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    Saturday 23rd April

    400th Anniv of Shakespeare's death

    He was renowned for his soliloquies & love sonnets but what about the connection with the world of commerce? We leave you now with a selection of the Bard's most insightful lines about business.

    The Nuclear Negotiating Option

    Earlier this week Conor McGregor appeared to announce his retirement on twitter as a legitimate tactic in trying to renegotiate his terms with his employers. PR expert wotj Reputations Agency, Trish Morrissey & Rowan Manahan, MD of Fortify Solutions join Richard in studio.

    Novel Fair - Liam Geraghty

    There is more to getting a novel onto a bookshelf than just writing it & its not the sort of thing that an aspiring writer can do on their own. Liam Geraghty investigates at The Irish Writers Centre's Novel Fair.

    Charity Innovations

    Irish Charities are having to be inventive to grab our limited attention, not to mention our spare change & they are turning to the business world for help! Evelyn O'Rourke has been finding out more about the relationship between Corp Ireland & the Not for Profit Sector.

    Business in Monaghan

    A recent study showed that nearly 22% of people working in the county are registered as employers, making it the most entrepreneurial county in Ireland. Claire Cunningham, co-founder of Aura Internet Services & Stuart Steele, Dir of Enterprising Monaghan prog & owner of Silver Hill Farm join Richard in studio.

    Profile - Literary Agent Marianne Gunn O'Connor

    Richard's first guest has built a hugely successful career representing many of the countries brightest writing talents in their search for an intl publisher. Among her clients are Cecelia Ahern, Patrick McCabe & Sinead Moriarty.

    Saturday 16th April

    High Street Hook Ups

    One of the marketing strategies employed by high street boutiques & chain stores has been to align themselves with top notch designers & A list celebrities. The latest being Marks & Spencers collaboration with model of the moment Alexa Chung. Irish Times journalist, Dominique McMullan joins Richard in studio.

    Storytelling in Business

    Sisters RAchel & Mary Kate O'Flanagan have both worked for many years in the script-writing & editing end of the film industry. In recent years they have transfered their stroy-telling skills to the world of business.

    Family Business - Liam Geraghty

    As we heard the Teeling Brothers earlier in the programme, the family business model has much to recommend it, but it also has its own unique set of challenges as Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

    Female Entrepreneurs

    'The Women's Academy' is an event which is being held in Dublin next Friday which is pitched at women who are either already in business & are looking to network with some of thier peers. Richard is joined by two of the people involved in the event, Sarita Johnstone of Female Entrepreneurship & Bernice Moran, founder of Be Sweet Company.

    The Teeling Brothers

    Richards first guests launched their own whiskey label back in 2012. They are now exporting to more than 40 different countries & since opening the distillery & visitor centre last year, they have had more than 65,000 visitors. Jack & Stephen of the Teeling Whiskey Company join Richard.

    Saturday 9th April

    Economic Anxiety Index

    Fiona Reddan, Irish Times Personal Finance Correspondent, & Austin Hughes, Chief Economist at KBC Bank were in studio this morning.

    The Business of Blogging - Liam Geraghty

    Liam Geraghty has been speaking to some Irish bloggers about using the medium to boost earnings.

    Academia & Commerce

    Every year, our many academic institutions spend vast sums of money on all kinds of research into the latest technologies, literary & psychological theories.. but where stands the relationship between academia & business? John Scanlan, Head of Commercialisation at NUI Maynooth & Vincent Forde, engineering student at CIT were in studio to discuss.

    Profile: Ruth Monahan - Appassionata

    Ruth started her career working behind the scenes as a researcher in the cut-throat television industry, before a Eureka moment on a beach in South East Asia led her to study the art of floristry in London with a view to establishing her own flower selling business with her husband Ultan. They now run Appassionata Flowers.

    Panama Papers

    The so-called Panama Papers have dominated the news agenda this week. Richard was joined this morning by John Christensen, who is Executive Director of Tax Justice Network to talk about it.

    Saturday 2nd April

    Passive-Aggressive colleagues

    It is something you may have experienced yourself at some point or another in your professional life: dealing with a passive-agressive colleague. Joining Richard in studio is Louise Campbell, MD of Robert Walters Recruitment.

    Comic Artists/Illustrators - Liam Geraghty

    We have been hearing about what its like to work for the big guns like Marvel & DC, but what about the indie comic artists & illustrators hand-making comics around the country. Liam Geraghty speaks to some of these people.

    Declan Shalvey - Comic Book hero

    Richard's guest is one of a small but growing number of Irish artists who is managing to live the comic book dream. Clare native Declan Shalvey has drawn many iconic titles for both Marvel & DC over the years. His most personal challenge yet is to draw Batman for the first time...

