Sunday Miscellany

Sunday Miscellany

Sunday, 9.10 - 10am

Sunday Miscellany 31 March 2013

Sunday Miscellany

Its new radio essays and occasional poetry followed by complementary music capture our times, passions and curiosities.  The contributor led content is selected from open submission and commissioned writing presented by new voices and established names.

Reportage, appreciations, memory pieces, poetry, travel writing and personal accounts of events and happenings are the stuff of Sunday Miscellany.  The programme is part of Sunday mornings since 1968.  It is essential listening to thousands across Ireland and the world.

Sunday Miscellany

New short essays:

Easter at Coole Park by Hedy Gibbons Lynott

Herod in Exile by Cathleen Brindley

Alter Boy at Easter John MacKenna

Latter Day Lear by Cyril Kelly

Waking on Sunday Morning by Michael O’Loughlin

Musée des Beaux Arts by Oliver Sears - The “Musée des Beaux Arts” by WH Auden, used by permission of Curtis Brown, Ltd. Copyright 1938. All Rights Reserved.


Amazing Grace performed by The Kronos Quartet

Andanté from Fauré’s Requiem performed by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Dance by Roger Doyle from the soundrack to the film Budawanny

Echoes of Spring performed on Piano by Peter O’Brien

Holy is The Lord Our God sung by The Russian Patriarchate Choir, director Anatoly Grindenko


Sunday Miscellany 31 March 2013

New short essays: 'Easter at Coole Park' by Hedy Gibbons Lynott, 'Herod in Exile' by Cathleen Brindley, 'Altar Boy at Easter' by John MacKenna, 'Latter Day Lear' by Cyril Kelly & 'Waking on Sunday Morning' by Michael O'Loughlin



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