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Saturday 23rd September

Biz Around the World

Siobhán O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine & joins Richard in studio for our monthly look at some of the week's international stories.

Wellness - Liam Geraghty

Research conducted by Ibec earlier this year found out that six out of ten employees are more likely to stay long-term with an employer who shows an interest in their health & well being, while nearly half would leave a job where they perceived an employer did not care about their well-being. Liam Geraghty reports.


Earlier this week the government announced the roll out of Electricity Smart Meters across the country which will bring with them the prospect of real-time consumption information & end house to house calls for meter readings. Joining Richard in studio is Paul Melia, Environment Editor of the Irish Independent.

Book - Kill Bad Meetings

We've all been there, an interminable, directionless meeting where none of the attendees actually want to be & precisely zero decisions are taken. Richard's next guests, father and son, Kevan & Alan Hall are authors of a no-holds-barred title of a new book 'Kill Bad Meetings'.

Thia Hennessy

The Ploughing was on this week reminding people at large of the special place we have for the land in our hearts & Richard's next guest has spent her life immersed in what has long been the beating heart of the Irish identity - the agricultural economy. Thia Hennessy, Head of the Department of Food Business & Development & Chair of Agri-Food Economics at Cork University Business School .

UK PM's Brexit Speech

Theresa May has proposed remaining in the single market for a transition period of around two years after Brexit. In a landmark Brexit speech in Florence, the PM said existing market arrangements should continue to apply during a two-year implementation period after Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019. Richard is joined by Justin Urquhart-Stewart, MD of Seven Investment Management in London.

Saturday 16th September

Coal Mining - Liam Geraghty

With the chill in the air this week, it's fair to say that the Indian summer we might have hoped for was a non-event! But it is not all bad news, the prospect of a cold winter is music to the ears of the businesses in this country that deliver coal. Liam Geraghty hopped into the trucks to find out!

Facial Recognition Technology

Apple launched a much anticipated & very expensive new device this week, the iPhone TEN, which has an armoury of cool new innovations, the ability to recognise the users face. This capability is being used as a security feature on the device but of course may open the door to other potential uses. In studio with Richard is Adrian Weckler, Irish Independent's Technology Editor.

Tech Against Terrorism

With the growth of our online world, the issue of how to deal with the darker content on the web - such as terrorist & extremist content presents an ever growing challenge for tech companies. Evelyn O'Rourke went along to the Tech Against Terrorism conference held in Dublin recently.

Taxation & EU partners

In the same week as the head of the Fiscal Advisory Council, Séamus Coffey published his report into Ireland's corporation tax policies, European Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker has again drawn attention to the tension between this country & our EU partners. Joining Richard in studio is Joe Tynan, Head of Tax at PwC & from our Limerick studio we have Prof Sheila Killian of the Kemmy School of Business at UL.

Michael Dowling - Northwell Health

Richard's first guest this morning is Michael Dowling, President & CEO of Northwell Health, a network of hospitals, medical schools & health insurance providers. With over 60,000 people on its payroll, it is the number one employer in the New York state with revenues of more than 11 billion dollars.

Saturday 9th September

Jonathan Self - Ethical Business

Joining Richard from our Cork studio this morning is Jonathan Self, who has written a book based on his own experience of succeeding in buisness, titled 'Good Money: Become an Ethical Entrepreneur, Change the World, Feel Better'

30th Anniversary of Erasmus

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Erasmus, the education program that has seen over 60,000 students & staff from Ireland travelling to one of the other 32 eligible destinations for study periods or trainee-ships. Liam Geraghty has been looking back at its 30 year history.

Barry Possner - Leadership

He is the Accolti Professor of Leadership at the Leavey School of Business in Santa Clara University, in the Silicone Valley & co-author of many books including 'The Leadership Challenge', world management expert Barry Possner joins Richard this morning.

Paul Kavanagh - outgoing Ambassador to China

The UK's decision to leave the EU & Donald Trump's isolationist instincts are just some of the reasons behind the idea of the creation of a new world order. Many analysts speculate that the 21st century will be remembered as the 'Asian Century', marked by the rise of superpowers like Indonesia & India but China remains the Asian giant in terms of future growth potential.

Saturday 2nd September

Unfair Dismissal Act

The Administration of US President Donald Trump has been marked by a pletora of high profile dismissals. Of course the reality of terminating employment is very different. Marguerite Bolger, Senior Council for Labour & Employment joins Richard in studio this morning.

Passionate about Packaging

Withe children all over the country starting school their parents have been carefully covering & labeling books. Liam Geraghty brings us this report on those passionate about sign writing & labeling!

Brody Sweeney - Camile Thai

Brody Sweeney joins Richard in studio, a stalwart of Irish entrepreneurship for several decades and has had ample opportunity to view the lifestyle choice from every angle, form the heights of International success to the depths of liquidation & back again!

