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    Saturday 13th September

    The Peculiar Past of the Paperclip

    Few of us have ever really looked at the every-day items that fill our desks at home and at work and wondered “Where does that come from?” or “I wonder who invented that?”. To fill you in on the history of one of those objects, the humble paperclip, we turn to James Ward, author of “Adventures in Stationary: A Journey Through Your Pencilcase”.

    The Future of Money

    This week, Apple created a media frenzy with its new Apple Pay wireless transaction service, while Paypal announced that, for the first time, it would accept Bitcoin for payment. We're joined by Fergal Murray of the Bit Fin conference and by Peter Oakes, a former director of the Central Bank to discuss what the future of money might look like.

    The Impact of Scottish Independence

    Next week's Independence Referendum in Scotland is causing much discussion as politicians, campaigners and businesses argue for one side or the other. But, for Irish business, would another independent economy located close to us be a cause for concern? Frances Ruane of the ESRI and Steve Aiken of the Irish-British Chamber of Commerce discuss.

    Bouncing Back From Disaster

    The business world is a tough one at the best of times, and anyone will tell you that just keeping a company afloat Ireland over the past five years especially difficult. But some unlucky business people have had more than just the economy to deal with. We sent our reporter Liam Geraghty to meet some of those who have had to recover from catastrophe.

    Richard Corrigan

    Chef Richard Corrigan is well-known for his appearances on our television screens, but he's also the man behind three successful restaurants in the UK. He recently bought the Park Hotel in Cavan, invested millions of euro in refurbishment, and renamed it the Virginia Park Lodge. We travelled to Cavan to chat about his business career.

    Saturday 6th September

    The Misery of Meetings

    Meetings are an unavoidable part of being in any business, but when they drag on and on, they can seem like a fate worst than hell itself. But what can we do to make sure we're getting the most out of our meetings? We're joined by Maeve Houlihan of the Smurfit School of Business, and productivity coach Ciara Conlon.

    What We Haven't Learned

    Martin Wolf is a highly influential economic voice, thanks to his position as the chief economics correspondent for the Financial Times. He's just written “The Shifts and The Shocks : What We've Learned – And Still Haven't Learned–From The Financial Crisis”. He joins us to explain why it may be premature to celebrate recent positive economic news.

    The New Breed in Business

    For some, this September means that their time in education has ended and they're about to get their first taste of the working world. We've heard this new generation being labeled as 'entitled', and “lazy” by business leaders in the past. But what does this new breed in business want from their careers? Our reporter Liam Geraghty investigates.

    Michael O'Leary

    Michael O'Leary is one of Ireland's best-known businesspeople and has been synonymous with Ryanair for nearly two decades. But he recently announced that he would be taking a step back from being the public face of the company. He joins us to discuss navigating the business's new approach.

    Saturday 30th August

    The Typewriter Trade

    Many people,, including Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks, recently declared their love of the typewriter, a passion which led Hanks to build his own app, replicating the experience on a tablet. But can the virtual ever replace the traditional? We visited Joe Molloy's shop on Dorset St in Dublin to find out.

    How To Build A Billion Dollar App

    If you've ever used your phone to check your bank account, a bus time or to play Angry Birds, you've probably wished you could come up with simple app, make a fortune and retire to the South of France. George Berkowski is the man who crafted the popular Hailo app, and he's just written a book called 'How To Build A Billion Dollar App'.

    John Maguire

    John McGuire is something of a poster boy for Ireland's property market in the mid 2000s. He owned a mortgage brokerage, First Credit and he was also the front man of the RTE show 'I'm an Adult Get me out of Here', which gave advice to people who wanted to get on the property market. John joins us in studio.

    The Economics of ISIS

    Much has been said about the brutality of ISIS, or the Islamic State as they're now known, and their infamous beheading of American journalist James Foley. But where does the group get the finance for these activities? To discuss we're joined by security analyst Tom Clonan, and Ian Black, Middle Eastern Editor of The Guardian.

    Saturday 23rd August

    Bullets, Books and Bohemian Bonds

    Galway born novelist Julian Gough is in the boisterous city of sin that is Las Vegas at the moment, where he is researching his new book. But he came up with a pretty imaginative way of getting there, a way that involves guns, lipstick and postcards. He hopes that it might create an entirely new economic model for authors. He joins us from Sin City to explain.

    John and Sally McKenna

    The guide book market has been going through a tough time, with sales plummeting as readers head online to websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp. So what does the future hold for guides? Two of Ireland’s best known restaurant reviewers, John and Sally McKenna, are planning a new course for their business.

    Mergers in the Milking Parlours

    Collaboration has become a buzz word in business but it’s been part of our farming culture for generations. There’s an idea that’s been gaining traction among dairy farmers – the idea of a partnership and pooling resources to help with profits. Our reporter, Liam Geraghty headed to Louth to find out more.

    Power Poses

    Confidence is crucial in everything from negotiating a pay rise to delivering a great presentation. But can the connection between the body and brain help in business? Professor Ian Robertson of TCD and author of 'The Winner Effect' joins us to discuss.

