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    Saturday 21st November

    Where is the Money in Music?

    The music industry has certainly changed a lot since 1983 but what has changed is where the real money is made, as digital technology, downloads & streaming have all impacted on the bands & record labels. Music Correspondent of the Irish Times, Jim Carroll joins Richard in studio.

    Derry Court Cleaning Specialists

    Richard speaks to Ann O'Hanlon, founder & Manager Director of Derry Court Cleaning Specialists. Her daughter Avril McCarthy is the General Manager & they currently employ a cleaning staff of over 1300 people throughout the country.

    Global Economic Forum

    Today is the final day of the Global Economic Forum where business leaders from home & abroad come together, to brainstorm, discuss & debate ideas that will hopefully benefit Irish businesses. Our reporter Liam Geraghty was at Dublin Castle to meet some of the people taking part.

    Iconic Ads

    The John Lewis Christmas ad in the UK follows their well-established tradition of one artist covering another while a heart-warming visual story mecilessly jerks our tears. But John Lewis aren't the only company to make iconic Christmas ads. Joining Richard in studio is Martin Wright, Executive Creative Director of Creatives at Large.

    Maurice Pratt

    Richard speaks to Maurice Pratt who started his working life as a media buyer for a Dublin Advertising Agency & then headhunted by one of his clients Quinnsworth. He has been the MD of both Quinnsworth & Tesco Ireland, CEO of C&C drinks company as well as sitting on the boards of Tourism Ireland & Brown Thomas.

    Saturday 14th November

    Rockstar CEOs

    Big name business leaders of the 21st century have rewritten the rulebook when it comes to aligning personality & brand. With the major film biopic of Apple Messiah Steve Jobs opening in cinemas this weekend, the question has to be asked 'When did the CEO turn into the Rockstar CEO?' In studio with Richard is PR Caroline Kennedy & Melrona Kirrane of DCU.

    Graduate Recruitment

    In the 1960s, big accountancy companies began visiting universities to promote their job opportunities directly to graduates, these visits were known as 'the milk round' & more the 50 years later it is still going strong. Our reporter Liam Geraghty brings us this report from Irelands's BDO event.

    Book 'The Mythology of Work: How Capitalism Persists Despite Itself'

    In a modern capitalist world where religion is no longer the cornerstone belief system it once was, has our job come to occupy a key place in how we understand & define ourselves? Richard speaks to author Peter Fleming, Prof of Business & Soc of the City Univ of London on his latest book.

    Book Publishing - Evelyn O'Rourke

    This weekend sees the return of the annual Dublin Book Festival. It has grown & changed over the years but still focus on every aspect of the book business. Evelyn has been talking to some people involved in the publishing industry & joins Richard this morning.

    Brexit - Britain & EU - Peter Sutherland

    Should Britain leave the European Union, a man well placed to tease out the possibilities joins Richard, Peter Sutherland has been DG of the WTO, Chairman of Goldman Sachs & currently UN's Special Representative on Intl Migration who has been appointed as Prof in Practice at the London School of Economics.

    Saturday 7th November

    Food Tourism report by Liam Geraghty

    The French have their fine dining & vineyard tours, Spain its Tapas Trails through quaint narrow streets. But could Irish restaurants & food producers attract a similar clientele? Food tourism in Ireland is becoming the focus for a niche but growing market. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been devouring the subject!

    Financial Booms to Bust

    Richard's nest guest specialises in tracking the patterns & behaviours that might tell you when your boom is about to turn into a bust. Vikram Mansharamani, Lecturer in ethics, politics & economics at Yale University.

    Social Media Revenue

    With Instagrammer Essena O'Neill lifting the lid on the revenue streams available to popular & tech savvy individuals, there was a lot of talk about where the money actually is on social media, as Irish tech John Collison told delegates at the web summit that the monetisation of digital media has yet to be cracked. This report from Evelyn O'Rourke.

    John & Roz Hubbard of Hubbard Casting

    Richard's next two guests are cinematic power brokers since the 1980s, finding the stars of box office gold like The Commitments & The Lord of the Rings. The movie business is ever changing, as is the roll of the casting director when financiers wont look at your movie unless you have a household name in the mix.

    Irelands Economy - Green Shoots

    Positive news for Ireland this week with the live register figures down, household debt is at its lowest level in almost a decade & the EU predicts that our economy will be the fastest growing in the Euro Zone through to 2017. Richard is joined in studio by Antoin Murphy, Fellow Emeritus at TCD & co-author of The Rise & Fall of the Celtic Tiger.

