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Saturday 13th January

Enterprise Ireland's Agile Innovation Fund

Old fashioned printing

Liam Geraghty has been talking to entrepreneurs reviving old fashioned printing methods

Stephen Leddy of Hidden Hearing

In our profile interview this week, Emma McNamara speaks to Stephen Leddy, MD of Hidden Hearing in Ireland

Saturday 6th January

Annual reviews

W were talking earlier about how to search for the perfect job but supposing you’re in the perfect job – or at least a more than tolerable one and your annual review is looming on the horizon for indeed, January is a time for self appraisal, and also a time for appraisal from those who pay our wages.

The business of will power

Well no doubt half the country probably enrolled in gym memberships this week for the workouts they're definitely going to do every day in 2018. Ok, so pigs might fly but for a lot of companies, January brings with it a boom in revenue if you're in the business of helping people with their goals. Liam Geraghty met with the new years goals Gurus!

Women and investing

Well, it being the New Year, one of the resolutions that I’m sure many of us will be trying to live up to will be 'Getting the finances in order'. Catherine Flavin is an Investment Manager at Investec, joined Richard.

New Year New Career

Richard was joined now by Rachel Tubridy, Managing Director of and Yseult Freeney, Associate Professor of Organisational Psychology DCU School of Business

Matress Mick

Our guest today will be familiar to many of you through his wacky posters, and even wackier viral videos which put his bedroom furniture store on the map over the last few years, Mick Flynn – or Mattress Mick to you and me - is one of the greatest examples of the impact Going Viral can have on your bottom line.

Saturday 23rd December

Holiday Workers - Liam Geraghty

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve & for Santa Claus, Mrs Claus & all the elves it is their busiest time of the year. But what about the other holiday enterprises? With the likes of Easter & Halloween already gone what do their patrons do for the rest of the year? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Around the World

Siobhan O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine & joins Richard for a last look in 2017, at some of the week's international stories that may have escaped your attention.

Irish Whiskey

The Irish Whiskey industry has seen its fair share of ups & downs over the past century but is on something of a renaissance. Richard has been catching up on the past, present & future of Irish whiskey with the people who distill it.

The Business stories of 2017

Joining Richard in studio to look back at our pick of The Business stories of 2017 is Fergal O'Rourke, managing partner at PWC, Marie Sherlock, economist with SIPTU & Financial journalists Jill Kirby, of the Sunday Times & Dan O'Brien, of the Irish Times.

Fingal Choral

Fingal Choral join Richard in studio this morning for a special festive treat singing Jingle Bells & Star in the East & a quick chat with musical director Eoin Conway.

Saturday 16th December

Business Books

Well as we’ve been saying, ‘tis the season for giving, and why not consider giving the gift of business expertise to your loved one this year. Killian Woods of Fora, and Jenny Darmody, Careers Editor of Silicon Republic joined Richard in studio with their business book recommendations for this Christmas.

Charity Shops

Well its easy go overboard on the consumption at this time of year, but Community Reuse Network Ireland are asking shoppers to 'Reimagine Christmas Gifts' and are encouraging festive shoppers to make presents more personal and eco conscious by gifting reuse or recycled items from charity shops – Liam Geraghty reports.

Management consultants

Often it happens that when the chips are down in companies or in teams, seeing the reality of the situation with any sense of clarity is impossible for the people closest to the action. Finola Howard and Shane Craddock, joined Richard in studio.


2017 has been a year of currency fluctuations, especially if we look at Sterling but in the world of Crypto currencies, the fortunes of Bitcoin have been extraordinary to observe. Richard was joined by Reuben Godfrey – co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Ireland, and Cormac Lucey columnist with the Times Ireland edition.

Food Cloud

In 2013, Iseult Ward and Aoibhinn O’Brien started FoodCloud – and in its four years of existence, the company has redistributed the equivalent of 23 million meals through more than 7000 charitable groups in the Ireland and the UK.


Gerry Byrne, aviation journalist gave Richard an update on Wednesday's planned pilot strike at Ryanair.

Saturday 9th December

Christmas Trees - Liam Geraghty

According to the Irish Christmas Tree Growers Association more than 600 thousand trees are expected to be harvested before the end of this year in Ireland. Our own evergreen reporter Liam Geraghty has been following one tree's journey!

