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    Sunday 31st May

    In Flanders Fields

    100 years ago this month, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote his famous war poem In Flanders Fields. To mark this anniversary, we tell the story of In Flanders Fields, the poem that immortalised the poppy.

    What did we eat in Ancient times?

    Liam Downey, former director of Teagasc and an Honorary Professor of Archaeology at UCD looks back at the variety of food consumed by our ancient forebears.

    Our Irish Heritage

    Excerpt from, a website which gives a voice to personal and local histories.

    Irish Famine Summer School

    Historian Ciaran Reilly talks about the extensive archive at Strokestown Park in Roscommon. It is one of the largest estate collections in existence with more than 50,000 documents. which gives a great insight into famine life. Caroline Callery gives details on the upcoming Irish Famine Summer School.

    Holidays for History Buffs

    Travel writer and history graduate Eoghan Corry recommends holidays for people wirh an interest in history

    Bunán Heritage Park

    Ronan Kelly reports from Bunán Heritage Park near Kenmare in Kerry where history is helping them to prosper and plan for the future.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 31st May 2015

    Bunán Heritage Park, Holidays for History Buffs, Songs from the Swans at Coole, Irish Famine Summer School, Our Irish Heritage, What did we eat in Ancient times?, In Flanders Fields

    Sunday 24th May

    Churchill/Dev 1945 Exchange

    UCD historian Conor Mulvagh on Dev's reaction to Winston Churchill's victory speech after WWII in which he excoriated Dev for his conduct during the war.

    800 Years of Dromana

    Historian, Julian Walton on 800 years of Dromana House.


    Hugh Gough, Brian Cathcart and Jennifer Wellington discuss May's book club choice Waterloo - the Aftermath by Paul O'Keeffe.

    Left Handedness

    Lorcan Clancy talks to Riks Smits about the history of left handednes. Prof Brendan Kelly talks to Myles about the topic as well as attitudes to being homosexual in the world of psychiatry over the years.

    Sunday 17th May

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 17th May 2015

    The shrinking playground of Dublin; American Civil War pension files; Gillian O'Brien on her book 'Blood Runs Green'; the band Public Service Broadcasting; love letters and sexual politics.

    Sexual Politics

    Jennifer Redmond, lecturer in 20th Century Irish History at NUI Maynooth talks to Myles about courting habits, class, religion, emigration and prostitution.

    Love Letters

    Rachel Breslin speaks to author Maeve O'Riordan about the relationship of two young people from the landed class at the turn of the century, which was recorded through letters.

    Public Service Broadcasting

    Our reporter Lorcan Clancy found out more about Public Service Broadcasting, a London band that evokes the past by sampling sounds from old archive footage in their music.

    Blood Runs Green

    Myles is joined by Gillian O'Brien, historian and author of the new book 'Blood Runs Green: The Murder that Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago', about a notorious 19th century killing, and its impact on Clan na Gael and Irish nationalism in the US.

    Eamon De Valera's Tailor

    Bernard Lynch on his memories of his father, Joe Lynch, who was a tailor to Eamon De Valera.

    American Civil War Pension Files

    Orla Rapple reports on the impact of the American Civil War on Irish families, and what the war pension files tell us about the Irish-American experience in the 19th century.

    The Shrinking Playground of Dublin

    Katia Tikhoniouk on her research into the history of play and playgrounds in inner city Dublin.

    Sunday 10th May

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 10th May 2015

    Auctioneer Ian White, The Burberry Trench Coat, Workhouse Records, Home Shopping in the 18th Century and the Irish General Election of 1918.

    General Election of 1918

    RTE’s David McCullough talks to Myles about the parallels between the Scottish National Party’s landslide win in this year’s UK General Election, and the Irish General Election of 1918.

    Home Shopping in the 18th Century

    The story of Sabine Wynn, a woman from rural England, and her creative home shopping in a time before online catalogues or checkout baskets. Louise Denvir spoke to historian Kerry Bristol from the University of Leeds.

    Workhouse Records

    Our reporter Lorcan Clancy speaks to historical researcher Fiona Fitzsimons about the fascinating social history to be found in records from the workhouse system. Brian Donovan and Abigail Rieley from talk about records from Dublin workhouses which will become available on the internet for the first time this week.

    The Burberry Trench Coat

    Historian Maurice Walsh on the trench coat, developed in 1914 for World War One soldiers, which later fell into the hands of the fashion-conscious IRA.

    Auctioneer Ian Whyte

    Ian Whyte, of Whyte's Irish Art & Collectables Auctions joins Myles to talk about some items of historical interest that went under the hammer yesterday.

    Sunday 3rd May

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 3rd May 2015

    This week on The History Show, we tell the story of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania off the Old Head of Kinsale on the seventh of May, 1915.

    Sunday 26th April

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 26th April 2015

    Irish Folklore Collection, Decco the Caveman, The Last Day of the Third Reich, and our book club discussion focuses on the Armenian Genocide

    Book Club - Armenian Golgotha

    Our book club choice is 'Armenian Golgotha' by Grigoris Balakian, an eyewitness account of the Armenian Genocide. Myles was joined by John Horne, Professor of Modern European History at Trinity College Dublin; Denis Staunton, Deputy Editor of The Irish Times; and Doctor Maria Falina of the Centre for War Studies at UCD.

