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Saturday 25th February

Movie Moguls

This week sees the release of The Founder, which tells the story of Ray Kroc - the man who brought McDonalds from local family restaurant to all powerful global corporation & by no means the first time big business has received the Tinsel Town treatment, with recent depections of Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg gaining Oscar nominations. Richard is joined in studio by Michael Sheridan, & Stephen Benedict, film maker & lecturer in Trinity College.

Dan Perri - Liam Geraghty

Yesterday Martin Scorsese arrived at Trinity College to address the University Philosophical Society & later today President Higgins will present to him the prestigious John Ford Award from the Irish TV & Film Academy. Last weekend a longtime collaborator of Scorsese's - Dan Perri - a film title design guru who was in Dublin speaking at the design conference Offset. Liam Geraghty brings us this report.

Rebecca O'Sullivan

Richard's next guest is a seasoned film producer who is doing her damndest to increase the flow of golden statuettes coming our way. Rebecca O'Flanagan is one of the directors of Treasure Entertainment, whose latest film 'Handsome Devil' will be closing the Audi Dublin International Film Festival tomorrow night.

Oscar tallyman - Brian Cullinan

Earlier this week, Richard spoke to Brian Cullinan, tallyman to the glamorous Hollywood stars. Brian Cullinan, works for PsC in US, the firm which for the last 84 years has taken charge of counting the votes that decide who take home the Oscars on Sunday night.

Fiona Gratzer - Unislim

Once known as 'Agnes McCourt's Weight Reducing Company' - Unislim has been on the go for 45 years & has touched the lives of thousands of people on the way. Since stepping back from the business, Agnes's daughter Fiona Gratzer has taken charge & is on a crusade to modernise the brand & broaden its appeal to help the women & men of Ireland to shed excess pounds.

Saturday 18th February

Around the World – Siobhán O’Connell

Siobhán O’Connell of Business Plus Magazine and joined Richard for their monthly look at some of the international stories that might have escaped your attention.

Children’s entertainers

Children's entertainers are the brave souls who dare to stand in front of some of the harshest critics - kids! We sent our own child at heart - Liam Geraghty - to talk to the people at the front line of the birthday party circuit.

Girl Crew

Girl Crew co-founders Elva Carri, Aine Mulloy and Pamela Newenham joined Richard in studio to talk about how one shout-out on social media for people to head out disco dancing turned into a networking platform with tens of thousands of users, and plans to scale-up globally.

Working from Home

According a UN study published this week, working from home can lead to increased stress levels, unpaid overtime, and even insomnia. Paul Mooney, Managing Partner at Tandem Consulting weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

Profile: Amanda Pratt

Amanda Pratt established herself as the Creative Director of her family’s well-known weaving, retail and food business, Avoca. Amanda left her Creative Director role in the company two years ago and now she's working on an exciting new project which looks set to revitalise the fortunes of one of Scotland’s most venerable stately homes.

Saturday 11th February

Valentines Day - Liam Geraghty

Whether you believe Valentines'Day is nonsense or the most romantic day of the year - the one thing we can be sure of, it's a money spinner! A new survey from the Nat Retail Federation in US projects that consmers there will spend a total of 18.2 billion dollars on Valentine's Day this year. And it's all down to that four letter word - love! Liam Geraghty brings us this report.

Economics Without Boundaries - Rani Dubrai

We are increasingly living in a virtual world & Conor's guest is somebody who has been thriving in that space for quite some time. Rani Dabrai's latest venture is Economics Without Boundaries, an accredited online course in the dismal science taught by her no-so-dismal business partner, David McWilliams, in a way that fits in to the busy & ever-changing modern schedule.

Theatre Skills for Business - Evelyn O'Rourke

The idea of public speaking fills a number of us with dread, but what if your job requires you to do so, how would you do it & how can you make an impact? Reporter Evelyn O'Rourke takes a look at what companies are doing now.

Greece - Ian Guider

The fiscal stability (or otherwise) of Greece has been slowly but surely creeping up the headlines & priority lists of finance ministers in Europe, with concerns that the IMF & EU finance ministers were at odds over what approach to take, whether the nettle needs to be grasped on more generous debt write downs. Joining Conor in studio is Ian Guider, of the Sunday Business Post.

Profile - Bill Liao

Conor's first guest didn't even think of going into business for himself & was happy to spend life as a computer programmer until an epiphany at a charity event in his late 20's convinced him that entrepreneurship, of all things, was the best path to making the world a better place. Australian Bill Liao really hit the ground running & before long he had sold a consultantcy, successfully exited both the multimillion dollar telecommunications company, Davnet & the career-oriented social network site Xing. As a general partner with Sean O'Sullivan's SOS Ventures, Bill's focus has shifted to investing in & facilitating other people's dreams. Bill joins us from our studio in Cork.