Purcell & Woodcock

Gina and Morgan Cassidy founded the Purcell & Woodcock brand of affordable luxury candles & diffusers after Morgan's previous company finally succumbed to closure during the downturn. Their products are now available in over three thousand Irish outlets & are also breaking in to the UK market.

An Post

While the internet may have caused something of an eistential crisis for the postal services around the world, the rise of online shopping is now creating something of a boom for them in the area of parcel delivery. Sinéad Egan visited An Post's Dublin Mails Centre in Knockmitten.

Rachel Doyle - Arboretum Garden Centre

Richards next guest is the founder of the Arboretum Garden Centre in Leighlinsbridge, Co. Carlow. What started as a modest enterprise has now become a multifaceted retail destination, with a 300 seater restuarant, clothing concessions & more than 400 thousand visitors every year.

Brexit Border Deal

After a week that started with a premature celebration of victory before quickly descending into farce, yesterday morning saw an agreement finally being reached between the UK, the EU, the DUP & Republic of Ireland. Joining Richard in studio this morning are John McGrane, DG of British Irish Chamber of Commerce & Brendan Keenan, columnist with the Irish Independent.

Saturday 2nd December

Christmas Hampers - Liam Geraghty

Christmas is within sight & in the corporate world many see gifting a hamper as a token of goodwill to all employees & esteemed clients.


Afer a decade in the doldrums, the demand for construction is back, as well as the much-publicised & critical housing shortage, there are also major projects in the commercial sector. Julie Currid, co-founder & chief Operations Officer of Initiafy, which provides induction training to new staff & contract workers for firms in the construction sector, in Ireland, UK, US & Canada joins Richard in studio this morning.

Mark Cummins - Pointy App

Mark Cummins along with business partner Charles Bibby is the co-founder & chief executive of Pointy, an app which literally points you in the direction of those hard to find items you might be looking for in shops that are close to where you live.

Vincent Carton - Manor Farm

Richard's next guest is Vincent Carton, MD of the country's largest chicken producer, Manor Farm. The business started out in the eighteenth century when the Carton's ancestors established the country's first poultry market in Dublin. Generations later the company employs more than 800 with a turnover in the hundreds of millions.

US Tax Reform & Brexit

To discuss the implifcations of US President Trump's sweeping tax reforms may have on Ireland and all that is happening with Brexit, the border & the lack of Tory understanding of how Irish politics works, Richard is joined in studio by Frank Barry, Economist at Trinity School of Business & Peter Vale, Pax Partner at Grant Thornton.

The Business

A weekly look at the world of business and personal finance with Richard Curran

Saturday 25th November

Video Games - Liam Geraghty

Video game consoles & games are always popular on Christmas lists across the country. Ninetendo's most popular character for 32 years, Mario - the Italian plumber is showing no signs of slowing down. What about our own home grown street fighting businesses? Liam Geraghty meets some Irish companies levelling up.

Toys & Christmas

In studio with Richard this morning are two Irish toy companies vying successfully for space under your tree & space under trees around the world! Ian Harkin, originator of Lottie Dolls & Niamh Sherwin Barry & Aoife Lawler of the Irish Fairy Door Company.

Harrods London

On Thursday Harrods announced that it was about to commence a 200 million pound redesign with shoppers from the Far East in mind. Irish Times man, Denis Staunton on the legendary Harrods Department Store in Knightsbridge, London.

Geraldine Swarbrigg - Profile

In 1978 Geraldine Swarbrigg opened the Music City Record shop in Mullingar & over the next decade went on to open her own chain of fashion boutiques throughout the midlands. On Monday Geraldine received a Lifetime Achievement Award from IMAGE Businesswoman of the Year Awards.

General Election Threat

Twenty-one months after the last General Election there is a very real possibility that the first incarnation of so-called 'New Politics' will come to an end. Leo Varadkar & Michaeál Martin met yesterday & will meet again today in an effort to avoid an election. Joining Richard in studio is Ian Guider, Markets Editor of the Sunday Business Post.

Saturday 18th November

Around The World

Siobhán O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine and joined us for a monthly look at some of the week's international stories that might have escaped your attention.

Black Friday

Get your elbows at the ready as the Black Friday sales return. Our own shop-a-holic reporter takes a look inside the phenomenon of the day that has been known to cause out and out brawls in the aisles.