    Saturday 24th October

    Stock Market Phrases

    It's not often that you might hear Lady Macbeth and Goldilocks mentioned in the same sentence, but you may well if you work in the stock market. This week, authorities in the US announced that they're cracking down on spoofing - by which they mean the practice of faking a trade to manipulate a price. It got us thinking about the odd phrases that appear on market floors. Breffni O'Rourke, assistant professor in applied linguistics at Trinity College Dublin, tells us the difference between lipsticking a pig and opening a kimono...

    The Bicycle Thieves

    One story that didn't make any international headlines this week, but did make its way into our own news, was the Gardaí's decision to start using bait bikes as a way to catch bike thieves in Dublin. Our reporter, Liam Geraghty, has been checking out the economics of pedalling stolen goods, sussing out the supply chain, and finding out how to lock the thieves out of the market...

    Around the World

    From tech companies tightening up to big Chinese takeovers, Siobhan O’Connell from Business Plus magazine takes a look at some of the global stories that might have escaped your attention, in our monthly “Around the World” slot…

    Oprah Takes a Slice of Weight Watchers

    Another TV personality with a business brain is Oprah Winfrey, frequently cited as the wealthiest woman in entertainment. This week she bought a 10% stake in Weightwatchers and immediately the share price doubled. Good news for the people behind Weightwatchers, because the brand has been in decline: shedding pounds and dollars for a number of years. Zoe Harcombe, is a former Cambridge economist turned food blogger and obesity researcher.

    Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney

    Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney have been familiar faces on our TV screens for years, and now they're on billboards all over the country, looking very glamorous in the latest Dunnes Stores ad. They have joined Paul Costello, Carolyn Donnelly, Paul Galvin, and other fashionistas promoting their exclusive lines with the Irish high street outlet. So why have they decided to go this route?

    Taxing Future Oil Finds

    If you had any intentions of going into the oil exploration business, you might want to take a look at the Government's new finance bill which was unveiled this week. It includes new taxes on any oil found off the Irish coast, but is this coming too late, and how much revenue are we likely to make from it? Richard was joined by David Horgan, director of Petrel Resources and Frank Connelly head of communications for SIPTU, who has written multiple reports on the topic, including one for the Chuck Feeney-funded Centre for Public Inquiry.

    Saturday 17th October

    How Well Did 'Back to the Future' Look Forward?

    This coming Wednesday is a big day for Back to the Future fans. You might remember Michael J Fox as Marty McFly in the second installment of that series, leaving 1985 behind and flying into the future. The date that at which he arrived was October 21st, 2015, and it looked like a remarkable world of flying cars and holographic sharks. How many of the predictions have come to pass? Elaine Burke, managing editor of Silicon Republic, has dusted down her old VHS copy to check it out.

    Cashless Society

    Budget 2016 was certainly a talking point this week. One of the measures introduced was a 12 cent charge on ATM transactions. It seems the push is on for a cashless Ireland. Bob Quinn, from the Naas-based Money Advisers, compared how we're doing when it comes to nixing the notes with other countries moving in the same direction, and Aura McMenamin has been checking out if people on the streets of Dublin are ready to say goodbye to real-world legal tender...

    'Unlimited' Holidays

    That precious commodity in the workplace - holidays - seems to be taking a different form these days. LinkedIn has become the latest company to offer their staff unlimited holidays - that is they can take off as many days as they want as long as it's cleared with a line manager. But is this deal a bit too good to be true? To discuss this, Richard was joined by Prof James Wickham, who is a lead researcher on working conditions in Ireland with TASC, and Eamon Delaney, director of the Hibernia Forum.


    We are all well aware that the music industry is in a state of flux. CD sales are down, vinyl - on the other hand - is doing quite well, and performers are making most of their money from live shows. But what about the bootlegging industry? As a teenager maybe you were one of the thousands who bought your copy of U2's Achtung Baby from a man in a dark coat on O'Connell bridge. But where are those bootleggers now, have they all moved online? Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been trying to set the record straight.

    Peter Aiken

    Peter Aiken has been in the music promotions business for around 30 years, starting out with his Dad in the mid 1980s. He's brought the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bod Dylan and Beyoncé to Ireland. He was the centre of a Stetson storm last year after Garth Brooks cancelled his Croke Park shows, and this week tickets went on sale for The Celtic FC and kilt loving Scottish septuagenarian, Rod Stewart, whom he is bringing to Kilkenny next summer. He spoke to Richard about a life on the money side of entertainment...

    Corporate Espionage

    This week, an interesting story emerged surrounding business man Denis O'Brien and a public relations agency, Red Flag consulting. O'Brien told the High Court that he hired a private investigator to look into what he said he believed was a concerted campaign against him by members of the PR firm. Former military man Cathal O'Neill is now the CEO of Risk Management International, and he joined Richard in studio for a glimpse into the world of private investigators and their involvement in business.

