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Monday 5th June

The History Show 5th June 2017

On this week’s show – the last of the season – we’re looking at significant summers in Irish and world history: we hear why riots happen more often in hot weather; we hear what Ireland’s farmers in the summer of ‘46 really thought of the civil servants who helped them save the harvest; and we visit Ireland’s first purpose-built tourist resort.

Significant European Summers

Heather Jones from the London School of Economics looks at the Summer of Innocence [1914] and Russia’s Revolutionary Summer of 1917.

Greenore, Co. Louth, and its place in Irish tourist history

Elaine Keogh reports from Greenore, Co. Louth, on its place in Irish tourist history. She speaks to local historian, Brian Larkin.

Why do riots happen in Hot Weather?

Consultant Psychiatrist at Tallaght Hospital, Brendan Kelly, gives an overview of scientific research which suggests that both interpersonal and group violence increase along with temperatures.

Big American Summers

Sandra Scanlon lectures in history at UCD, but is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. She looks at the Red Summer of 1919; the Freedom Summer of 1964; and the ‘Summer of Hate’ in 1968.

Irish Summers of note

UCD historian, Paul Rouse and Met Eireann Deputy Head of Forecasting, Evelyn Cusack recall some significant summers in Irish history.

Sunday 28th May

Jackie Kennedy's visit to Waterford

Orla Rapple took a visit to the Waterford house that was Jackie Kennedy’s holiday home for four weeks that summer.

Harvey O'Brien on The Graduate

Harvey O’Brien, who teaches Film Studies at UCD, has been reflecting.

Eamon Dunphy on the 'Lisbon Lions'

RTÉ Soccer analyst, Eamon Dunphy - who was playing for Millwall that year - remembers.

History Show - This week, we’re winding the clocks back fifty years to 1967

This week we're remembering the year 1967 with historian, Kate O'Malley, archivist, Catriona Crowe, and sociologist Niamh Hourigan.

Sunday 21st May

Forthcoming History Events

Details of some of the historical events being commemorated around Ireland this June

Micheline Sheehy-Skeffington

This time 100 years ago Hanna Sheehy Skeffington was on a tour of the US raising awareness of the Irish cause; and of the plight of her husband Francis Sheehy Skeffington who had been murdered during the Easter Rising – though he had no part in it. This summer her grand-daughter will travel to New York following in her granny’s footsteps.

The Donegal Corridor

In World War II, a four-mile stretch of Donegal played a small – but significant - role in the Battle of the Atlantic. Reporter and history teacher Marc McMenamin reports on the so-called ‘Donegal Corridor’.

The 'Saturday Night Massacre'

Comparisons have been made all week between President Trump’s firing of the FBI Director, James Comey, and Nixon’s firing of the Watergate Special Prosecutor, Archibald Cox, in 1973. That incident became known as the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’. Dr. David Fitzgerald, historian at UCC, is here to tell us more about that night in 1973

The Story of Ireland's First Ordnance Survey Maps

This week, in a column for The History Show, writer Mary Russell, tells the story of how the very first Ordnance Survey maps of Ireland – long before GPS - were created.

Controversial Garda Commissioners of the Past

UCD’s Diarmaid Ferriter is here to take us through some of the most controversial Garda Commissioners of the past, and the scandals that brought some of them down

Sunday 14th May

John F. Kennedy – the man, the myth, the legacy

This week’s show is a special programme to mark the approaching centenary of the birth of John F. Kennedy

Samantha Power - Extended

Click here to listen to an extended version of Myles Dungan's interview with Samantha Power about John F Kennedy.

Sunday 7th May

Ronan McGreevy on Willie Redmond

Author and journalist, Ronan McGreevy, has been reflecting on the death – one hundred years ago – of Willie Redmond.

A Brief History of Irish Clothes

Reporter, Liam Geraghty

Songs of the Irish Revolution

Music historian, archivist and uilleann piper, Terry Moylan and Daoirí Farrell performs some of the songs of the Irish revolution

Speaking Ill of the Dead

Hinterland Festival in Kells -Lorcan Clancy reports

History's Youngest Ever Leaders

Writer and broadcaster, Jonathan Creasy, takes a look at some of history’s youngest ever leaders: from Alexander the Great to Mary Queen of Scots.

Sunday 30th April

Michael Collins's Dublin 1916-22

Historian Joseph Connell speaks to Myles about the story of Michael Collins in Dublin in the years between the Rising and his death in 1922.