The Gig Economy

Employment rights have been topical lately with legislation addressing 'Zero Hour Contracts' on track. Reporter Eoghan McLaughin took a look at what entitlements workers should have when they are answerable to an app like Uber or Delveroo rather than a human boss after some recent decisions in employment cases.

'Keep Cups' and the 'Latte Levy'

'Keep Cup' founder Abigail Forsyth joined us from Melbourne to discuss the disastrous waste potential of disposable cups. In recent weeks our government has been considering a so-called 'latte levy' to help combat the staggering 2 million cups sent to landfill every single day in Ireland alone.

Neal Davies New CEO of BBDO Dublin

After nearly two decades in the U.S. working at Madison Avenue's most prominent advertising agencies, real life Ad-Man Neal Davies is now in Dublin to take charge of the advertising campaigns of some of Ireland's most cherished brands.

Saturday 11th November

Cactus World News

Being a musician was a tough enough gig to make a living off back in the day & even more so now. Liam Geraghty went to meet Frank Kearns, co-founder of Irish Rock band formed in Dublin in 1984 - Cactus World News.

Dairy Master - Dr Edmond Harty

Joining Richard is Dr Edmond Harty, the CEO of Dairymaster, a company based in Causeway, Co Kerry where it employs over 360 people in roles ranging from manufacturing, sales through to engineering, software & more. Established by his father Ned, it now has customers in 40 countries worldwide for its product range, including milk machines, cooling tanks & the 'Moomonitor'.

Future of Banking

Brett King is a leading mind in predicting where banking & financial services will go in the next few decades. He was in Dublin recently to take part in Deloitte's Future of Financial Services Event at the Science Gallery & Sinéad Egan caught up with him there.

Diaceutics - Peter Keeling

A report published earlier this week by the Nat Cancer Registry showed that we are gaining some headway in out battle against the disease with more people than ever responding positively to treatment. Peter Keeling is the founder & CEO of Dundalk based Diaceutics & he joins Richard in studio.

Pippa Malmgren

Richard's first guest, Pippa Malmgren kicked off her White House career under President Ronald Reagan & later with George W Bush working as Special Assistant for Economic Policy. Pippa is in Ireland to take part in the Kilkenomics Festival which is on in Kilkenny this very weekend.

Saturday 4th November

Jack Dangermond - Esri Digital Mapping

Jack Dangermond & his wife Laura founded their company Esri - Environmental Systems research Institute in their hometown of Redlands, California in 1969. Starting with a modest eleven hundred dollars in their bank account, still based in Redlands, the valuation of the digital mapping company is now estimated by Forbes to be around the 4 billion dollar mark.

Star Wars & Film Industry

This year marks the 65th anniversary of John Ford's classic film The Quiet Man, filmed at locations in Mayo & Galway, marking the beginning of Hollywood's love affair with Irish scenery which has popped up again in the form of Skellig Michael in the trailer of the latest Star Wars instalment. Liam Geraghty reports.

Apple Trillions

With the launch of the iPhoneX, yesterday the market value of the Apple company briefly hit 900 billion dollars, prompting analysts to predict the company is on course to become the world's first trillion dollar company. Emma McNamara of RTE News joins Richard in studio.

John Collison - Stripe

Originally from Limerick, John Collison & his older brother Patrick, started the payments platform Stripe in 2009 after successfully selling their first venture. Stripe is now valued at more than 9 million dollars, with names like Elon Musk & Peter Theil on board as investors, the future of the innovative payments platform looks strong.

Saturday 28th October

Nicola Byrne - Cloud 90

Founder of 11890 Director Enquiries, Nicola Byrne is forging a way for businesses floundering their way through social media feedback & has branched out with Cloud 90, which keeps watch for company reputations online and helps them respond.

Dark Tourism - Liam Geraghty

Spooks, scares & general grimness are not just for Hallowe'en, when it comes to how we spend our leisure time, espcially on holidays. Liam Geraghty has been looking at the link between tourism & our fascination with humanity's darker side.

Ciara Donlon - Theya Healthcare

Richard's next guest walked away from her job with Vodafone to take the opportunity to set up her own enterprise, selling high quality lingerie in her own boutique in Ranelagh. Ciara Donlon is in studio this morning.

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