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The God Slot Friday 26 April 2013

The God Slot

The God Slot

Siobhan Mhic Craith belongs to one of the best known families in Irish folk music circles and she talks about her father, Liam Clancy.

Siobhan Mhic Craith, Liam Clancy's daughter.

Siobhan Mhic Craith belongs to one of the best known families in Irish folk music circles. At one stage, her father, two uncles and their friend from Armagh were thought to be the four most famous Irishmen in the world, and their albums outsold the Beatles in the US during the 1960s. Long before the phenomenon of ‘boybands’, they were international stars, and their red blooded versions of Irish ballads and folk songs delighted audiences all over the world. They were The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, and Siobhan’s father, Liam, was probably the best known of the four as his career lasted until 2009, when a painful and debilitating illness led to his death. He used to describe himself as the ‘last man standing’.

In The God Slot, Siobhan talks about Liam’s loss of belief in all religion, and his battles with his many demons, mainly alcoholism. She discusses her own deep faith, strengthened after a trip to Medjegorje, how it helped during her father’s last hours, and how, despite his resistance, she believes prayer helped him.

This is probably one of the most moving personal stories yet shared on The God Slot, and should bring comfort to many listeners who battle with their own demons, or those of other family members.

Left to Right: Cárthach Mac Craith, husband of Siobhan, Kim Clancy, Siobhan’s mother, Ailidh Nic Craith, daughter of Siobhan, Siobhan and Liam. The little one is Siobhan’s daughter Méin Nic Craith at the launch of the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem stamp which was part of the collection of stamps honouring Irish music greats.

Music Played on the Show


Title: Chances Are

Composer: A Stillman/r Allen

Performer(s): Johnny Mathis

Album: The Very Best Of Johnny Mathis

Duration: 3:00


Title: Hall Of Fame

Composer: Not available

Performer(s): The Script

Album: Hall Of Fame - Single

Duration: 3:21


Title: Street Spirit

Composer: Yorke/selway/greenwood/obrien

Performer(s): Radiohead

Album: Live Forever

Duration: 4:10


Title: Sometimes

Composer: Clarke/bell

Performer(s): Erasure

Album: Erasure: Pop Deluxe Box (Audio Version)

Duration: 3:35


Title: Lions, Tigers, Bears

Composer: Not Available

Performer(s): Heathers

Album: Kingdom

Duration: 4:18


Title: Hiding Under Water

Composer: Beth Hart

Performer(s): Beth Hart

Album: American Connection

Duration: 5:00


Title: Ordinary People

Performer(s): John Legend

Album: Get Lifted / Once Again

Duration: 4:56


Title: Saturday Night

Composer: P Buchanan

Performer(s): The Blue Nile

Album: Hats

Duration: 6:22


Title: Teardrop

Composer: Del Naja/marshall/vowles/fraser

Performer(s): Massive Attack

Album: Q 1998 Best

Duration: 5:24


Title: Society

Performer(s): Eddie Vedder

Album: Into the Wild (Music for the Motion Picture)

Duration: 4:10


Title: Let It Be

Composer: McCartney

Performer(s): The Beatles

Album: 1

Duration: 3:47




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