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Saturday 30th July

Siobhán O'Connell

Siobhán joins us in studio for the monthly look at some of the weeks international stories.

Edinburgh Fringe

Liam Geraghty talks money with this years crop of Irish talent at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Bride Rosney and Gerald Flynn

Hillary Clinton powering through the 'Glass Cliff'.

Catherine Geary

Catherine Geary is a film location manager, where she finds locations for various films and series for filming.

Joe Tynan


The Business Full show

The Business full show

Saturday 16th July

Necessity the mother of Invention - Aoife Barry

They say that necessity is the mother of invention & the story of TV3's Red Rock is no exception. Created in the context of TV3 loosing its most popular soaps following the launch of UTV Ireland, TV3 have come up with a winner & not the 1st business to do so. Aoife Barry of the joins Conor in studio this morning.

Pokeman Go - Liam Geraghty

While our ancestors may have needed to stalk animals to survive, it seems that with the pop culture phenomenon of the week - Pokeman Go - creators at Nintendo have hit upon a novel way of combining our love of smart phones with our hunter-gatherer instincts, although the nutritional value of Pokeman has yet to be properly evaluated.

Summer Camps - Evelyn O'Rourke

From training as a 'real life spy' to perfecting the art of baking the perfect cup cake, children are spoiled for choice for summer camps to enjoy the summer holidays. Our reporter Evelyn O'Rourke has been talking to organisers of summer camps to see how the figures stack up.

Profile - Niall Stringer & Gillian Maxwell - Tiger

Conor is joined by Gilan Maxwell & her husband Niall Stringer, co-founders of Tiger Retail Ireland, which they operate in partnership with the Danish parent group, Zebra. They opened their first outlet in 2012 & now have 26 across the county, with more on the way.

Economist Colm McCarthy

The EU has been going through a tumultous few weeks, but the events in Nice on Thursday night have putmany of the perceived threats of economic uncertainty into stark perspective. Colm McCarthy joins Conor in studio this morning.

Saturday 9th July

Julie O'Neill and Karen Hand - Groupthink

Julie O'Neill, strategic management consultant with 'Join the Dots', and Karen Hand, social psychologist and brand strategist with 'Curley Enterprises' join Conor in studio to talk about the pitfalls of 'groupthink' and the importance of asking the tough questions!

The Right Typeface for your Business

Liam Geraghty explores the world of typography to determine the do's and don'ts of selecting the right typeface for your business!

Geraldine Gibson - AQMetrics

Back in February Geraldine Gibson made her own little bit of history by raising the most seed funding of any Irish start-up ever! She talks to Conor about how she's gone from kitchen table to New York office in such a short space of time.

Nick Webb - Football Transfer Market Economics

Sunday Times Columnist Nick Webb joins Conor in studio to talk about the football transfer market and if the economics therein actually stack up.

Áine Brolly

Áine is the CEO of the Northern Ireland division of Ireland's largest recruitment firm 'CPL' and is the director and founder of 'Ardlinn', a new company started by CPL that caters exclusively to firms looking for C-suite executives. She joins Conor to talk about the present state, and future prospects, of big business on the island of Ireland.

Saturday 2nd July

John Ridding, Chief Exec of the Financial Times &

John Ridding was at the opening of the Bracken exhibition yesterday evening & Richard caught up with him to get his take on the Brexit upheavel.

Brendan Bracken - Liam Geraghty

A major new exhibition about Brendan Bracken opens in the Little Museum of Dublin. While you might not recognise the name, Bracken was an Irishman & close confident of Winston Churchills as well as a successful publisher & businessman, in fact he laid the foundations of The Financial Times as we know it today.

Summer Schools - Evelyn O'Rourke

From the MacGill summer school in Donegal to the newest kid on the block, the 'Road to Marraige Equality Summer School' - it seems that some of us, our idea of heaven is to sign up to an academic summer school where you can discuss history, politics & cultural topics late into the night. Evelyn O'Rourke has been trawling through the summer schools brochures to find out more.

Romero Games - Brenda & John Romero

John Romero & his wife Joan took different paths to the top of their field & are now working together & have set up their new company, Romero Games in the heart of Galway. John is a video game designer & his business partner Brenda has been employed by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Brexit - potential consequences

Britain voting to leave the EU has dominated global headlines, sparking market turmoil & politicial upheaval across the spectrum in Westminister. Richard is joined by Margaret Doyle, Hd of Financial Services Insight for Deloitte UK, Alan Ahearne, Hd of Economics at NUIG & Dan O'Brien, CEO, Instit for Intl & European Affairs.