    The next Uber

    The 'Elevator Pitch' is a movie industry phrase meaning a one-sentence description of a film that an aspiring screenwriter can give a big-time producer. It is also an important device for aspiring tech entrepreneurs, describing their start-up as 'Uber for ...'. Joining Richard in studio is Karlin Lillington, Technology Journalist.

    Profile - Donal O'Riain - Ecocem

    If there is one thing modern commerce is built on, it's cement. Over four billion tonnes is produced annually, and that number is on the rise. Louth man Donal O'Riain is founder & CEO of Ecocem & he joins Richard this morning.

    Saturday 26th March

    Business Around the World

    From bursting Boris's Brexit balloon to the return of the supersonic commute, Siobhan O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine & joins Richard in studio for our monthy look at some of the week's international stories.

    100 Years of Business since 1916

    How has the Irish economy as a whole fared since the Proclaimation was first read aloud? Joining Richard from our Cork studio is Dr John Considine, Lecturer in the Economics Department at UCC.

    Business Map - Dublin 1916

    The 1916 Rising brought havoc to the city of Dublin, quite apart from the devastating loss of life, the destruction of Easter Week was immense. Liam Geraghty bring us this report on how traders & business owners got up & running again

    Chocolate Industry

    First produced in England in 1873 the humble chocolate egg is now central to our Easter celebrations but how significant are Easter eggs for Irish chocolate makers? Evelyn O'Rourke explores the chocolate industry & joins Richard this morning.

    Profile - Domini & Peaches Kemp

    From their first joint venture, a bagel shop in Dublin's Epicurian Food Hall, sisters Domini & Peaches Kemp now have five separate brands under the Itsa Group banner. They now have moved beyond bagels, with corporate catering, coffee shops & juice bars among their many ventures.

    Saturday 19th March

    Irish Character traits in a business world

    With St Patrick's Day only just behind us we thought it might be a good time to take a look at how those defining Irish character traits play in a business world. In studio is Yseult Freeney, Dir of Work & Org Psychology Masters Prog in DCU & Patrick King, Hd of Public Affairs at Dublin Chamber join Richard in studio.

    Board Games

    In a world of apps & consoles, you couldn't be blamed for thinking that board games were an unwanted relic from a more simplistic time, but you would be wrong to think that! Liam Geraghty explores the cardboard revolution.

    Ambition, Why its Good to want more & How to Get it

    When we describe a person as ambitious we are probably being negative about them. For whatever reason, being seen as a unreconstructed go-getter is not necessariily a good thing but author Rachel Bridge feels this is unfair & wants to rescue & rehabililtate what it is to have a dream & make it happen!

    Virtual Reality

    2016 is predicted to be the first billion-dollar year for Virtual Reality with three major products, from Oculus, Microsoft & HTC scheduled for launch in the next few weeks alone. John Kennedy, Editor of Silicon Republic joins Richard this morning.

    ESB CEO Pat O'Doherty

    The ESB Group published its annual report for 2015 earlier this week showing operative profits increasing by almost a third on the previous year. Pat O'Doherty, Chief Executive of the organisation joins Richard in studio.

    Saturday 12th March

    Memorabilia 1916

    With the first of three auctions of 1916 memorabilia taking place tomorrow in Dublin, it is a busy time for collectors, auctioneers & dealers. Our reporter Liam Geraghty met some of the people hoping to bid on a bargarin & make a cut on a collectible!

    Unsustainable Commutes

    The Economic & Social Research Institute published two reports this week that touched on the topic of housing. Richard is joined in studio this morning by Conor Skehan, Chairman of the Housing Agency.

    Business through Irish - Evelyn O'Rourke

    It is estimated that St Patrick's Day has more than a 120 million euro impact on local economy. The Irish language has been getting in on the act through the success of the 'Seachtain na Gaeilge' campaign in the run up to March 17th. Evelyn O'Rourke has been talking to people working through the Irish language & joins Richard this morning.

    The Business of Children's Books

    Introducing a love of reading to a new generation is one of life's great pleasures but it is also a market force to be reckoned with, as the children's book sector is at the strongest it's been for a decade. Richard is joined in studio by Grainne Clear, Little Island Books & Carlotte Eyre, The Bookseller Magazine.

    Julie Sinnamon, Chief Executive, Enterprise Ireland

    During the week we learned that the economy grew at an even faster rate than we even imagined last year. With foreign direct investment & the growth of indigenous Irish companies of all sizes playing a part in the growth of the economy. Richard speaks to Julie Sinnamon of Enterprise Ireland.

