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The God Slot Friday 1 March 2013

The God Slot Full Programme.

The God Slot Full Programme.

By the time we go on air this week, history will have been made as Pope Benedict XVI bids farewell to the Papacy.

Coming up Friday March 8.

The McAleese report on the Magdalene Laundries created a sensation when recently published, prompting the Taoiseach to deliver a State apology to the women who spent time in these institutions.
To date, public comment from the religious Sisters who ran the Magdalene Laundries has been scarce.

Reporter Claire McCormack met two Sisters who belong to an order that was involved in the running of Magdalene Laundries. They spoke to her frankly, albeit anonymously. The Sisters agreed to the airing of their interview on The God Slot on condition that their names, their order and the particular laundries that they ran remain anonymous.

Their words are read by Catherine Hogan and The God Slot on Friday 8 March presents them without any editorial comment from us.

Out of the mouths of babes...

A group of children, age 6 to 12, from Kilconly Primary School in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry discuss the papal abdication and its aftermath.

Cardinal O'Brien's resignation.

Chris Lamb, our regular contact at The Tablet, talks about the ramifications of the resignation of Scotland's Cardinal Keith O'Brien.

Des Fisher on Vatican 2

On Thursday, 14 February, Pope Emeritus Benedict spoke of the difference between what actually happened at Vatican 2 and how the media presented it. Former Head of News at RTE Des Fisher in a rare and exclusive interview begs to differ.

Complete God Slot programme podcast.

Children on papal resignation; Cardinal Keith O'Brien; Des Fisher on Vatican 2.





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