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    Saturday 25th October

    Failte Ireland

    There was good news this week when The Lonely Planet ranked Ireland in its Top ten places to visit in 2015. Among those celebrating the news, presumably, was Michael Cawley, He stood down as Deputy Chief Executive of Ryanair – where he was Michael O’Leary’s right hand man for seventeen years and among other positions accepted a job from Leo Varadkar as Chairman of Failte Ireland.

    Oisin Kim Co founder of a new way of getting a repeat perscription is in studio to explain how it works to Conor Brophy

    The Return of the Bonus

    Well as you know, bonus’ have been in the news here in Ireland for the past fortnight causing quite a stir for Irish Water. But it seems also across the global market – the bonus is back! One man who has taken many a bonus in his time, but is no longer a fan is writer and Ex London City banker Geraint Anderson

    Primark Expansion

    One of the big retail stories of the week is the plan from Penney’s parent company Primark to expand into the United States they’ve struck a deal with the department store giant Sears to open seven new outlets one of them at The King of Prussia Mall on the outskirts of Philadelphia it ranks as the biggest shopping centre on the American east coast. To assess the importance of the move Conor Brophy is joined by Damian O Reilly lecturer in Retail Management at The Dublin Institute of Technology


    Constantin Gurdiev, Adjunct Lecturer in Finance at Trinity College and Tom Lyons Senior Business Correspondent at The Irish Times, and co-author of two books about the Irish banking crisis went to see The Guarantee, written by Colin Murphy and directed by Ian Power, it tells the story of the night of the banking guarantee

    Saturday 18th October

    The Rise of the Bakeries

    All across the country Bord Bia has noticed a big increase in the numbers of small artisan bakeries cropping up. Our reporter and champion sponger Liam Geraghty was given the sweet job of finding out more.

    John Kavanagh

    Conor McGregor rose from obscurity a couple of years ago to become one of Ireland's best known sports people. He's a stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a lucrative sport that's said to be the fastest growing in the world. With him every step of the way has been his coach and manager John Kavanagh who joins us in studio.

    The Economics of Ebola

    Three months ago Ebola was one of those conditions that we'd all heard of but didn't fear. Now it's a very different scenario. But why no vaccine has been developed for this deadly disease? We're joined by two experts in the field, Darragh O'Loughlin, and Dr Gerard Downes.

    Inside the Central Bank

    The Central Bank is a place that's often mentioned on this programme and elsewhere, but few have seen inside its revolving doors. This weekend as part of the Open House event those doors are being opened to the general public. We took a trip inside with the head of facilities, Peter Shiel.

    The Stock Market Tumble

    This week saw some frenetic activity on the stock market, when shares in the US, Europe and Asia all took a fairly sharp tumble. But what's the cause of all of this commotion and how will it impact on Ireland? We're joined by Cliff Taylor of the Irish Times and Laura Devoy of Goodbody Stockbrokers.

    Saturday 11th October

    Germ Warfare in the Office

    It's that time of year again, when cold and flu warnings are being issued. Thousands of office workers are likely to be effected by some infection or another this winter. Liam Geraghty risked a serious case of man-flu to find out where the bacteria is lurking.

    The tale of TK Whitaker

    TK Whitaker is perhaps the most respected figure in the history of Irish economic development. He was the creator of the 'Economic Development' paper, a pivotal and far-reaching plan which became a landmark in Irish economics. Now 97, he's just had his biography “TK.Whitaker: Portrait of a Patriot” published. The author Anne Chambers joins us.

    The Comer Brothers

    Galway brothers Luke and Brian Comer began their careers as plasterers before becoming property developers in the UK, Germany and now Ireland. Recently they've spent more than €300 million on property here. They join us in studio.

    Examining Estate Agents

    With the property market back with a vengeance, at least in Dublin, are there enough regulations in place to prevent bad practices amongst estate agents? We're joined by Charlie Weston of the Irish Independent and Thomas Lynch, the head of the Property Services Regulatory Authority.

    Saturday 4th October

    Damaging Distraction or Driving Creativity?

    Well if you ever get bored in work, you're not alone. There are so many who feel like that, that's it's become a lucrative market for the likes of Facebook and Buzzfeed. But is boredom bad for business? Is dossing too destructive or can it drive creativity? Mary Collins from the RCSI, institute of leadership and Julia Lyons, director of EazyCity, discuss.

    The Hotelier With Half A Billion To Spend

    Pat McCann is the man behind some of the best-known hotels in the country. He's a Sligo man who started out as a hotel porter in his native county before rising to the position of CEO of the Jury's Doyle Hotel group. Most recently, he founded Dalata Hotel Group which has floated on the London and Irish Stock exchanges. He joins us in studio.

    The Budgets That Shook The Nation

    We're well into Budget season now, with dozens of predictions and declarations about what Minister Noonan's forthcoming budget should contain. But we're joined now by John Considine from University College Cork's Department of Economics who we've asked to look through the dusty archives to discover the budgets that have divided and the budgets that have delivered.