Stress for Strength - Understanding & Using Stress to Build Resilience

Danica Murphy is American & has lived in Ireland for 20 years. She qualified as a certified public accountant while still in the US, after getting her degree in psychology & worked in a global premier consulting firm before starting her 25 years career in business advisory services focused on high performance development & results delivery. Danica joins Richard in studio this morning.

Kieran Kennedy - MD of O'Neills

O'Neills company was established in Dublin by Charles O'Neill in 1918, an indigenous operation, in that they specilised in making the likes of sliotars & Gaelic footballs that were specificto the Irish market. Joining Richard in studio is Kieran Kennedy from Stratbane & he has worked for O'Neills since 1979.

Saturday 29th July

Data Recovery

Its no surprise that data value continues to increase, but what happens when that data disappears? Liam Geraghty reports.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is an internationally respected actuary, one of the mathematical minds that hold the insurance industry together & who recently opted to trade in a senior position at Deloitte in the City of London for an academic position in UCD. Andrew joins Richard this morning from a studio in London.

Business Names - Eileen O'Gorman

Eileen O'Gorman, Commercial Law Partner at Gleeson, McGrath & Baldwin Soclicitors joins Richard in studio this morning to discuss the most important decision of all, naming your business.

Cocoa Brown Tanning

Marissa Carter was already a successful beauty therapist when she came up with the innovative Cocoa Brown Tanning brand in 2012. Pitching herself squarely at the affordable end of the market, Marissa was perhaps already preaching to the choir in Ireland, a country with the second highest consumption of Fake Tan per capita in the world.

Brexit Sea Border

The temperature on the Brexit negotiations went up several notches with the story on the of front page of the The Times Ireland Edition was that it should effectively be the Irish Sea , as opposed to a land border. Brendan Keenan, columnist with the Independent Group is in studio with Richard this morning.

Saturday 22nd July

Biz Around the World

Well Siobhán O’Connell of Business Plus Magazine and joins me now for our monthly look at some of the week’s international stories that might have escaped your attention.

Shane Ryan - FEED

Shane Ryan started out his career in the hospitality industry, training at the renowned Shannon College of Hotel Management. Shane did some serious searching, and began to question the effort to personal reward of the hospitality business. This led him back home with the idea for his current business, the healthy ready-meal brand, FEED


Potter Elaine Fallon, she's turned to crowdfunding to try and raise €15,000 for The Brookwood Pottery Project. The project is hoping to create an open access pottery on Dublin's northside, giving classes on fundamental pottery techniques such as throwing and hand-building.

HSE Chief information officer

Well in this age of modern technology and information gathering, a new and crucial role has been emerging in major corporations and that’s the job of chief information officer, getting control of the vast data that organisations hold. Richard Corbridge to the role of Chief Information Officer spoke to Richard.

TCD Provost Patrick Prendergast

The university has announced plans to build a second campus on land it owns at Dublin’s Silicon Docks, off Pearse Street in Dublin’s city centre... The college says the move is based in a belief that computer science, engineering and natural sciences now need to be taught in radical new ways to future-proof Ireland’s finest academic minds.

Saturday 15th July

Cartoon Industrial Complex

We've been talking about creating animated shows that will teach and inspire kids in life but do they teach them and indeed their parents anything about the world of work?  From the industrious Ms Rabbit on Peppa Pig, to Ryder’s team leadership skills in Paw Patrol. We sent our own Liam Geraghty, to find out about cartoon corporate culture.


In May of next year every business in the EU must adapt to a new set of rules when it comes to what they are allowed to retain about the details of their clients’ lives... And failing to meet these new standards of care could mean harsh punishment.  Aoife Sexton, a lawyer that has recently co-founded Frontier Privacy joined Richard in studio.

Kim Kristensen

Kim Kristensen is now Master of Ceremonies at the Danish Royal Court but he has also harnessed his many years of frontline leadership in extreme conditions and applied those lessons to the corporate world as a coach and now with his book Follow Me: Leading from the front. Kim believes that the power of example is the key, and that no boss should


Sinéad Egan visited Gibraltar recently and spoke to residents there – and while the territory may have delivered the most resounding Remain vote of last year’s referendum at 96 per cent - there was absolutely no appetite to abandon or even change their relationship with the UK now, as reality bites.

Brown Bag

Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O’Connell founded Brown Bag Films in 1994 after eschewing the traditional Bluth Studios post-college route & they made a name for themselves with Give Up Your Aul Sin there, of course. Two years ago they sold the business to Canadian Studio 9 Story, taking up roles as Chief Operating Officer and Group Creative Director.

Saturday 17th June

Jarlath Regan

Comedian, and producer and host of 'An Irishman Abroad' podcast, Jarlath Regan spoke to Richard about the business of comedy and podcasting!