Saturday 4th February

Voice Activated Technology

Well even ten years ago, today’s ubiquity of smart phones & wearables might have seemed hard to imagine & with the tech sector getting ever more innovative & the rise of the so-called Internet of Things, perhaps having conversations with appliances, doors, light-switches & dare I say it, the radio, is about to become the New Normal. Many believe the voice activated tech market is about to translate into impressive consumer sales - Google, Apple and Microsoft all have skin in the game with systems & devices – but Amazon is leading the way with some predicting that 2017 will be the year of its device, the Alexa - Elaine Burke, Managing Editor of Silicon Republic joins Richard in studio.

Scotland & Ireland - Trade

Well this afternoon the Irish rugby team will get their Six Nations campaign underway as they take on Scotland in Murrayfield in Edinburgh. Off the pitch, however, things between Ireland and Scotland are considerably more cordial. The growing trade between Scotland & Ireland has seen the encouraging of businesses & entrepreneurs in both Scotland & Ireland to explore the opportunities on the other side of the water. Fuelled only by haggis, neeps & tatties! Liam Geraghty takes a look.

Angel Investing

Well the practice of wealthy, knowledgeable individuals throwing money at projects & companies they find inspiring or impressive is nothing new – but in Ireland, angel investing, as it called, has gained increased traction in the last few years. What was once piecemeal, is becoming more organised with the grouping of investors around the country into syndicates, taking a portfolio approach to the companies they back. So how has this come about & what does it mean for the start-ups out there on the hunt for investment? In studio we have John Phelan, National Director of the Halo Business Angels Network & Rhona Togher, Founder & CEO of Restored Hearing, a company which has benefitted from angel investing.


Well one of the battle-cries of Donald Trump’s election campaign was his stated intention to turn up the heat on American multinational companies shipping factories & jobs outside the US. And as we know, he is following through on all his promises, at breakneck speed. This plan, as ever, will have a carrot & stick approach – he will lower taxes to encourage multinationals to move their cash mountains home, while re-jigged trade deals will make doing international business more tricky for them should they not do his bidding. Richard is joined in studio by Fergal O’Rourke, managing partner at PwC, & Antoin Murphy, Fellow Emeritus Professor of Economics at Trinity College Dublin .

Bobby Healy - Profile

Richard's first guest has been in the business of computer coding since he left school & the skill has served him well - from a start in the fledgling videogames industry, through eventually to several successful ventures in the travel tech space, Bobby Healy is one of the masterminds behind the CarTrawler, transforming a straightforward car rental business into an online booking platform, which facilitates consumer reservations for everything from car rentals to hotels to taxis through the websites of 100 of the world’s leading airlines, including Ryanair, Aer Lingus & Emirates.

Saturday 28th January

How to ask for Help at work

Getting snowed under at work is something we have all no doubt experienced at one time or another & while a short period of pressure can be endured, months of endless late nights in the office & mounting deadlines would take the enjoyment out of any vocation. So when is it the right time to ask for help? Louise Campbell, MD of Robert Walters Recruitment joins Richard this morning.

90s Revival - Liam Geraghty

Fans of Danny Boyle's 1996 film adaptation of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting will no doubt be a little more than curious to see how Renton, Sick boy, Begbie & Spud are faring 20 years later - the film heralds something of a 90's revival for 2017. Liam Geraghty finds out exactly what is going on!

Data Protection

The safety of our personal information is a concern for all of us these days & something we have to engage with. Today - as with every 28th of January for the last 8 years is officially recognised internationally as Data Protection Day or Data Privacy Day in some countries. The idea is to raise awareness of privacy & data protection best practices. Richard is joined in studio by TJ McIntyre, Lecturer of Law at UCD & Chairman of Digital Rights Ireland and Philip McMichaels, MD of AMI, a company that specialises in destroying digital information when companies are getting rid of their computer equipment.


The annual Holiday World Show started yesterday at the RDS in Dublin & is now in its 28th year. If you are lucky enough to get away for a few days in 2017, now is the time to plan. And if, like over 200 thousand of us in Ireland, who happen to work in the tourism industry here, maybe you're wondering what 2017 is likely to have in store in terms of holidaysmakers coming to Ireland. In studio with Richard are Clare Dunne, founder of The Travel Broker & former President of the Irish Travel Agents Association & Paul Keeley, Director of Business Development at Fáilte Ireland.