    Saturday 10th October

    Gallic Protests

    Some French workers were back protesting with the usual verve this week, which saw the shirts and suits of some of Aer France's senior management literally being ripped off their backs, as they tried to flee over fences away from disgruntled workers. The French are famous, perhaps even notorious, for the je ne sais quoi they bring to their protests. Dr Emmanuelle Schon-Quinlivan is a lecturer in European political Science in the Dept of Government at University College Cork.

    Business Insights for Educators

    Public-Private Partnership is not a new concept, but many companies around the country are now looking at it in a whole new way. Recently a programme that was developed to link businesses up with students in local schools, has expanded to reach out to teachers as well. Liam Geraghty travelled to Drogheda in Co. Louth, to take a roll call of participants in one such project…

    Let's See if it Floats...

    Denis O'Brien's attempts to bring Digicel public this week has been big news, with many speculating about the impact of the postponed 'Initial Public Offering', or IPO. Domhnal Slattery of Avalon Aerospace has recently been through the IPO ringer himself, and came into studio to speak candidly about the peaks and troughs of the once-in-a-lifetime process.

    Noel Pearson

    Noel Pearson has been the producer of some of the most iconic movies in the Irish archive, and is still working to bring filmmakers' visions to the screen. Now in his 70s, he joined Richard to talk about his experiences working with some of the biggest names in the game, including the late Brian Friel, whose play 'Dancing at Lughnasa' was adapted into a version starring Meryl Streep.

    Budgetary Horse Trading

    There's only three days to go until Budget 2016 will be revealed, and - as Ministers Michael Noonan and Brendan Howlin get close to the finishing line - there's still lots of horse-trading going on behind the scenes. Is it a case that, at this stage of the game, you'll find local TDs loitering around Dept of Finance corridors or lobbyists stepping out of lifts hoping to corner the Minister? And what does this morning's news of an additional €1.5bn in spending for 2015 mean? Richard joined by two former Ministers for Finance, Alan Dukes and Ruairi Quinn, TD.

    Saturday 3rd October

    Leadership Lessons from the Bard

    William Shakespeare has often been used as a source of business wisdom, with books like 'Shakespeare's Lessons in Leadership', 'Shakespeare on Management', and even 'Shakespeare and Golf' lining shelves in bookstores worldwide. Our reporter, Liam Geraghty - who loves a bit of drama himself - has been finding out if these tomes hold any value, or if they're merely tales 'full of sound and fury, signifying nothing'.

    Frances Ruane

    Figures from the ESRI feature regularly in Irish headlines, and its director since 2006 has been Frances Ruane. She has just retired from that role, and spoke to Richard about the experience of running such an organisation throughout such a difficult period for Irish economy.

    The Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland

    Something we hear a lot about is how difficult it has been for small and medium businesses to get money from the banks in recent years. This week, the European Commission announced an initiative intended to encourage people to look for alternative sources of funding for their businesses. But where are Irish banks at, has lending improved for small and medium businesses and are there realistic alternatives coming on-line? Nick Ashmore - CEO of the recently established SBCI, a 'Strategic Banking Corporation' established to better meet the needs of Irish business - and Cormac Lucey, economics commentator with the Sunday Times, came into studio.

    Ranulph Fiennes

    Sir Ranulph Fiennes has been dubbed 'The World's Greatest Living Explorer' by the Guinness Book of Records, and he was in Dublin this week delivering some motivational advice at an Investec High Performance Breakfast. He was telling those gathered how to best to select and manage a team in extreme circumstances. We went along to find out more...

    Ireland vs. Italy

    Tomorrow, Ireland takes on Italy in their third pool game of the Rugby World Cup. While Irish fans are confident their have the upper hand in the line out, scrum and rolling maul, how would we fare in an economic head to head? Would our revenues leave them reeling, or would their infrastructure carry them across the gain line? To compare both sides, Richard spoke to economics columnist with the Irish Independent, Brendan Keenan, and Furio Pietribiasi, an Italian-born investment management CEO who has lived in Ireland for 17 years.

    Digicel Takes on the Internet Giants

    It's well known that Irish businessman Denis O'Brien doesn't shy away from a challenge. This time, he's taking on Google, Facebook and other such internet giants. His beef is that they're generating huge revenues off the back of mobile networks by selling ads, but without paying the platform anything. He says: 'These companies put no money in. Instead they unashamedly trade off the efforts and investments of network operators like Digicel to make money for themselves.” Is he right? Karlin Lillington, technology journalist and columnist with the Irish Times, joined Richard to discuss.