    The Last Days of the Third Reich

    Lorcan Clancy spoke to UCD historian Rober Gerwarth about life in Hitler's bunker in the final months of World War 2. Irish Times Deputy Editor, and former Berlin Correspondent Denis Staunton reflects on how the Nazis are moving from living memory to history, and the ongoing trial of Oscar Groening, the 'Book Keeper of Auschwitz'.

    Mary Russell on the Armenian Genocide

    Travel writer Mary Russell recalls cycling through Syria, and reflects on the fate of the Armenians deported there during the First World War.

    Decco the Caveman

    Bobby Aherne, author of the book 'D'you Remember Yer Man? A Portrait of Dublin's Famous Characters' with an anecdote about Decco the Caveman.

    Irish Folklore Collection

    Anna Bale of the Department of Folklore at University College Dublin talks about a 1930s oral history project. National school pupils spoke to older people in their area about how life was lived in the past, and wrote the information into school copy books.

    Sunday 19th April

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 19th April 2015

    To mark the centenary of the disastrous Gallipoli campaign of World War One, Myles and guests explore this important episode of World War One and talk about how it is remembered in Australia, Turkey and Ireland.

    Sunday 12th April

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 12th April 2015

    On this week's programme, we look at the pleasures and pitfalls involved in tracing your family history. We put your questions to our panel of experts. They are Nicola Morris, genealogist with Timeline Research Ireland, Aoife O'Connor of FindMyPast and Katherine McSharry from The National Library of Ireland.

    Monday 6th April

    Fashion in 1915

    Flor MacCarthy reports on the fashion of 1915.

    Katherine McSharry on 1916 Memorabilia

    Katherine McSharry from the National Library of Ireland tells Myles about the 1916-related memorabilia that people brought to the GPO for assessment, as part of RTÉ's Road to the Rising event.

    Gabriel Doherty on Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa

    The funeral of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa in 1915 was an important event on the road to the Easter Rising. Gabriel Doherty of University College Cork tells us who O'Donovan Rossa was, and why his funeral was so significant.

    Ruth Barton on Cinema in 1915

    Ruth Barton, film lecturer at Trinity College Dublin on what was happening on the cinema scene in Ireland in 1915.

    'Insurrection' - Actors share their memories of the 1966 RTÉ drama

    We invited some of the actors who appeared in 'Insurrection', the 1966 RTÉ Drama about the Easter Rising. They shared their memories of that production.

    Keelin Shanley, Paul Rouse and Alan Titley

    RTÉ's Keelin Shanley, Paul Rouse of UCD and Alan Titley talk about what's going on on O'Connell Street and surrounds for RTÉ Road to the Rising, and what was happening with Irish language, culture and sport in 1915.

    Lorcan Clancy reports from O'Connell Street

    Our reporter Lorcan Clancy speaks to some of the many actors in period dress who brought 1915 to life during the RTÉ Road to the Rising event on O'Connell Street.

    Joe Lee on Ireland in 1915

    Professor Joe Lee of New York University on army recruitment, nationalism and other aspects of Ireland in 1915

    O'Connell Street in 1915

    Louise Denvir spoke to tour guide Pat Liddy about what O'Connell Street (Then called Sackville Street) was like in the year 1915

    Diarmaid Ferriter and Roy Foster

    Diarmaid Ferriter and Roy Foster on what the rebel leaders were doing in 1915.

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 6th April 2015

    In this extended Easter Monday special, live from the GPO as part of Road to the Rising, Myles Dungan and guests discuss the events and personalities of Ireland in 1915.

    Sunday 5th April

    The History Show - Full Programme Podcast - 5th April 2015

    An exploration of a new collection of songs called 'Left Behind', written from the perspective of the widows of the leaders of the 1916 Rising.

    Sunday 29th March

    Monaghan Lunatic Asylum

    Brendan Kelly, Anne MacLellan and Fiona Byrne on the history of the Monaghan Lunatic Asylum, which opened in 1869. This institution's records demonstrate how mental illness was perceived and treated over the years.

    Road to the Rising

    Catriona Crowe of the National Archives and Mark Duncan of Century Ireland on RTÉ Road to the Rising, which takes place on Dublin's O'Connell Street, this Easter Monday, the 6th of April 2015.

    RMS Lusitania

    Flor MacCarthy on the sinking of the RMS Lusitania. The 7th of May 2015 will be the 100th anniversary of the sinking, and communities along the coast of Cork are already commemorating the tragedy which their ancestors witnessed first-hand.

    Orson Welles in Ireland

    Michael Doherty on the celebrated filmmaker, actor and theatre director Orson Welles, and the times he visited Ireland throughout a long and varied career.

    Sunday 22nd March

    Magna Carta

    Our March book club choice is 'Magna Carta: The Making and Legacy of the Great Charter' by Dan Jones.

    Who was Count Markievicz?

    Pat Quigley on the life of Casamir Markievicz, the Polish artist, playwright and theatre director who is best known to us as the husband of Constance Markievicz.

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