Sean Mitchell - Movidius

He is one of the founders of the Irish microchip company Movidius, which made headlines last year when it was acquired by the global semiconductor giant Intel in a deal reported to have been worth in the region of 350 million euro. Movidius designs machine vision technology chips for products ranging from Google phones to high-flying drones & co-founder Sean Mitchell is in studio with Richard this morning.

Saturday 21st January

Around the World - Siobhan O'Connell

Siobhan O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine & joins Richard in studio this morning for our monthly look at some of the week's international stories that might have escaped your attention.

Dublin's Chinatown - Liam Geraghty

Well the Chinese New Year celebrations begin this day next week & festivities will be taking place in homes up & down the country. Ireland’s vibrant Chinese community is growing in size & many people in Dublin are asking, is it time now to make the city’s so-called Chinatown district official? Liam Geraghty gauged the mood on Parnell Street East.

Robots - Evelyn O'Rourke

Last week the seemingly unstoppable rise of robots in our everyday lives even reached the European Parliament, with warnings that urgent EU rules such as 'kill switches' for them must be discussed. Members of the EU were told that Europe is passively standing by as robots take an increasingly powerful role that will grow even stronger with developments like driverless cars & that the consequences must be tackled. Our reporter Evelyn O'Rourke has been taking a look at the issue.


In the months since the British voted in favour of leaving the EU & the United States voted in favour of a President Trump, one word has been on the lips of every international economic commentator has been 'uncertainty'. To survey this internaional state of play Richard is joined by Paul Sweeney, Former Chief Economist with ICTU & on the line from Washington, Donal Donovan, former Dep Dir of IFA, who has also served with our own Fiscal Advisory Council.

Profile - Niall McGarry

Richard's first guest is a man from Castlebar, Co. Mayo who has embraced the new media revolution, building an 'online content' empire that is now expanding across the Irish Sea. Niall McGarry established in 2010 with a vision of capturing a very specific demographic, one that advertisers hold close to their heart, the young adult male.

Saturday 14th January

Bullet Journaling - Aoife Barry

Last week we were talking about New Year, New You & the importence of getting on top of your email habit & not letting it control you. Continuing on that theme, Aoife Barry of is here to tell us about the old fashioned pen & paper way of imposing organisation on even the most scattered of lives with Bujo, or bullet journaling.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy - Liam Geraghty

Getting on well with work colleagues is a nobel goal but not always a given, what if there was some way to get out into the wilderness, connect with nature & maybe even re-connect with workmates through a shared experience of relative hardship! Liam Geraghty took to the wilds of Cavan to take part in the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, with a group of very brave co-workers.

Cashless Society

Cash is King but in the 21st century Ireland, is that all coming to an end? In studio with Richard are Frank Conway, founder of & Shane Doyle, Group Strategic Director with Core Media, to discuss is the idea of a cashless society is a concept that Ireland is honestly ready to embrace.

World of Theatre & Arts

Having carved a career for herself in the world of theatre & the arts, Jen Coppinger is now looking at ways of making it a more sustainable career move for those who dedicate themselves to it. Jen is one of Ireland's most renowned theatre producers working with the likes of Rough Magic, the Galway International Arts Festival as well as her own company, Hot for Theatre.

Profile - Brian Lee

Richard's guest is Brian Lee, a Dubliner who met his future business partner, Andy Chen while working as a teenager in his local Spar Shop. Sixteen years on, Andy & Brian have just overseen the opening of the 19th outlet of their healty food business, Chopped.

Saturday 7th January

Let's Dance

Ireland is about to be hit by a ballroom dancing explosion, as tomorrow evening our very own version of Dancing with the Stars kicks off on RTE 1 TV. To get in the mood, our reporter Liam Geraghty dusted off his tap shoes & met business owners already bringing dance to the masses.

Productivity 2017

Well the start of a new year is time for reflection & self-evaluation, no matter what level you are at, there is always room for improvement when it comes to productivity whether being a more emotionally intelligent boss or a more engaged & efficient manager of one's own time. In studio with Richard are Fiona Flynn, Dir of Foresight Corporate Development & Dr Yseult Freeney, lecturer in Organisational Psychology in DCU.

Car Industry - Evelyn O'Rourke

The motor industry more than any other industry was ravaged by the effects of the recession but with the economy now in recovery, Evelyn O'Rourke takes a look at how that industry stood the test of time & what predictions of car sales for 2017?