    Saturday 26th September

    Crisis Management

    Following the blanket coverage this week of the Volkswagen emissions scandal in the US, the company’s Chief Executive, Martin Winterkorn, tendered his resignation. Although he claimed that he didn’t actually know anything about what had been going on, he and the company’s shareholders obviously felt that someone had to be held accountable. To discuss the plight of leading a company through a crisis, Orlaith Carmody - Managing Director of Media and author of the new book “Perform As A Leader” - joined Richard in studio.

    Sarah Slazenger

    Ralph Slazenger bought the Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow in 1961. The estate - which has an extensive retail and food facility run in conjunction with Avoca - hosted half a million visitors last year and was voted by National Geographic as the third best garden to visit in the world. The latest venture is a new Whiskey Distillery and visitor centre... To find out more, Richard paid a visit to the Co. Wicklow Estate, where he met the current Managing Director, Ralph's granddaughter Sarah Slazenger who brought me on a guided tour that began in that award-winning garden.

    Selling Groceries Online

    The grocery market in Ireland has become particularly competitive in recent years. And one aspect of that market which has grown in line with customer demand is the online order and home delivery sector. The recent announcement that Dunnes Stores soon plans to enter that market is likely to intensify the competition even further over the coming months. Liam Geraghty went out to meet some of the people who are already in the business of delivering the goods.

    Bill Gilbane

    Bill Gilbane's great-grandfather left Ireland during the famine, and went on to set up a business which has become one of the biggest construction companies in America. It now has members of the fourth, fifth and sixth generation of the family working for it.

    Entrepreneurs and Taxes

    Ireland has been described as the “Best Small Country in the World to do Business” on a number of occasions in the past, and it seems that quite a few large-scale multi-national firms who chosen to set up here would agree. Although they all say that favourable tax structures aren’t the only reason they have chosen Ireland as a base, few would argue that it isn’t an important incentive. But how does the Irish tax system treat smaller companies? Niamh Bushnell, the Dublin Commissioner for Startups, and Brian Caulfield, Chairman of the Venture Capital Association, joined Richard to discuss the challenges facing entrepreneurs under the rule of Revenue.

    Saturday 19th September

    Shifting Gears

    Car Sales in Ireland recently exceeded 100 thousand for the first time since 2008, and with the Frankfurt Motor Show in full swing, Motoring Journalist Olive Keogh joined Richard in studio to discuss the changing landscape of the automotive industry.

    Other People's Money

    John Kay is a professor at the London School of Economics and a columnist with the Financial Times. His new book, 'Other People's Money', takes a look at the history of the financial sector, how it has evolved over the years, and whether it is really as profitable as it seems. Concluding that it is really quite broken, he outlines what needs to be done to get it back on track...

    Around The World

    Siobhan O'Connell from Business Plus and joins Richard for our monthly look at the business stories making headlines around the globe.

    Corporate Culture

    An estimated 350,000 people around the country took part in Culture Night this year, with many companies taking out their chequebook to have their name associated with an artistic endeavour. Reporter Liam Geraghty ask just how cosy can the relationship between corporations and culture really be?

    Jules Coleman

    In 2011, London-based management consultant Jules Coleman launched a website for cleaners called with two partners, teaching herself to code in order to design its first website. Four years later, before she turned 30, the company was sold for a reported 32 million euro.

    The Housing Crisis

    With Budget 2016 fast approaching, the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, was speaking to Seán O'Rourke yesterday about the issues that are foremost in his mind as he considers his options. One point he made that raised a few eyebrows - and maybe some hopes - was that he would be asking the Central Bank to review the caps that are enforced on first-time mortgages. Conor Skehan, Chairman of the Housing Agency, came into studio to discuss the current state of play in the housing 'crisis'.

    Saturday 12th September

    Regrets at the Banking Inquiry

    During the banking inquiry, there were expectations for some people to hold their hands up and accept responsibility for the crisis, maybe even to say sorry. And while some did so freely, others had to have the sorrow leveraged from them - proving that for some sorry is indeed the hardest word. This week, we brought you some of the more sorrowful moments of the Banking Inquiry.

    Getting to grips with a new job

    The British Labour Party will today announce its new leader and the smart money seems to be on Jeremy Corbyn. Whoever emerges victorious later today will undoutedly be taking on a tough new role, which is always a bit tricky, whether it's work, college, or school. Paul Mooney, Managing Partner of Tandem Consulting joined Richard with a few tips on making a good first impression.

    40 years at Dublin Bus

    Dublin Buses are a familiar sight and sound in the capital and have over the years the seen a lot of change, much of it overseen by Paddy Doherty, who went from the garage to the boardroom, and most recently was CEO. Now retired, we hitched a lift with him this week and we found him at the nearest Bus Stop.

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