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The God Slot Friday 15 February 2013

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Pope Benedict XVI resigns.

Last Friday, when we announced the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday, who could have anticipated that Pope Benedict XVI would be performing one of his last public duties on that very day, having taken the secular and religious world by storm by announcing his resignation on Monday? By now, his life and career have been parsed and analysed by all and sundry, but on The God Slot we will spend this week's programme hearing about various aspects of his Papacy from some voices that you may not have heard yet, either on radio or television. Dr. Jim Corkery SJ, who is recognised as one of the foremost interpreters of Benedict's thought in the English speaking world; he's the author of 'Joseph Ratzinger's Theological Ideas'; Dr. Andrew Pierce from the Irish School of Ecumenics at Trinity College, Dublin, and Irish Catholic journalist, Sarah Carey form our studio panel. Throughout the programme, we'll have comments from historian and author Prof. Eamonn Duffy, Benedictine nun and lecturer on women's affairs Sr. Joan Chittister and former Chief Rabbi of Ireland and Papal Knight Dr. David Rosen from Israel. This podcast is an extended edition of tonight's programme.




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