    Insider Tips From The Property Trade

    CSO figures released this week showed that average house prices have increased by more than 16% in the last year. Whether or not now is the time to buy is one question, but if you do decide to buy a home, how do you get the best deal? Our reporter Liam Geraghty hit the streets to find out a few tips and tricks from property insiders.

    The Business of Boards

    This week a Government appointment to the board of IMMA was front and centre stage, leading to yet more debate about boards in Ireland. To discuss public and private sector boards, we're joined by Maura Quinn of the Institute of Directors and corporate governance advisor Alan McDonnell.

    Saturday 27th September

    Hot Air Or Hugely Inspiring

    Alex Ferguson's pep talk to Europe's Ryder Cup team seemed to go down very well earlier this week. Rory McIlroy certainly seemed convinced that the motivational talk would work, but do they really? Are pep talks all bluster or can they push people to their peak? We're joined by motivational speaker Paul McNeive and performance coach Denis Coen.

    Where's My Flying Car?

    Well, if as Peter says it's time to get back to the future, it might be well worth asking why the future hasn't worked out the way we thought it would. Why aren't there robots cleaning our homes and space ships taking us on jaunts to the moon? We set out across today's Dublin to ask why tomorrow's world never came?

    Peter Thiel

    In 1998, Peter Thiel co-founded the payments company Paypal which revolutionised e-commerce. Just six years later, it was sold for $1.5 billion. Thiel then went on to become the first person to put money into Facebook. He's just written a book called 'Zero To One'. He joins us from London.

    The Global Arms Trade

    Yesterday the British Government voted to support airstrikes against the Islamic State. Between the conflict there, tensions in Ukraine and recent events in Gaza. Despite the obvious human suffering, there are those who are profiting from the situation. We're joined by security expert Sadhbh McCarthy and defence analyst Declan Power

    The Goldman Sachs Tapes

    This American Life, a show on National Public Radio in the US, has obtained secret tapes recorded by a Federal Reserve employee of conversations within the Fed and between the Fed and Goldman Sachs. Nick Webb of the Sunday Independent has been listening to some of the tapes.

    Saturday 20th September

    Burning The Midnight Oil

    Many a brave soul stayed up on Thursday night to watch the Scottish referendum unfold. Our TV screens were full of images of count officials working through the night. But for some, that’s a nightly reality. Liam Geraghty stayed up past his bedtime to meet some of Ireland’s nocturnal workers

    Nadim Sadek

    In 2003, businessman Nadim Sadek outbid Ronan Keating to buy Inis Turk Beag in Clew Bay, Co. Mayo. He intended to turn it into a base for a number of businesses. However, things did not go as well as he had hoped. He joins us to tell the story.

    The Science of Persuasion

    Dr Robert Cialdini is a Professor of Marketing and Psychology at Arizona University, a New York Times best-selling author, and co-author of “The Small Big : Small Changes that Spark Big Influence”. He joins us from London to explain how everyone, from small business to big government, uses tricks to influence our behaviour.

    Business and Politics

    Business played a huge role in the lead-up to the Scottish Referendum as various industries warned of dire consequences should the Yes campaign succeed. But what about business and politics in Ireland? Do industry leaders have too much influence on our society? We’re joined by Padraic White, former MD of the IDA and Professor Frank Barry of TCD

    Hans Werner Sinn

    Taoiseach Enda Kenny has pledged a series of tax cuts that will cover the next three years. So is the era of austerity about to end? To discuss, we’re joined by Professor Hans Werner Sinn, a member of the Advisory Council of the German Ministry of Economics and “one of ten people who have changed the world” according to the London Independent.

    Saturday 13th September

    The Peculiar Past of the Paperclip

    Few of us have ever really looked at the every-day items that fill our desks at home and at work and wondered “Where does that come from?” or “I wonder who invented that?”. To fill you in on the history of one of those objects, the humble paperclip, we turn to James Ward, author of “Adventures in Stationary: A Journey Through Your Pencilcase”.

    The Future of Money

    This week, Apple created a media frenzy with its new Apple Pay wireless transaction service, while Paypal announced that, for the first time, it would accept Bitcoin for payment. We're joined by Fergal Murray of the Bit Fin conference and by Peter Oakes, a former director of the Central Bank to discuss what the future of money might look like.

    The Impact of Scottish Independence

    Next week's Independence Referendum in Scotland is causing much discussion as politicians, campaigners and businesses argue for one side or the other. But, for Irish business, would another independent economy located close to us be a cause for concern? Frances Ruane of the ESRI and Steve Aiken of the Irish-British Chamber of Commerce discuss.

    Bouncing Back From Disaster

    The business world is a tough one at the best of times, and anyone will tell you that just keeping a company afloat Ireland over the past five years especially difficult. But some unlucky business people have had more than just the economy to deal with. We sent our reporter Liam Geraghty to meet some of those who have had to recover from catastrophe.

    Richard Corrigan

    Chef Richard Corrigan is well-known for his appearances on our television screens, but he's also the man behind three successful restaurants in the UK. He recently bought the Park Hotel in Cavan, invested millions of euro in refurbishment, and renamed it the Virginia Park Lodge. We travelled to Cavan to chat about his business career.