    Salary Secrecy

    The gender wage gap reared its head once again this week but does our culture of secrecy around salaries have a role to play in this inequality? And would it make a difference if all wages were public knowledge? We're joined by Martin Fellenz of TCD and John Ryan of Great Place to Work Ireland.

    Budget Soundings

    Speculation is mounting over October’s budget, with lots of bodies, brokers and think tanks giving their suggestions over what it should contain. Nick Webb, business editor of the Sunday Independent takes a quick sift through the budget soundings.

    Saturday 16th August

    Future Careers

    This week saw teenagers around the country receive their Leaving Cert results, and begin their journey to the next step of their lives. But are there particular areas they should be focusing on if they want to be sure of employment in 5 or 10 years? Louise Campbell of Robert Walters Recruitment and Gerard O'Neill of Amarach Consulting discuss.

    The Commerce of Cartoons

    Tomm Moore of Kilkenny based Cartoon Saloon is one of the leading lights in Ireland’s animation scene. He’s just about to release his new film “Song of the Sea”, and he joins us to give us an insight into the animation industry.

    The Background to Blackstone

    This week, developer Michael O'Flynn portrayed himself as a “David standing up to a Goliath” when he won back control of his property interests from an interim examiner installed by private equity firm, Blackstone. It's not the first time that Blackstone has appeared in the press. But who is Blackstone? We're joined by Bloomberg’s John Morris.

    Oil in Iraq

    All week, international eyes have been focused on tensions in Iraq, and particuarly Kurdistan where ISIS militants have advanced periously close to the capital Irbil. But beyond the news headlines, what’s life like on the ground? Brian O’Cathain is the CEO of oil company PetroCeltic. He’s been working in the region for a number of years.

    The Beige Book

    Some good economic news emerged yesterday evening, when credit ratings agency Fitch, became the second firm to upgrade Irish debt to A minus. However, this week also saw the loss of 160 jobs in Carrick-on-Shannon. So, is the recovery really here? We took to the roads of Ireland to find out.

    Saturday 9th August

    Reactions to the Recession

    Seamus Power, a Ph.D student at the University of Chicago, is conducting research into why the Irish reacted the way we did to the recession. He joins us to discuss his findings so far. You can take part in his research here :

    Jargon Gibberish

    This week, a new study from the University of South California found that people who used jargon and generalisations were seen as more powerful, despite the fact that everyone seems to hate it. So is office jargon complete gibberish? We're joined by Julie O'Neill, a non-executive director of Ryanair and copywriter Nick McGivney.

    The Showjumping Business

    It's show-time for show-jumping as the sport's premier event, The Aga Khan Trophy, took place on Friday as part of the week-long Dublin Horse Show. Many visitors are expected to attend before it ends on Sunday, but the industry continues all year round for plenty of Irish business people, as we've been finding out in the paddocks of the RDS.

    Giving While Living

    Philanthropist Chuck Feeney was back in the news this week. It seems that his intention to get rid of his billions by donating them to various causes is proving more difficult than you might imagine because of the global financial recovery. We're joined now by his friend Conor O'Clery, author of “The Billionaire Who Wasn't”.

    The Trade in Tipple

    The trade in tipple is a massive global industry, as proven by the billion euro bidding war this week over the Australian wine producer Treasury Estates. But making cash from a cabernet is not as simple as it may seem. We're joined by John Wilson, of the Irish Times and industry expert Jean Smullen.

    Threats To Our Tax System

    Ireland's tax policy was again under scrutiny in the States this week. The American media, the US senate and even President Obama have all drawn attention to what they say is Ireland's favourable tax regime. But is there any need for us to worry? We're joined by accountant and former IDA board member Kieran Corrigan.

    Saturday 26th July

    Goats Don't Shave

    Pat Gallagher is a man who is well-used to a life on the road and having to find his own version of work life balance. He and his band “Goats Don't Shave” shot to fame and fortune with “Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal)' in the early 90's. He gave up touring for a while, but he's back on the road again and he dropped into Mammy Johnson's to discuss his career and play us a tune.

    Reaping Rewards from Relaxation

    We all know how important it is to be getting the work-life balance right, but there are plenty of businesses who actually make money from our attempts to unwind. We've been catching up with some businesses in the northwest who are hoping to be big successes in stress relief.

    The Voya Voyage

    Neil and Mark Walton have a business just around the corner in Strandhill where they're building an empire based on seaweed. Their company, Voya Seaweed Baths and Beauty Products, has gone from strength to strength in recent years and they join us in Mammy Johnston's to tell us their story.

    How Alan Dukes De-Stresses

    Whether you live in Strandhill or not, we all know that it's important to find a way to de-stress. Alan Dukes is a man who's well known for his political career as the former leader of Fine Gael. More recently, he was tasked with cleaning up Anglo, or the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation as it was to become known. Maeve Dineen has been finding out what he does for kicks.

    The Work/Life Balance Question

    We're joined by Aoife Porter of Bua Marketing and Matt Griffiths to discuss leaving city life and careers behind to make their own way as business owners on the West coast. We're also joined by Alma McCarthy of NUI Galway, who has studied the issue of work-life balance in large organisations.


