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    Sunday 8th May

    1916 Rising Oral History Collection

    Lorcan Clancy reports on the 1916 Rising Oral History Collections, speaking to husband and wife Maurice and Jane O'Keefe, and their daughter Hélène O'Keefe about how family memories reveal a rich revolutionary inheritance. Then, Mark Duncan of Century Ireland joins Myles to reflect on this centenary year.

    Entwined Histories Challenge

    Former Rugby international Trevor Ringland on a charity cycle and walk in Dublin and France, visting many of the sites of battle of the Somme. It will take place from the 23rd to the 29th May

    Prisoners after the Rising

    The experiences of people taken prisoner after the Rising, the day to day reality of life for internees, and how prisons like Frongoch in Wales became breeding grounds for sedition. Myles is joined by William Murphy, Frank Shouldice and Joanna Brück

    Sunday 1st May

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 1st May 2016

    The story of the trials and executions of the 1916 rebels in the aftermath of the Easter Rising.

    Sunday 24th April

    Arthur Griffith

    Myles is joined by Owen McGee, the biographer of Arthur Griffith, to talk about the Sinn Fein leader's role in 1916.

    Rising in Galway

    Rhona Tarrant speaks to Conor McNamara on the path to the Rising in Galway, led by Liam Mellows, and the role of the agrarian agitator Tom Kenny.

    Property Damage Claims

    Catriona Crowe on the files of the Property Losses (Ireland) Committee, containing claims for damage to property during the Rising. We hear an extract from a letter by Joseph Larkin, claiming for his destroyed business on Wexford Street.

    Arthur Shields

    Orla Rapple reports on the story of Arthur Shields, a man who played a role in the Rising in more ways than one. His story ranges from battle-scarred Dublin to the hills of Hollywood.

    Moore Street

    To talk about events on Moore Street, Myles is joined by Catriona Crowe of the National Archives, archaeologist Franc Myles and Louise Lowe, artistic director of Anu Productions.

    GPO Staff in 1916

    Lorcan Clancy reports on the experiences of postal staff in 1916, including the men and women who worked at the GPO, and the staff of Crown Alley Telephone Exchange.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 24th April 2016

    GPO Staff in 1916; Moore Street; Arthur Griffith; Property Damage Claims in 1916; the Rising in Galway; Arthur Griffith

    Sunday 17th April

    1896 Olympics

    Ian O'Riordan of the Irish Times on the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 which took place 120 years ago this month, and how this sporting event has changed in the intervening years.

    Sixties Ireland

    Lindsey Earner-Byrne and Carole Holahan on Ireland in the 1960s, and the question: was it really a decade of modernisation for this country?

    Mixed Martial Arts

    Paul Rouse and Ian O'Riordan on the origins of mixed martial arts, and how a figure like Conor McGregor has parallels in Irish sporting history.

    Jacob's Biscuit Factory

    Colette Kinsella uncovers a host of stories about Jacob's biscuit factory, cream crackers, and the people who made them.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 17th April 2016

    Jacob's Biscuit Factory; Mixed Martial Arts; Ronald Reagan in Ireland; Sixties Ireland; 1896 Olympics

    Ronald Reagan's Visit to Ireland - Extended Podcast

    In this special extended podcast for The History Show, RTÉ's Jackie Fox takes a look back at US President Ronald Reagan's visit to Ireland in 1984, and the social, political and economic impacts of that visit.

    Sunday 10th April

    The Woman is Present: Women's Stories of 1916

    Mary Moynihan, artistic director of Smashing Times Theatre Company on a new drama performance about the women of 1916, based on original testimonies and new Irish writing.

    House Price Index since 1900

    Economist Ronan Lyons talks about the rise and fall of Dublin property prices since the year 1900.

    Civil War Politics

    Journalist Pat Leahy, sociologist Niamh Hourigan and historian Niamh Puirseil discuss the civil war divide in Irish politics, and whether or not it's still relevant today.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 10th April 2016

    Civil War Politics; House Price Index since 1900; Women's Stories of 1916

    Sunday 3rd April

    The Vietnam War

    Rhona Tarrant reports on the story of Sean Fleming, a musician from Killarney who signed up to serve in the Vietnam War while living in New York. Then, Sandra Scanlon of University College Dublin talks about the changing and varied attitudes the American public had to the war.

    Gas Attacks at Hulluch

    As the fighting raged in Dublin during Easter Week 1916, Irishmen in the British Army were subject to a horrific poison gas attack. Joe Harbison of Trinity College Dublin joins Myles.

    Remembrance Wall at Glasnevin

    Joe Harbison and Paul Rouse discuss the Remembrance Wall unveiled today at Glasnevin, and the decision to list the names of dead rebels, civilians and British Army soldiers on that wall.

    The Easter Rising Centenary and the world media

    How were our 1916 commemorations covered in the British, American and French media? Myles is joined by Paul Rouse of UCD, Laura O'Brien of the University of Sunderland and Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 3rd April 2016

    The Easter Rising Centenary in the world media; Remembrance Wall at Glasnevin; Gas Attacks at Hulluch; The Vietnam War

    Monday 28th March

    Was the Easter Rising a Blood Sacrifice?