Saturday 25th June

Team Spirit

The happy focus of our national attention is the success of the Irish team at the Euros in France. Throughout the championships, team spirit within the Irish camp has been commended & celebrated. So whether it is sports, politics or business, what exactly is team spirit. Professor Aidan Moran, UCD School of Psychology speaks to Richard this morning.

Gay Pride Month - Liam Geraghty

In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting, Gay Pride month has taken on a whole new meaning as people from all walks of life want to show support for the LGBT community & that includes businesses. Dublin Pride begins at 1pm today & Liam Geraghty brings us this report.

Tourism - Gerald Lawless

Just over a year ago Richard spoke to Galway man Gerald Lawless, a man at the very top of the international hotels industry. After 23 years with the Forte Hotel Group in the Middle East & Britain, he joined Jumeirah, helping it become one of the world's premier luxury hotel brands. He recently was elected Chair of the World Travel & Tourism Council & joins Richard this morning.


We are all still reeling from the result of Britains vote on Thursday to leave the EU, a moment in history that will shape the future of many generations to come. From studio in London, Laura Noonan, Investment Banking Corr with The Financial Times & Justin Urguhart-Stewart, MD of Seven Investment Management. In studio with the view from home is Julie Sinnamon, Chief Exec, Enterprise Ireland, Padraig White, former MD of the IDA & entrepreneur & Brendan Keenan, economic correspondent with Independent News & Media.

Saturday 18th June

Job Titles - Elaine Burke of Silicon Republic

No matter what your field, if you are coming back into the job market or simply on the hunt for a new challenge, you might find yourself at a complete loss to understand what certain job titles in the 21st Century actually mean...content strategist, a mischief champion, a digit profit!! Richard is joined by Elaine Burke, Man Ed of Silicon Republic.

Live Music - Liam Geraghty

While the record industry continues to try & navigate a profit from the digital world, experiencing live music is at a premium. Liam Geraghty takes a trek through the past, present & future of the music festival.

Sport & Sentiment

How much of the outcome of the Brexit Referendum be impacted by the public's sentiment towards Europe & how much is that sentiment impacted by the various football teams' performances in the Euros? John Considine from the UCC Dept of Economics joins Richard from our Cork studio.

Brexit North West

The Brexit referendum is just days away & while the battle lines across England have been drawn on issues of immigration & jobs, the rhetoric behind the line of argument has little meaning in the North West of Ireland. Richard visited the NW & spoke to entrepreneurs on both sides of the border about what the vote to leave the EU would mean for them.

Profile - Ronan Harris - Google Ireland

Richards is joined by Ronan Harris, who grew up in Lucan in Dublin & after getting an electronic engineering degree from UCD & spending the bulk of the 90s working in the tech industry in Japan, is now the Head of Google Ireland. The company have announced this week the opening of a second data centre in West Dublin.

Saturday 11th June

Magazine Covers

When U2 made the cover of Time Magazine in 1987 it made Irish Hearts swell with pride. They weren't the first Irish figures to feature on Time's front page as Sean Lemass had beaten them there in July 1963. This week Carlow born actress Sairse Ronan made the grade. In studio with Richard is Melanie Morris, Editor-in-Chief of Image Group Magazines & Bernice Harrison, Irish Times journalist.

Eye Tracking - Liam Geraghty

Heavey RF is an Irish firm who has become the world's first company to introduce an eye tracking technology intended to improve performance in the logistics sector (getting products from warehouses to customers). Our reporter Liam Geraghty explores the vision behind eye tracking technology.

Rich Lists

There are a lot of ways a person's value can be celebrated in this world, keys to the city, Noble Prizes,but if you want to measure in simpler terms what a person has in the bank there is nothing like a Rich List. In studio with Richard is Nick Webb, Sunday Times columnist, no stranger to the intricacies of putting such lists together.

Profile - Des Traynor, Intercom

Richard's guest Des Traynor, is one of four Dublin lads, who formed Intercom in California back in 2011 & have since gone on to employ hundreds of people in San Francisco & Dublin, developing & selling their Business-to-Customer communication technology, with over 10,000 clients in 90 countries.

Anglo Trial

Something of a legal milestone was reached on Thursday, as the jury in the longest criminal trial in Irish history delivered their final verdict, finding Denis Casey, former CEO of Irish Life & Permanent guilty of misleading investors in 2008 in bolstering the balance sheet of Anglo Irish Bank. In studio Richard speaks to Dearbhail McDonald, Group Business Ed of Indep News & Media.

Saturday 4th June

Business of Art - Liam Geraghty

With the revenues up & the descretionary spend of companies increasing, the potential for investment in art & artists is back! Liam Geraghty went to Dromoland Castle in Co Clare to attend this year's Art Summit & immersed himself in the business of Art.