    In our special programme from County Sligo, we're looking at the work-life balance conundrum amidst the beautiful scenery of the seaside town of Strandhill. Local businessman Neil Byrne of Mammy Johnston's Icecream Parlour meets us on the strand to tell us about the history of the town.

    Saturday 19th July

    Orchestrating Success

    Conductors have the unique position of being the boss and having to lead a team in front of thousands of people without saying a word. David Brophy is a Freelance orchestra conductor and former Principal conductor with the RTE Concert Orchestra and Bernie Sherlock is a choral conductor and lecturer in music.

    Suits You Sir

    It seems that the stalwart of office attire - the old fashioned suit is making a comeback. From ultimate fighters like Conor McGregor to those wrestling with nine to five office environments it seems that everyone is fond of the three piece suit. We sent our own dapper dan Liam Geraghty out on streets of Cork and Dublin to find out more.

    The Follies of Fashion

    Kirstie Clements is a woman who was at the helm of Vogue in Australia for 13 years. That role gave her a unique insight into the cut throat world beyond the catwalk. She's just published a book on her experiences called The Vogue Factor. She joins us from Sydney.

    Coming Out In The Workplace

    Now it's never easy hiding a secret, but what if you're hiding your sexuality from colleagues and clients. This week Australia's most successful Olympian ever and BBC commentator Ian Thorpe, came out to Michael Parkinson after years of denying that he was gay. We're joined now by two people to share their stories of being gay in the workplace. We're joined from Athlone by Margot Slattery, Managing Director of Sodexo Ireland and by teacher Bryan Lucey.

    New Direction For Nama

    This week Nama announced plans to turn Dublin's docklands into Ireland's version of London's Canary Wharf. It also declared its intention to build 22,000 homes in the capital and develop vacant sites in Cork, Limerick, and elsewhere, all in the next five years. We're joined by Dick Glesson, Dublin City Planner and Tom Lyons of the Irish Times.

    Saturday 12th July

    The Mysteries of Mediation

    It was a week when a mediator would have come in handy, not just for the Garth Brooks debacle, but also in the on-again, off-again cabinet reshuffle. We're joined by Roisin O'Shea from Arc Mediation to discuss the mysteries of mediation.

    The Reality of Dream Jobs

    This week Netflix advertised for what some might consider a dream job. They're going to pay people to watch TV for a living, to tag content for their 48 million subscribers. But are dream jobs always as great as we imagine them to be? We gave our man Liam Geraghty the dream job of finding out.

    After The Lights Go Out

    Robbie Fox is a man who's been a stalwart of Dublin's night life for decades. His career began collecting glasses in a Ballymum pub, and he went on to own a number of restaurants and bars, the most famous of which was Renards, a popular celebrity spot. But in 2009, he lost it all and ended up with debt running into millions. He joins us in studio.

    Brazil Beyond The World Cup

    After the World Cup final takes place tomorrow night, the eyes of the world will move on from Brazil. But where next for a country whose economic issues have been highlighted by their hosting of the tournament? We're joined by columnist and economist Dan O'Brien and Joe Hogan from Openet, an Irish company that's doing big business in Brazil.

    The Greyhound Dispute

    Workers for waste management company Greyhound Recycling have been on strike since June 17th when its directors announced wage cuts of up to 35%. We're joined by the brothers who own the company, Michael and Brian Buckley. We're also joined by trade unionist Owen Reidy, division organiser for SIPTU.

    Saturday 5th July

    Emotions at Work

    After Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura gained worldwide notoriety for being very much in touch with his emotions, we wondered about emotion in the workplace, should we feel them and not fight them? Dr. Ysuelt Freeney of DCU Business School and communications specialist and author Rowan Manahan discuss...

    Triathlons, Adventure Racing and Extreme Obstacle Course

    All over the country, every weekend, you'll see signposts pointing the way to runs, cycles, swims and even extreme obstacle courses. But is there money to be made from triathlons and extreme sports, and - if so - is it in the premier division or the minor leagues?

    Anne O'Leary

    This week, the ESB and Vodafone signed a joint venture agreement to invest €450m into building a 100% fibre broadband network across Ireland. If approved by the EC, it will propel Ireland into the ranks of the world’s fastest broadband countries. We're joined by Vodafone's Chief Executive, Corkwoman Anne O'Leary. _

    Match Fixing

    Controversy was served up this week when the Cameroon team were accused of match fixing in the World Cup Group Stages, which has been strenuously denied. How widespread is match fixing, where is it happening and how does it all work? We're joined from Italy by Alessandro Righi, who is the co-author of “Kelong Kings”. _

    Peter Aiken on Garth Brooks

    Garth Brooks has cancelled his five sell out shows in Croke Park, following a decision by Dublin City Council to refuse a license for two of the dates because of local residents' concerns. Brooks issued an ultimatum to the council - either five shows or nothing. We're joined by the promoter, Peter Aiken of Aiken Promotions.

    Saturday 28th June

    Being Yourself in the Office

    Personality and professionalism - can the two every mix? Two new studies reach conflicting conclusions. We're joined by John Fitzgerald, career coach and MD of Harmonics Coaching, to find a conclusion of our own.

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