    Saturday 6th September

    The Misery of Meetings

    Meetings are an unavoidable part of being in any business, but when they drag on and on, they can seem like a fate worst than hell itself. But what can we do to make sure we're getting the most out of our meetings? We're joined by Maeve Houlihan of the Smurfit School of Business, and productivity coach Ciara Conlon.

    What We Haven't Learned

    Martin Wolf is a highly influential economic voice, thanks to his position as the chief economics correspondent for the Financial Times. He's just written “The Shifts and The Shocks : What We've Learned – And Still Haven't Learned–From The Financial Crisis”. He joins us to explain why it may be premature to celebrate recent positive economic news.

    The New Breed in Business

    For some, this September means that their time in education has ended and they're about to get their first taste of the working world. We've heard this new generation being labeled as 'entitled', and “lazy” by business leaders in the past. But what does this new breed in business want from their careers? Our reporter Liam Geraghty investigates.

    Michael O'Leary

    Michael O'Leary is one of Ireland's best-known businesspeople and has been synonymous with Ryanair for nearly two decades. But he recently announced that he would be taking a step back from being the public face of the company. He joins us to discuss navigating the business's new approach.

    Saturday 30th August

    The Typewriter Trade

    Many people,, including Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks, recently declared their love of the typewriter, a passion which led Hanks to build his own app, replicating the experience on a tablet. But can the virtual ever replace the traditional? We visited Joe Molloy's shop on Dorset St in Dublin to find out.

    How To Build A Billion Dollar App

    If you've ever used your phone to check your bank account, a bus time or to play Angry Birds, you've probably wished you could come up with simple app, make a fortune and retire to the South of France. George Berkowski is the man who crafted the popular Hailo app, and he's just written a book called 'How To Build A Billion Dollar App'.

    John Maguire

    John McGuire is something of a poster boy for Ireland's property market in the mid 2000s. He owned a mortgage brokerage, First Credit and he was also the front man of the RTE show 'I'm an Adult Get me out of Here', which gave advice to people who wanted to get on the property market. John joins us in studio.

    The Economics of ISIS

    Much has been said about the brutality of ISIS, or the Islamic State as they're now known, and their infamous beheading of American journalist James Foley. But where does the group get the finance for these activities? To discuss we're joined by security analyst Tom Clonan, and Ian Black, Middle Eastern Editor of The Guardian.

    Saturday 23rd August

    Bullets, Books and Bohemian Bonds

    Galway born novelist Julian Gough is in the boisterous city of sin that is Las Vegas at the moment, where he is researching his new book. But he came up with a pretty imaginative way of getting there, a way that involves guns, lipstick and postcards. He hopes that it might create an entirely new economic model for authors. He joins us from Sin City to explain.

    John and Sally McKenna

    The guide book market has been going through a tough time, with sales plummeting as readers head online to websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp. So what does the future hold for guides? Two of Ireland’s best known restaurant reviewers, John and Sally McKenna, are planning a new course for their business.

    Mergers in the Milking Parlours

    Collaboration has become a buzz word in business but it’s been part of our farming culture for generations. There’s an idea that’s been gaining traction among dairy farmers – the idea of a partnership and pooling resources to help with profits. Our reporter, Liam Geraghty headed to Louth to find out more.

    Power Poses

    Confidence is crucial in everything from negotiating a pay rise to delivering a great presentation. But can the connection between the body and brain help in business? Professor Ian Robertson of TCD and author of 'The Winner Effect' joins us to discuss.

    Salary Secrecy

    The gender wage gap reared its head once again this week but does our culture of secrecy around salaries have a role to play in this inequality? And would it make a difference if all wages were public knowledge? We're joined by Martin Fellenz of TCD and John Ryan of Great Place to Work Ireland.

    Budget Soundings

    Speculation is mounting over October’s budget, with lots of bodies, brokers and think tanks giving their suggestions over what it should contain. Nick Webb, business editor of the Sunday Independent takes a quick sift through the budget soundings.

    Saturday 16th August

    Future Careers

    This week saw teenagers around the country receive their Leaving Cert results, and begin their journey to the next step of their lives. But are there particular areas they should be focusing on if they want to be sure of employment in 5 or 10 years? Louise Campbell of Robert Walters Recruitment and Gerard O'Neill of Amarach Consulting discuss.

    The Commerce of Cartoons

    Tomm Moore of Kilkenny based Cartoon Saloon is one of the leading lights in Ireland’s animation scene. He’s just about to release his new film “Song of the Sea”, and he joins us to give us an insight into the animation industry.

    The Background to Blackstone

    This week, developer Michael O'Flynn portrayed himself as a “David standing up to a Goliath” when he won back control of his property interests from an interim examiner installed by private equity firm, Blackstone. It's not the first time that Blackstone has appeared in the press. But who is Blackstone? We're joined by Bloomberg’s John Morris.

    Oil in Iraq

    All week, international eyes have been focused on tensions in Iraq, and particuarly Kurdistan where ISIS militants have advanced periously close to the capital Irbil. But beyond the news headlines, what’s life like on the ground? Brian O’Cathain is the CEO of oil company PetroCeltic. He’s been working in the region for a number of years.

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