Brexit & Business

Richard was joined by Joe Lynam, BBC's business correspondent, Brendan Conway, who has been working in property development in London for the last 15 years and John Egan, head of strategy practice at Anthemis Group to see how last year's vote is impacting day to day business life in the UK.

Derry Entrepeneurs

A little more than a year ago Richard spoke to entrepreneurs on both sides of the boarder ahead of the Brexit referendum. With Brexit now on the horizon we go back to see what, if anything, has changed!


Labour Councillor Sally Mulready, Lisa O’Carroll, Brexit Correspondent with The Guardian and economist Liam Halligan joined Richard to talk about the politics of Brexit in the wake of the UK General Election.

Evan Davis

Evan Davis, host of Newsnight, spoke to Richard about his new book “Post-Truth: Why We Have Reached Peak Bullshit”.

Saturday 3rd June

Big in Japan - Liam Geraghty

Between Brexit & Donald Trump's isolationism, there is a very strong argument for European companies to really focus on strengthening their trading partnerships with the Far East. Earlier this week both Irish & Japanese business people gathered in Dublin for a seminar, Rising Opportunities, to promote investment in the Land of the Rising Sun. Liam Geraghty went along to get some tips on how to make it 'Big in Japan'.

Political Intelligence - Natasha Fennell

After two weeks campaigning the FG party selected a new leader in Leo Varadkar. The result might have seemed a forgone conclusion after it became clear Varadkar had so many parliamentary colleagues lined up to declare their support for him early. However, politics is not the only arena where being 'more politically astute' can pay off. Natasha Fennell, Communications Consultant & Director of Stillwater Communications often find herself being asked to teach people some of the more subtle skills required to get ahead.

Mandatory Retirement - Evelyn O'Rourke

For many workers, turning 65 means one thing - retirement. While some people have great plans for their well earned retirement years, what is the situation if you don't want to retire or need to keep on working? Evelyn O'Rourke takes a look at issues around mandatory retirement.

Climate Change Disagreement

US President Donald Trump said he was sticking to his campaign promise & pulling America out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change. The US now joins Syria & Nicaragua in the minority group of UN countries that aren't participating in the global initiative. Richard is joined in studio by David Horgan, MD of Petrel Resources & Norman Crowley, CEO of Crowley & Founder of the Cool Planet Foundation.

Profile: Josephine Fairley

Josephine Fairley is a classic case of the serial entrepreneur, not only did Jo Fairley co-found, build & sell the iconic organic chocolate brand, Green & Black, which now brings in more than a hundred million pounds sterling a year for its current owners, Kraft. Jo is also an author, has set up a bakery, a wellness centre & an online 'Perfume Society'. Josephine was featured guest at Investec's Inspire event yesterday.

Saturday 27th May

Cargo-tecture - Liam Geraghty

In a world obsessed with reclying, up-cycling & sustainability, the opportunity to do something new & useful with a shabby old thing is too hard to pass up. The potential of the humble shipping container is being tapped by savvy architects & entrepreneurs alike. Liam Gaeraghty has been finding out more.

New Media Old Media

It was announced this week that The Times Ireland will launch a print version of its online offering, which will replace the Times UK edition on Irish newsstands from 3rd June. In this digital age there is evidence to show that physical reading material is experiencing a renaissance. Laura Slattery, Irish Times journalist joins Richard in studio.

Book - Self-Awareness

Tasha Eurich is an occupational psychologist & her new book 'Insight: The Power of Self Awareness in a Self Deluded World' delves into the murky world of how much we really understand about how others view us. Originally conceived as a squarly business book, Tasha realised that all humans & not just captains of industry - could benefit from learning to be self-aware. Tasha Eurich joins Richard from London.

AIB IPO - Anthony Foley

It's been the speculative talk of financial circles for months now & it is expected that next week Min for Finance Michael Noonan could announce the government's intention to float AIB. The Irish Times writes that the government & IPO advisers will asses the performance of stock markets on Monday as part of their final decision process. Anthony Foley, lecturer in Economics at the DC School of Business joins Richard in studio.

Profile: Paul Hackett

Paul Hackett's entire career has been at the centre of the travel industry here in Ireland. Starting out in Aer Lingus Holidays & moving to Budget Travel under the stewardship of the legendary Gillian Bowler. Pual went on to found two successful enterprises of his own, the second of which, online travel agency, Click & Go, turns 7 this weekend.

Saturday 20th May

Bizz Around the World

For our monthly look at some of the week's international stories that might have escaped your attention, Emma is joined in studio by Siobhán O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine &

Fidget Spinner - Liam Geraghty

Nevermind Trump, Brexit & the FG leadership contest, there is only one thing on everyone's mind & that's Fidget Spinner! Liam Geraghty has been taking a look at the latest toy craze sweeping the county & the world!

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