J.P. Scally - MD & Chairman of the Board Lidl Ireland

Since Lidl first entered the Irish market 13 years ago, the German supermarket chain has gradually become part of the landscape of our lives in this country. As their workforce expanded, more & more Irish people have made a solid career for themselves, including J.P. Scally, from a farming family in Westmeath.

Festival / Summer Season

Some people think of this time of year as Summer or Festival Season. It would appear that many towns & villages have cottoned on that nothing gives the local economy a boost like a good celebration, whatever that might be. Ger Gaughran, Festival Director at the Hay Festival in Kells & Jo Mangan, Director of the Carlow Arts Festival. Both festivals take place this month.

Alan Joyce - profile

Earlier this week, Richard caught up with one of several Irishmen who can say they have one of the biggest jobs in commercial aviation. Tallaght man Alan Joyce has been Chief Executive of Qantas since 2008, a company that employs more than 28 thousand people!

Saturday 21st May

The Business, Saturday 21st May 2016

Today's programme comes from Ballymaloe House in beautiful East Cork, where the Ballymaloe Litfest is taking place this very weekend…

Saturday 14th May


Does being a parent make you a better manager, or indeed, a smarter employee? With Richard Curran to tease out this conundrum is Louise Campbell, Managing Director of Robert Walters Recruitment...

Dressing for Work

Does wearing business attire enhance your business brain, the way we work, and the way we think about our jobs? We sent our own dapper dan - Liam Geraghty - to investigate.


Falling foul of cultural nuance or taboo is always a risk when we travel abroad... but when conducting business overseas, causing inadvertent offence can be a costly mistake... Richard Curran is joined by Conor Fahy of Enterprise Ireland


With Richard in studio to discuss the Saudi Arabian government's plan to wean the State off its economic dependence on oil is David Horgan, Managing Director of Petrel Resources, and from London isProf. Tony Day, Executive Director of the International Energy Research Centre

Louise Grubb

Louise Grubb from Tramore in County Waterford founded, built and sold, Nutriscience, an animal nutrition company and she is now on her second successful enterprise, a pharmaceutical storage firm called Q1 Scientific – and is setting up a third called Trivium Vet. She has also just been nominated for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2016,

Saturday 7th May

Trouble in Tech (The Ping-Pong Index)

There might be some tetchiness in the tech sector of late with the collapsing PC market, Apple recording its first ever fall in iPhone sales, and Intel announcing job cuts of twelve thousand, globally. For years there has been talk of a tech bubble, but do these stark headlines mean that it's bursting? With just one tech IPO so far in 2016, the amount of money being pumped into Silicon Valley is dropping dramatically. Sunday Independent columnist Nick Webb joined Richard to gauge the significance of slowing sales in table-tennis tables.

Green Shoots

Next month Ireland's largest garden festival - Bloom - returns to the Phoenix Park in Dublin, showcasing the best in what Ireland has to offer in horticulture. It's a sector that's not be sniffed at, unless it's just to smell the roses. Figures from last year show Irish consumers’ gardening spend in 2014 was €631m. We sent our own darling bud, Liam Geraghty, to talk to some green-fingered business owners around the country.

Late-Stage Successes

The phenomenal success of Leicester City football club earlier this week has given hope to underdogs everywhere. Claudio Ranieri and his team will finally got their fairy tale ending this evening when they are presented with the Premier League Trophy. It's a sweet victory for the Italian, who has been in the management business since 1987 without winning a major title, proving that it's never too late to make the transition from bridesmaid to bride. Dublin Bureau Chief of Bloomberg, Dara Doyle, has looked into a few examples of business people who saved the best til last.

The Value of Virality

These days, a company’s online presence is all about driving content and going viral -there’s nothing new in that - but in some instances the content could be eclipsing the product its trying to promote... Elaine Burke, Managing Editor of Silicon Republic, joined Richard to discuss the financial viability of Carpool Karaoke, and beyond.

Eoin Dunne, MD of Phonewatch

Richard's guest this morning started his career in a state agency, then worked in management with one of the largest publicly quoted corporations in Ireland, and now has a senior position within a Norwegian home security group - all without ever having to move company. Eoin Dunne is the Managing Director of Phonewatch...

The New Programme for Government

It's a mere 70 days after the general election, and Ireland has a government at the helm, albeit a minority one. Independent TDs fill a number of cabinet positions, but getting a deal in place involved a lot more than just the promise of Ministerial cars. The draft programme for government, which details some of the promises that the new national executive is founded upon, comes in at 150 pages, if you’re looking for some light reading. Economist Colm McCarthy has taken a look to see if the numbers add up....

Saturday 30th April

Around the World

Richard is joined in studio by Siobhan O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine & for the monthly look at some of the week's international stories that might have escaped your attention.

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