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    Saturday 19th July

    Orchestrating Success

    Conductors have the unique position of being the boss and having to lead a team in front of thousands of people without saying a word. David Brophy is a Freelance orchestra conductor and former Principal conductor with the RTE Concert Orchestra and Bernie Sherlock is a choral conductor and lecturer in music.

    Suits You Sir

    It seems that the stalwart of office attire - the old fashioned suit is making a comeback. From ultimate fighters like Conor McGregor to those wrestling with nine to five office environments it seems that everyone is fond of the three piece suit. We sent our own dapper dan Liam Geraghty out on streets of Cork and Dublin to find out more.

    The Follies of Fashion

    Kirstie Clements is a woman who was at the helm of Vogue in Australia for 13 years. That role gave her a unique insight into the cut throat world beyond the catwalk. She's just published a book on her experiences called The Vogue Factor. She joins us from Sydney.

    Coming Out In The Workplace

    Now it's never easy hiding a secret, but what if you're hiding your sexuality from colleagues and clients. This week Australia's most successful Olympian ever and BBC commentator Ian Thorpe, came out to Michael Parkinson after years of denying that he was gay. We're joined now by two people to share their stories of being gay in the workplace. We're joined from Athlone by Margot Slattery, Managing Director of Sodexo Ireland and by teacher Bryan Lucey.

    New Direction For Nama

    This week Nama announced plans to turn Dublin's docklands into Ireland's version of London's Canary Wharf. It also declared its intention to build 22,000 homes in the capital and develop vacant sites in Cork, Limerick, and elsewhere, all in the next five years. We're joined by Dick Glesson, Dublin City Planner and Tom Lyons of the Irish Times.

    Saturday 12th July

    The Mysteries of Mediation

    It was a week when a mediator would have come in handy, not just for the Garth Brooks debacle, but also in the on-again, off-again cabinet reshuffle. We're joined by Roisin O'Shea from Arc Mediation to discuss the mysteries of mediation.

    The Reality of Dream Jobs

    This week Netflix advertised for what some might consider a dream job. They're going to pay people to watch TV for a living, to tag content for their 48 million subscribers. But are dream jobs always as great as we imagine them to be? We gave our man Liam Geraghty the dream job of finding out.

    After The Lights Go Out

    Robbie Fox is a man who's been a stalwart of Dublin's night life for decades. His career began collecting glasses in a Ballymum pub, and he went on to own a number of restaurants and bars, the most famous of which was Renards, a popular celebrity spot. But in 2009, he lost it all and ended up with debt running into millions. He joins us in studio.

    Brazil Beyond The World Cup

    After the World Cup final takes place tomorrow night, the eyes of the world will move on from Brazil. But where next for a country whose economic issues have been highlighted by their hosting of the tournament? We're joined by columnist and economist Dan O'Brien and Joe Hogan from Openet, an Irish company that's doing big business in Brazil.

    The Greyhound Dispute

    Workers for waste management company Greyhound Recycling have been on strike since June 17th when its directors announced wage cuts of up to 35%. We're joined by the brothers who own the company, Michael and Brian Buckley. We're also joined by trade unionist Owen Reidy, division organiser for SIPTU.

    Saturday 5th July

    Emotions at Work

    After Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura gained worldwide notoriety for being very much in touch with his emotions, we wondered about emotion in the workplace, should we feel them and not fight them? Dr. Ysuelt Freeney of DCU Business School and communications specialist and author Rowan Manahan discuss...

    Triathlons, Adventure Racing and Extreme Obstacle Course

    All over the country, every weekend, you'll see signposts pointing the way to runs, cycles, swims and even extreme obstacle courses. But is there money to be made from triathlons and extreme sports, and - if so - is it in the premier division or the minor leagues?

    Anne O'Leary

    This week, the ESB and Vodafone signed a joint venture agreement to invest €450m into building a 100% fibre broadband network across Ireland. If approved by the EC, it will propel Ireland into the ranks of the world’s fastest broadband countries. We're joined by Vodafone's Chief Executive, Corkwoman Anne O'Leary. _

    Match Fixing

    Controversy was served up this week when the Cameroon team were accused of match fixing in the World Cup Group Stages, which has been strenuously denied. How widespread is match fixing, where is it happening and how does it all work? We're joined from Italy by Alessandro Righi, who is the co-author of “Kelong Kings”. _

    Peter Aiken on Garth Brooks

    Garth Brooks has cancelled his five sell out shows in Croke Park, following a decision by Dublin City Council to refuse a license for two of the dates because of local residents' concerns. Brooks issued an ultimatum to the council - either five shows or nothing. We're joined by the promoter, Peter Aiken of Aiken Promotions.

    Saturday 28th June

    Being Yourself in the Office

    Personality and professionalism - can the two every mix? Two new studies reach conflicting conclusions. We're joined by John Fitzgerald, career coach and MD of Harmonics Coaching, to find a conclusion of our own.


    Donald Trump and Richard Branson both failed before they succeeded, and even Thomas Edison reportedly made 10,000 attempts before inventing the very first light bulb. Failure can even be a surprising catalyst for success. We met some Irish business people who haven't allowed failure to hold them back.