    Pat Cooke, John Gibney and Conor Mulvagh discuss the idea of 'Blood Sacrifice' and the Easter Rising.

    Was the Easter Rising justified?

    Patsy McGarry and Conor Mulvagh debate the moral justification of the Easter Rising.

    The History Show Easter Monday Special - Full Programme Podcast - 28th March 2016

    In this extended 3 hour episode broadcast live from The Four Courts, Myles Dungan presents a mix of music, reports and discussion about many different aspects of the Easter Rising.

    The Psychological Impact of the Rising

    Psychiatrist Brendan Kelly speaks to Liam Geraghty about mental health and 1916.

    The Four Courts and the Easter Rising

    Emer Horgan takes a walk around The Four Courts in the company of historian and author Joseph EA Connell, and finds out what happened there in 1916.

    Dublin Zoo in 1916

    Colette Kinsella reports on what happened at Dublin Zoo during Easter Week 1916.

    Treating the Wounded in 1916 / Babies Born During Easter Week

    Julien Clancy speaks to Doctor Joseph Harbison about the injured in 1916, and how the wounded were treated. Then, Sinead Egan speaks to Doctor Rhona Mahony about babies born during Easter Week.

    1916 Eyewitness Accounts from the National Folklore Collection

    Our reporter Lorcan Clancy speaks to Críostoír Mac Cárthaigh, Acting Director of the National Folklore Collection at UCD. In this report, we heard never before broadcast eyewitness accounts of Easter 1916.

    Designing the 1916 Proclamation

    Julien Clancy speaks to Linda King of NCAD about how the Proclamation was designed and printed.

    Sunday 27th March

    The O'Rahilly

    Rhona Tarrants reports on the life of The O'Rahilly, and what he did in the days before the Rising.

    Pearse's Last Days

    Patrick Pearse was an extraordinarily busy man, but in the days leading up to the Rising, he still found time to wrap up his affairs and take care of some comparitively mundane business. His last days involved everything from haircuts to ceremonial swords. Our reporter Lorcan Clancy found out more.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 27th March 2016

    On this Easter Sunday special, we look at the events of Easter Sunday 1916, and the days leading up to the Rising. Myles Dungan is joined by Mary McAuliffe, Mick O'Farrell and Joseph EA Connell.

    Sunday 20th March

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 20th March 2016

    Homosexuality and Irish Psychiatry; RTÉ Reflecting the Rising; Now That's What I Call Music 1916; Moore Street; 1916 Walking Tours

    1916 Walking Tours

    Myles is joined by Jennifer Carberry, one of the tour guides who will be conducting walking tours on Easter Monday as part of RTÉ Reflecting the Rising.

    Moore Street

    As part of her series 'The People of 1916', Orla Rapple on the the ordinary residents of the street who were caught up in the final moments of the fighting in 1916.

    Now That's What I Call Music 1916

    Jim Lockhart on the musical landscape and popular songs of the year 1916.

    RTÉ Reflecting the Rising

    Anne MacLellan and Brendan Kelly on the talks they'll be giving in Dublin on Easter Monday as part of RTÉ Reflecting the Rising, and their choices of highlights on the day.

    Homosexuality and Irish Psychiatry

    Psychiatrist Brendan Kelly on the history of psychiatric engagement with homosexuality in Ireland.

    Sunday 13th March

    Nelson's Pillar

    Colette Kinsella speaks to Mary Neville who shares her memories of the bombing of Nelson's Pillar. Then, Donal Fallon joins Myles to talk about the life and afterlife of this controversial monument.

    The Irish Flag

    Orla Rapple reports on the story of Thomas Francis Meagher, the Waterford man who popularised the tricolour of green white and orange. Then, Lar Joye talks about the flags that flew in 1916, and the many different flags that have served as nationalist banners over the century.

    Callout for RTÉ Ambassadors

    Volunteer co-ordinator Paula Reynolds talks about volunteering as an RTÉ Ambassador at 'RTÉ Reflecting the Rising', our day of events on Easter Monday.

    Proclamation for a new Generation

    We hear from 4th class students from Neil Shanahan’s class at Oatlands Primary School. Myles is joined by historian John Gibney and market researcher Gerard O'Neill, to talk about the history of the 1916 Proclamation and how it can inspire a new generation today.

    The History Show – Full Programme Podcast – 13th March 2016

    The History Show – Full Programme Podcast – 13th March 2016

    Sunday 6th March

    Letters of 1916: A Year in the Life

    In this example of a letter from the collection 'Letters of 1916: A Year in the Life', Michael Collins writes from Frongoch Internment Camp in Wales in August 1916.

    Life in 1916 Ireland: Stories from Statistics

    This week, the CSO launched a report called Life in 1916 Ireland: Stories from Statistics. They’ve used statistical data to illustrate what life was like for people in 1916, and to assess the multitude of ways life has changed in the last one hundred years.

    Easter 1916: The Trials

    After the 1916 rebellion came the trials and executions. Most of the trials of the rebels lasted twenty minutes or less, the prisoners weren't legally represented and they weren't permitted to give sworn evidence in their own defence. Our reporter, Lorcan Clancy spoke to Sean Enright, a judge and legal historian to find out more.

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