    Saturday 5th March

    Product Recalls

    It is a nightmare scenario that so many businesses have to deal with, product recalls, leading to lost revenue & reputational harm. Business Columnist with the Sunday Independent, Nick Webb joins Richard in studio.

    Dogs at Work - Liam Geraghty

    With studies showing dogs have a calming effect on our bodies & minds, its no surprise that companies & businessess are welcoming employee's beloved dogs to the workplace in the hopes of a more creative, productive workforce.

    Ireland's General Election - Uncertainty

    There was a General Election in Ireland last week & the results have been inconclusive. What do our EU partners make of our current predicament, could it have an economic impact on the country ? In studio is Aidan Regan, Lecturer in UCD School of Politics & from Brussels, Ann Cahill, Europe Correspondent for the Irish Examiner.

    Sleep - Michael Comyn

    Next week is National Sleep Awareness Week & according to all reports, sleep deprivation is becoming more & more of an issue for the average Irish worker. Michael Comyn, Corporate Consultant, has done a lot of work on the dangers of sleep deprivation joins Richard in studio.

    Siobhán Talbot - CEO Glanbia

    Glanbia was formed in the mid-90s by the merger of Waterford Foods & Avonmore Dairies & has grown to become one of the richest jewels in the crown of Irish business. Richard speaks to Kilkenny woman Siobhán Talbot.

    Saturday 20th February

    Career Change

    It's less than a week to go before Election 2016. Some TDs don’t know if they’re still going to have a job after next weekend. It’s a position that a huge number of us will find ourselves in when the career we have put so much of ourselves into is suddenly no longer there. In studio is Psychotherapist Trish Murphy with some advice.


    Earlier this month there was speculation that the Shoreditch Cereal Killer Café, a café which sells cereal for up to €4.40 may be opening up a shop in Dublin's Stoneybatter, an old community recently described as 'Williamsburg by the Liffey. So should Dublin 7 business owners be worried by the onset of gentrification? Liam Geraghty reports


    Yesterday the British Irish Chamber of Commerce held their annual conference in Dublin, and the subject of the day was “Brexit”, the term referring to Britain possibly leaving the EU following an upcoming referendum. Brian O’Connell, the UK Director of the Chamber, is in studio to discuss the issue and the upcoming vote

    Saturday 13th February

    Sport: Ticket Prices

    Last Sunday afternoon a large proportion of Liverpool football fans walked out of their home ground, Anfield, due to the recently announced new price structure for match day tickets, which saw some seats reaching a cost of seventy-seven pounds sterling. In studio to discuss the rising cost of ticket prices is Irish Times Business Affairs Correspondent, Mark Paul.

    Michelle Fitzpatrick

    Michelle Fitzpatrick is the CEO of Eviivo, a company that offers online booking facilities for the Bed and Breakfast sector, in which people have experienced a huge amount of so-called “disruption” as a result of the internet revolution.

    Leo Oosterweghel

    Leo has been the director of Dublin Zoo since 2001, and is one of the residents himself, sharing the prestigious address with Bengal Tigers, a world-renowned herd of elephants, and some sea lions that have recently been rehomed in some luxury digs and proved a great boost to visitor numbers as the zoo hit some record figures in 2015.

    Saturday 6th February

    Fiscal Space - Liam Geraghty

    With the election date recently announced, already we have a strong contender for the most overused jargo - Fiscal Space! Not one to shy away from boldly going where no man has gone before, reporter Liam Geraghty is on board a rocket outside the Radio Centre about to blast off into space of the Fiscal variety......

    Back from the Brink

    Sunday Independent columnist Nick Webb joins Conor this morning to talk about big name brands that once found themselves desperately in need of a miracle but are now flying high again.

    Profile - Russ Hall

    Conor's first guest grew up in Stepney, East London & is a thoroughbred taxi driver. But in 2009, Russ Hall & two of his fellow cabbies decided to put themselves behind the wheel of a business we know as Hailo, an app which enables users to summon a cab with two taps! Available in Irish & British cities & soon in Spain & Japan.

    Saturday 30th January

    Business stories around the world

    Joining Richard in studio is Siobhan O'Connell, Marketing Director of Business Plus Magazine with a round-up of bussiness stories that may have flown under your radar!

    Handwriting - Liam Geraghty

    Handwriting is a skill that takes years to acquire & hone but now it seems that the practice of cursive handwriting could be dying out, in fact schools in Finland are phasing-out cursive handwriting classes altogether. Liam Geraghty talks to the people whose professions & businesses depend on the pen!

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