    Niall Harbison

    In 2012, Niall Harbison sold Simply Zesty - a company he had co-founded - for around 2 million euro. Not one for resting on his laurels, he now runs restaurant review site Lovin' Dublin as well as the image library PR Slides, and has just published a book called 'Get S H * T Done'...

    Tony O'Reilly

    The financial fate of Ireland's first billionaire Tony O Reilly was sealed yesterday when a request for more time to repay his AIB debts was refused. It's been described as an ignominious end to what was a startling career.We're joined by Mark Paul of Irish Times and Rory Godson, Managing Partner of the Powerscourt Group.

    Fiona Muldoon

    We're joined in studio by Fiona Muldoon, who left her position as director of Credit Institutions and Insurance Supervision in the Central Bank in May after several years in the pivotal role, during which she gained attention for her criticism of how mortgage lenders were dealing with indebted homeowners.

    Saturday 21st June

    Flying High

    With the great weather we've all been enjoying this week, we decided it was time to get out of the studio and into the fresh air. And how better to spend our time than indulging in a bit of kite-flying. We're joined by Ciaran Way of Birdseye Kite Photography who explains how he turned his aerial hobby into a soaring business.

    Thinking about Thought Leaders

    This week, Apple advertised a job opening for a 'Thought Leader'. But is this trend of unusual job titles temporary or something that's likely to stick? To discuss we're joined by Siobhan O'Connell of Business Plus and Niamh NicDhonncha from Robert Walters Recruitment.

    Finding Opportunities in the Finer Things

    You might think that given Ireland's recent economic troubles there are not many people out there willing to spend thousands of euro on handbags, watches or art. But it seems that that market is in rude health as our own lover of luxury Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

    The Brennan Brothers

    John and Francis Brennan have been gracing our TV screens for years now with the show At Your Service. But in their day jobs, Francis is the owner of the Park Hotel in Kenmare and John has just recently opened Dromquinna Manor which hosts events and luxury camping. They join us to discuss business, brotherhood and rebuilding the hotel sector.

    Alan Ahearne and the IMF

    Alan Ahearne is head of Economics at NUIG and in a former role as Brian Lenihan's Special Advisor he had a front row seat on Ireland's struggle to survive in the wake of the banking collapse. This week, he was appointed as an external advisor to the IMF. He joins us from Galway.

    Saturday 7th June

    Working Alone

    Plenty of Irish companies start as a one man or one woman band in houses all over the country. But of course business people aren’t the only ones who work all alone. We’ve been catching up with some others to find out if one is the loneliest number in the working world.

    The Cult of the Entrepreneur

    These days its widely accepted that the key to Ireland's economic future lies with our entrepreneurs. But Gary Brown of Target McConnells believes we’ve become too obsessed with that idea, what he calls the cult of entrepreneurship. He debates the issue with Jerry Kennelly, founder of

    Fortune's Top 50

    Kathleen Murphy makes regular appearances in Fortune magazine’s Top 50 most powerful women in business list, sharing the honour with the likes of Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg. She is the president of Personal Investing at Fidelity Investments, managing over $1.2 trillion and 14,000 staff.

    Cracking China

    Twenty five years ago this week, images from China shocked the world. In what has become known as the Tiananmen Square massacre, Chinese troops moved in on student protesters killing hundreds. Aidan Walsh, founder of Texacloth remembers the scenes well. He joins us in studio to describe his experiences in China over 30 years.

    ECB Excitement

    The ECB’s decision to drop interest rates was getting financial journalists in a tizzy this week. But should we really be getting excited about this and what does it all mean? Nick Webb, Sunday Independent business editor joins us.

    Saturday 31st May

    Rudeness in Retail

    New research suggests that when high end retailers look down their noses at people it makes the customer want the product even more. Liam Geraghty hit the high street to find out if dirty looks really deliver.

    Celebrity Endorsements

    Celebrities have been endorsing products for years, and this week Dr Dre Beat headphones were sold to Apple for 3 billion dollars, and Fender recruited Bono and The Edge to their board. But is a celebrity endorsement of your product all that its cracked up to be? We're joined by branding expert Krishna De and Joanne Byrne of Presence PR.

    Think Like A Freak

    It's been 9 years since the book Freakonomics took the world by storm, selling more than 7 million copies. The book used economics to explain the motivations of everyday life. The authors have just published a new book 'Think Like a Freak' and we're joined by one of them; Steven Levitt.

    The Finances behind Celtic FC

    There's lots of speculation on whether Roy Keane will become the new Celtic manager. If the Cork man chooses to go for the job what sort of financial challenges will he have to tackle? We're joined by Mark Paul from the Irish Times and Hugh McDonald chief sportswriter with the Glasgow based Herald newspaper, to discuss.

    KBC's Assault On The Irish Market

    KBC Bank Ireland is attempting to re-build its business here despite major issues and recent losses. We're joined in studio by Wim Verbraeken, the new CEO of KBC Bank Ireland

    Saturday 17th May

    Stonemasonry and Songwriting

    Cork-born musician Mick Flannery is riding high in the charts at the moment, but his career wasn’t always about strumming on stage. Before carving out his niche in music, he carved stones for a living as reporter Colette Kinsella has been finding out.

    Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

    This week Google unveiled their driverless car, which has clocked up 700,000 crash-free miles in testing. So with robotics being used in motoring and the milking parlour, what other developments lie in store? We're joined by Conor McGinn fromTrinity College Dublin and Niamh O’Mahoney of Shimmer, a firm that manufacturers wearable sensor technology.

    The Dairymaster Maestro

    Well whoever told you that dairy farming was not rocket science might be proven wrong by Dr Edmund Harty. His company, Dairymaster, has brought the bovine business into the tech age. He was EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 and is the new face on the judging panel this year. We met him on the Lyons Estate to find out more.

    A Building Bubble?

    This week, the Government announced plans to tackle the property market. In Construction 2020, 75 action points were highlighted, but will these initiatives create a healthy market or are we on course for yet another bubble? Conor Skehan, chairman of the Housing Agency, and Carol Tallon, author of the Irish Property Buyer’s handbook, discuss.

    MIchael Woodford

    As the whistleblowing controversy within An Garda Siochana lingers on, we’re joined by one of the most famous whistleblowers from the corporate world. Michael Woodford faced down the Japanese mafia to reveal a $2 billion fraud in the electronics giant Olympus. He now campaigns for more protection for whistleblowers. He joins us in studio.

    Saturday 10th May

    The Reality of the Road Racer

    This years Giro D'Italia came to an unfortunate end for Dan Martin yesterday when he suffered a crash in the opening stage. It's another example of how professional cyclists put life and limb at risk every time they race. We're joined by two men who know all about the reality of professional life in the saddle, Anthony Walsh and Laurence Roche.

    Workplace Wonderlands

    Tech companies are so desperate for talent that they're trying to lure staff with all kinds of incentives like free dinners, pools, or even fully-stocked office bars. Creating such office wonderlands has opened up new opportunities for Irish builders. Liam Geraghty has been catching up with those who are putting the wow factor into the workplace.

    Educating the Masses For The Multinationals

    John Teeling is an entrepreneur, founder of Cooley Whiskey and former lecturer who believes that our University education system is letting everyone down when it goes along with the wishes of industry chiefs. He joins us to argue the toss with the public affairs director at the American Chamber of Commerce, Brian Cotter.

    The Wolf of Wall Street

    Jordan Belfort is 'The Wolf of Wall St'; the inspiration behind Martin Scorcese’s movie of the same name. In 2004, he was convicted for defrauding clients of more than 200 million dollars. He's coming to Dublin on the 27th of May to deliver a speech and seminar in the RDS on the lessons his life has taught him. He joins us from LA.

    Bullying, Bank Bailouts, and a Bitter Taste

    This week, Philippe Legrain, a former economic advisor to the president of the European Commission José Manuel Barosso, said that Ireland had been bullied by Germany, the European Commission, and the ECB when we entered the bail out back in 2010. He joins us from London. We're also joined by Dr Eckhard Lubkemeier, the German Ambassador to Ireland.

    Saturday 3rd May

    What's In A Name?

    New research from UL has shed some light on a pretty unusual way to appear smarter. The research found that just adding your middle initial to your name instantly makes people perceive you as more intelligent. To discuss, we're joined by communications lecturer Michael S. Comyn, and Yseult M. Freeney from DCU Business School.

    Tales from the Tourist Trails

    This bank holiday weekend will see troops of people traipsing across the length and breath of the country. Tour companies are cropping up all over Ireland to satisfy a greater demand for tourist trips with a difference. We caught with a few of them this week in Monaghan, Louth and Dublin.

    Inequality in the 21st Century

    The topic of inequality in society has been raised again by the work of a French economist, Thomas Piketty. He has caused a sensation by suggesting that we are condemned to a future where the rich will continue to get richer while the poor are left behind. Graham Finlay from UCD, journalist Eamon Delaney and Sheila Killian from UL discuss.

    Minister Richard Bruton

    This week the Government announced details of the long awaited inquiry into the banking crisis. In the wake of the stunning judgment handed down by Judge Martin Nolan in the Anglo trial, the questions that a banking inquiry could pose seem more important than ever. Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton joins us in studio.


    Fifteen years ago, Dan and Linda Kiely set up a company in Cork based on paging doctors and the emergency services. The pager might be dead, but Voxpro, the company that they created, is very much alive and kicking. Yesterday, they announced 350 new jobs. They join us from Cork.

    Saturday 26th April

    Riding High After Rejection

    This week saw the very public rejection handed down to David Moyes when he was fired as the manager of Manchester United. Of course, everyone has experienced rejection, but how do you bounce back? We're joined by psychology lecturer, Dr Melona Kirrane, and Mick Dillon MD of Cars Ireland

    The Toy Trade

    Well if you happen to be in possession of any Toy Story figures it might be wise to hide them away from the kids as they could be worth a tidy sum some day. It seems that vintage toys can be a clever investment as our own toy boy reporter Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

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