History Bites: 18th Century Internet

Colette Kinsella, visits Maynooth University’s Russell Library with librarian, Penny Woods,

Why are Irish Websites Disappearing?!

Helen Shenton, the director of the Trinity College Library.

The Mother Baby Scheme controversy of the 1950s

Jennifer Redmond, historian at Maynooth University, is here to give us a very quick reminder.

300 Years of Property Booms & Busts

Frank Quinn and Karl Deeter tell Myles about the 19th Century’s answer to NAMA and Anglo Irish Bank.

Sunday 23rd April

History Show Column: The Golden Couple of London Pleasure-Seeking

Mary Russell.

How Offaly produced a Very Controversial Australian Politician

Author, Jeff Kildea, is over from Australia to launch the first volume of his biography of Hugh Mahon this Wednesday.

Who Was Alexander Hamilton?

Ciaran Brady historian at Trinity College is here to tell us more about the man himself who was the first Secretary of the Treasury

Reggie Darling & the Curragh

Liam Geraghty report

The 700-year Old Debate in France About Women & Power

Derval Conroy, from UCD

Sunday 16th April

A year on from the Easter Rising

Myles is joined by Galway historian, Gearóid Ó Tuathaigh; Belfast playwright Philip Orr; by Katherine McSharry from the National Library; and Mark Duncan from Century Ireland. There's also music from Andy Irvine and Kate O'Callaghan; a poetry reading by actor, Barry McGovern; and a reflection by writer, Dermot Bolger.

Sunday 9th April

Women in Sport

The Irish Women's soccer team were in the news this week but we look into some other challenges our women faced in sport long ago,


Ireland's long standing relationship with Shame is discussed with Tom Inglis

Georgian Windows - History Bites

Through the looking glass of Dublin's Georgian Windows

US Presidents and Golf

With the Masters in full swing Greg Allen looks into the history of US Presidents have had with the game.

John Rentoul and Melanie Verwoerd

John Rentoul and Melanie Verwoerd discuss some controversial comments by public figures around Colonialism and Zionism

Sunday 2nd April

The History of Man's Search for Extraterrestrial Life

We hear from author and science journalist, Sean Duke.

Mexican Banditry

A historian who specialises in banditry in Mexico has just started work as Lecturer in Latin American Studies at UCD – her name is Pascale Baker - and she’s talking to Myles this week.

Historical Fiction

Anna Carey and Andrew Hughes. Anna’s most recent novel is The Making of Mollie; and Andrew’s is The Coroner’s Daughter.

JOE DUFFY 1916 - UPDATE - Jane Costelloe

Marie O’Faolain in Galway, got in touch with us to tell us that the landlord in question was none other than her grandfather. And she’s made contact with and is friends with a relative of Jane Costelloe’s: Helen Donegan, to whom we speak as well.

Sunday 26th March

The Balfour Declaration

Myles talks to journalist & historian, Robert Fisk, and to Kate O’Malley, historian with Documents on Irish Foreign Policy at the Royal Irish Academy.

Josef Locke

Myles discusses Locke’s career with actor Adrian Dunbar; Fr Brian Darcy; historian, Roy Foster; and Locke’s biographer, Nuala McAllister-Hart, author of a new biography Josef Locke: the People’s Tenor.

The original Beauty and the Beast

Myles is joined by Derval Conroy is a lecturer in UCD’s School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics.

Sunday 19th March

'Altman the Saltman' and Leopold Bloom

Vincent Altman O’Connor is now asking whether his own great-grand uncle, Albert Liebes Altman, and his wider family, might have contributed significantly to the fictional Leopold Bloom.

Dermot Bolger on Francis Ledwidge

To mark the coming centenary of Ledwidge’s death, we asked the poet, Dermot Bolger, to reflect on Ledwidge’s life in a column for The History Show.

Right-wing demagogues in US political history

Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, historian at Loyola University in Chicago

History Bites: the Smock Alley Bell

Collette Kinsella reports

Joe Duffy on women civilian casualties of the Easter Rising

Joe Duffy has turned his attention to a different category of forgotten casualty: the forgotten women civilians who died in Easter Week.

Sunday 12th March

Proinsias Ó Conluain & RTE's Mobile Recording Unit

This year marks 70 years since the launch of RTÉ’s Mobile Recording Unit –which allowed RTÉ Radio for the first time to record outdoors. Proinsias Ó Conluain revealed that he had kept previously unknown work diaries – hundreds of them - throughout his career, and he left them to RTE in the form of our colleague, Ian Lee, who joins Myles this week.

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