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    The Business with George Lee Saturday 25 January 2014


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    Intercom Investment

    This week was a very good week for an Irish-based technology company called Intercom - founded in Dublin only 30 months ago. On Tuesday Intercom sealed a huge investment from two US Venture Capital funds, and some are now estimating it could be valued at close to $100m. It is going to create 100 new software, engineering, and design jobs in Ireland over the next 18 months. We're joined now from Silicon Valley in California by one of the founders of Intercom, Eoghan McCabe.

    Russian Life

    Over the last couple of weeks we've been looking at possible business opportunities for people in Russia - but what of the Irish in business who have already made Russia their home? In his final report from Moscow, Diarmaid Fleming has been finding out what life is like for those who've taken the plunge east.

    Paving A New Path

    Wealthy investors, rather than banks, have started giving out loans to young people to help them get a start in life. The deal they are offering however requires that the young people have to give the investors a slice of their income for up to ten years in some cases- meaning that the more they earn the more they have to pack. The scheme is operated by a company called Pave which was masterminded by Sal Lahoud who joins me now.

    Education and Entrepreneurship

    The report of Entrepreneurship Forum, which was launched on Thursday, was quick to point out that we still have a long way to go in Ireland before we can say that we have a culture that encourages enterprise. We're joined by Jerry Kennelly from Tweak.Com, who is hoping to go some way towards changing that, and Sean Cottrell director of the Irish Primary Principals Network.

    The Mean-Moneyed People

    What kind of an impact does money have on an individual? Psychologist Paul Piff of UC Berkley has spent years conducting research and experiments on this topic. The results he says are clear cut - the more we have the meaner we get. Psychologist Claire Mulligan and Sigmar Recruitment's Robert MacGiolla Phadraig discuss.

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