Exchequer Figures

Headlines on the economics front for 2017 seem to be getting off to a positive start, with Exchequer Returns for Ireland released this week showing the highest tax take on record. Colm McCarthy, Economist at UCD is in studio with Richard this morning.

Niamh Bushnell

Richard's guest is an Irish entrepreneur who co-founded her first successful company - a mystery shopper market research firm called Pan Research back in 1996. She moved to New York in 1998 to work with Enterprise Ireland before returning to Ireland to take up the new position of Dublin Commissioner for Start-Ups. Niamh Bushnell will be stepping down from that role in March & she tells us about the experience & her plans for the future.

Saturday 17th December

New Dublin Voices Choir

The New Dublin Voices Choir has a full squad of 30, 16 will be singing for us this morning, celebrated it 10th anniversary last year. Founder & Director of the New Dublin Voices Choir is Bernie Sherlock & they join Richard in Studio 8 for a performance or two. They have just launched a crowd-funding campaign for a new CD that they are going to be recording in the next couple of months featuring Christmas songs arranged by Irish talent.

Business around the World

Its time for our montly round-up of Business Stories from Around the World with a festive theme, joining Richard in studio is Siobhan O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine.

Border Retail

Well the business story of the second half of 2016 was of course, Brexit. The full extent of the ramifications of vote is still hard to comprehend but one direct consequence has been the weakening of the sterling against the euro. The weak sterling is making Christmas 2016 a tougher prospect for businesses this side of the border. Richard travelled from Donegal along the border to Monaghan town.

Recommended Business Reads

If there is somebody in your life that's difficult to buy presents for there is always the option of buying a book. But the right choice of book can tell the person you are buying for that you've put some thought into who they are & what they value. In studio with Richard is Elaine Burke, Man Ed of Silicone Republic & Killian Woods, journalist with Fora, the's business website.

Profile - Magee Donegal Tweed

Richard went on a bit of a road trip to Donegal Town to visit a business stalwart of that community, Magee has been the centre of weaving in Donegal since its inception in 1866 & is celebrating 150 years this year. Now in its fifth generation ownership. Richard met up with Lynn Temple, who like his father before him, is MD of Magee & his children Charlotte & Patrick.

Saturday 10th December

Scents & Sensibility - Liam Geraghty

Whether we like it or not, it's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas from the scent of a fresh pine tree to a glass of cinnamon-spiced mulled wine. The festive season is an assault on all five of our senses but especially smell. Liam Geraghty brings us this report.

Billy Kane - Finance Ireland

Richard's next guest has been involved in the Irish finance industry since the early 80s, when he made a leap from selling photocopiers to becoming a director of the trailblazind Woodchester Leasing, before joining Irish Permanent. In the early 2000s he went out on his own & having weathered the storm fo the downturn, his company, Finance Ireland is going strong.

Charitable Corporate Gifts

Now, back in the day, companies used to wrap a bow around a bottle of whiskey for clients with staff scribbling signatures on a card, but nowadays, charities work with organisations to help them become a little more imaginative in their corporate Christmas gifting approach. Evelyn O'Rourke reports.

The Imposter Complex - a very real affliction

There's no shortage of people out there who feel that their talents aren't being appreciate at work, that they're being overlooked for promotions they feel they deserve. But what about people who feel exactly the opposite? Who think they never have been given the repsonsibilities they have & its only a matter of time before they are found out. Ian McClean, founder of the Flow Grp joins Richard to talk about a very real affliction, the imposter complex.

Pamela Quinn - Kuehne + Nagel

Pamela Quinn is MD of Kuehne & Nagel in Ireland, a company you may not have heard of but probably touched your life even if you don't realise it. The parent group is one of the world's largest logistics companies, with clients like Apple, Microsoft & Ornua, The Irish Dairy Board and revenues last year of a staggering 19 billion euro. Just last month, Pamela was named as Image Magazine's overall Irish Businesswoman of the Year.

Saturday 3rd December

Hidden Historic Country Houses - Liam Geraghty

Just in time for the 30th Anniversary of Hidden Ireland, the group that represents a collection of historic country houses where visitors can stay and dine. The owners of these private houses had to come up with alternate ways to keep them ticking over. Liam Geraghty reports.

Suits you Sir - Eddie Shanahan & Paul O'Connor

Well with Harrods reporting a drop in formal suit sales of 50 per cent & the artistic director of Zegna, the appropriately named Alessandro Sartori launching a campaign to 'Save the Suit', the future seems ominous for the dapper Dans among us. Richard is joined in studio by Eddie Shanahan, Chair of the council of Irish Fashion designers & Paul O'Connor, buying director of Brown Thomas.

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