this Remembrance Sunday, Marc McMenamin reports from Ballyshannon in Donegal on the stories of two men from the area who joined the British Army during World War One.

    The Irish Soccer Split

    Myles is joined by Cormac Moore, author of the book 'The Irish Soccer Split' and former Republic of Ireland international Paddy Mulligan, to talk about why the island of Ireland was split into two international soccer teams.

    Sunday 1st November

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 1st November 2015

    The Father Louis O'Kane Collection; Napoleon's Toothbrush; Van Diemen's Women; Colm Tóibín on his novel Brooklyn; Patrick Lafcadio Hearn

    Patrick Lafcadio Hearn

    An exhibition currently running at the Little Museum of Dublin celebrates the life and work of Patrick Lafcadio Hearn, an Irish writer of ghost stories and folk tales. Myles was joined by Hearn's biographer, Paul Murray.

    Colm Tóibín

    As the new film adaptation of 'Brooklyn' is set to land in cinemas this Friday, our reporter Lorcan Clancy caught up with the author Colm Tóibín to talk about the themes of historical emigration in his novel.

    Van Diemen's Women

    Myles is joined by Joan Kavanagh and Dianne Snowden, the two authors of a new book 'Van Diemen's Women - A History of Transportation to Tasmania.'

    History Bites - Napoleon's Toothbrush

    In the first in our occasional series 'History Bites', Colette Kinsella talks to Donal Fallon about a small object from the bathroom of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Father Louis O'Kane Collection

    Historian Dónal McAnallen tells Myles about a set of taped interviews with Ulster men and women, who were veterans of, or witnesses to Ireland's revolutionary period.

    Sunday 25th October

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 25th October 2015

    Women in Irish politics; Women's magazines in the 1960s; Children's burial grounds; Murder in Milltown in 1916; Housing Crises in Dublin

    Housing in Dublin

    Joe Brady of UCD and Sean O'Leary of the Irish Planning Institute talk about the housing crises that have struck Dublin throughout the capital's modern history.

    The Other 1916 - Murder in Milltown

    Historian Fin Dwyer tells the story of a murder trial in Milltown, County Kerry which took place in 1916.

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