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    Sunday Miscellany

    Its new radio essays and occasional poetry followed by complementary music capture our times, passions and curiosities.  The contributor led content is selected from open submission and commissioned writing presented by new voices and established names.

    Reportage, appreciations, memory pieces, poetry, travel writing and personal accounts of events and happenings are the stuff of Sunday Miscellany.  The programme is part of Sunday mornings since 1968.  It is essential listening to thousands across Ireland and the world.

    Sunday Miscellany 13 January 2013


    Sunday Miscellany 13 Jan 2013

    New short essays:

    The Last Number by Elaine Sisson

    Report from Hanoi, Vietnam: Two by John F Deane

    Ned Ryan by Evelyn Conlon

    Far From Horace's Ode by Cyril Kelly

    Omar Teller's Wife - a poem by Mark Roper

    Grand Stretch in the Evening by Jennifer O'Dea


    What on Earth is This performed by Manos Tacitos and his band

    Étude in E - Tristesse Opus 10, No. 3 by Chopin performed by John Ogdon

    Serenade No. 4 for two violins in E Flat Major by Viotti performed by Dina Sceidermann and Emil Kamilarov

    Cascades by Scott Joplin performed by Dick Hyman

    All Our Troubles have Flown Away by Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer and performed by the Friday-Seezer Ensemble


    This programme was first broadcast on Jan 30th 2011.

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