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    Sunday 15th May

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 15 May 2016

    New short essays: Madagascar a poem by Paddy Moran; The Ha’penny Bridge by Annette Black; The Dawn of Hope by Brian Leyden; Pentonville Prison 1916 a poem by Jane Clarke; The Little Green Man by John MacKenna; Song-Birds by John F. Deane; Bath a poem by Lani O’Hanlon

    Sunday 8th May

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 8 May 2016

    New short essays: Lake Pagoda a poem by Mary Turley-McGrath; Don’t Let Your Mother Catch You With That by Cyril Kelly; The Heroes of the Helen Blake by A.M. Cousins; The Aer Lingus Book Club by Tom Clonan; Palmyra by Elizabeth Healy; A Field in Castlecomer by Denis Sampson

    Sunday 1st May

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 1 May 2016

    New short essays: The Things We Have Lived Through by Brian Leyden; Lines Composed Below in Moyode Wood by Anne Marie Kennedy; Brush and Paint of Memory a poem by James Conway; Apostle of Agriculture by Cathleen Brindley; Portals of Unpreparedness by Leo Cullen; Commercial Break by Gerry Moran

    Sunday 24th April

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 24 April 2016

    New short essays: The 1916 Diary of Seosamh de Brún by Michael Holohan; Spy Wednesday by Hedy Gibbons-Lynott; A Reluctant Rebel: Ernie O’Malley on 1916 by Eamon Maher; Easter in Kingstown, 1916 by Julie Parsons; Timothy Finn: Irish Rebel and British Soldier by Bryan MacMahon

    Sunday 17th April

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 17 April 2016

    New short essays: On Going Cuckoo on Cape a poem by Chuck Kruger; The Veil by Frances Browner; In Black Ink My Love May Still Shine Bright a poem by Jean O’Brien; Shakespeare’s Songs by Catherine Ann Cullen; William Shakespeare: Talking Birds by Pat Boran; Two Poems Written Over Forty Years Apart by Brendan Kennelly (from the archives).

    Sunday 10th April

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 10 April 2016

    New short essays: The Death of Cúchulainn by Maireád Carew; Weekend Exeat from Boarding School a poem by James Harpur; The Blacksmith’s Funeral by Garry Ahern; How not to grow old by Kate Kerrigan; Gods Make Their Own Importance by Cyril Kelly; The Fosbury Flop by Mae Leonard

    Sunday 3rd April

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 3 April 2016

    New short essays: Altars of the Earth a poem by Chuck Kruger; The Aristophanic Sorcerer by Val O’Donnell; Shopping in Shangri-la by Liz McManus; The Silent Disco by Dana Halliday; Every Storm’s But a Passing Shower by Chuck Kruger; Icon by John F. Deane

    Monday 28th March

    Podcast: Easter Monday Miscellany 1916 (Part 2)

    Recorded in the National Opera House Wexford - (Part 2): Rosanna Heffernan, casualty of war by Declan Collinge; 1916- A view from Richmond Barracks by Jackie Morrissey; The Easter Rising’s First Casualties by Kieran Foley; 1996 by Donal Ryan; Frongoch by Val Mulkerns

    Sunday 27th March

    Podcast: Easter Sunday Miscellany 1916

    Recorded in the National Opera House Wexford - (Part 1): The Alamo by Billy Roche; Mr and Mrs Brennan at the Rising by A.M. Cousins; 1916 Anthology by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin; The Lead Up by Proinsias Ó Rathaille; Íota an Bháis a poem by Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill

    Sunday 20th March

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 20 March 2016

    New short essays: Get Thee to a Nunnery by Fidelma Mahon; Am Politician by Alan Titley; That’s Entertainment by Mae Leonard; Working on the Railway by John MacKenna; Stations of the Metro a poem by Paddy Kehoe; Lennon’s Irish Island by Áine Ryan

    Thursday 17th March

    Podcast: St. Patrick's Miscellany 17 March 2016

    The Day I got lost in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin by Orla Donoghue; Patrick and the Druids by Alan Titley; Tonic Solfa a poem by AM Cousins Kanye ‘Wesht’ in the Killala Parade by Kate Kerrigan; Idir Ann is Idir As le Colm Ó Snodaigh; St. Patrick’s Day in Abu Dhabi by Maeve Binchy (Archive); Ireland’s Fifth Province by Joe Kearney

    Sunday 13th March

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 13 March 2016

    New short essays: A Question of Sport by Mary O’Donnell; Diagnosis a poem by Fred Johnston; Maria agus an File le Catherine Foley; Indian Head Massage by Cyril Kelly The Road to Prosperity a poem by Vincent Woods; The Chapel at Vence by Maurice Cashell

    Sunday 6th March

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 6 March 2016

    New short essays and stories from the Sunday Miscellany archive: Birth Mother’s Day by A.M. Cousins; Na Geansaithe- The Jumpers’ - a poem by Art Ó Súilleabháin; Continuity by Ted Sheehy; I was there by Anne Shannon; Speaking of Accents by Anne Marie Kennedy; Dialann mo Mháthair by Fachtna Ó Drisceoil

    Sunday 21st February

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 21 February 2016

    New short essays: East Pier - a poem by Gerald Dawe; Chaneys by Lynn Caldwell; Learning to Dance by John MacKenna; A walk along Adelaide Road by John McLachlan; The Sycamore - a poem by Mary Turley-McGrath; Putting a Foot in it by Michael Whelton; Sweet Time - a poem by Gerald Dawe

    Sunday 14th February

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 14 February 2016

    New short essays: My First Valentine by Gerry Moran; The Irish Whip by Oliver O’Hanlon; Fuarán- Fountain a poem by Louis de Paor- recorded at the Shorelines Arts Festival last September;Nursing Home Bold Boy by Áine Ryan; Connect a poem by Jean O’Brien; South Wall by Judith Mok

    Sunday 7th February

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 7 February 2016

    In co-operation with the Audi Dublin International Film Festival: Silent Movie Hour-a poem by Jessica Traynor; Cannes on the no. 11 bus by Ciarán Carty; When Pictures Move by Ruth Barton; The Car was the Star by Bernard Whelan; At the Station a poem by Mary Turley- McGrath; Who Invited the Writer? - by John Connolly

    Sunday 31st January

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 31 January 2016

    New short essays: Eating the Salmon a poem by Lani O’Hanlon; Punks, Pear Trees and Philistines by Cyril Kelly; Dinner at the Fannins by Julie Parsons; The Wound a poem by Gerald Dawe; Season of Ice and Fire by Pat Dunne; Goddess of the Hearth by Lani O’Hanlon

    Sunday 24th January

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 24 January 2016

    New short essays: The Old House by Mae Leonard; War Poets a poem by Gerard Smyth; Our American Cousin by Karl O’Neill; Seeing the Stars by Leo Cullen; War Wives a poem by Vincent Woods; Reunion by Therese Ryan

    Sunday 17th January

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 17 January 2016

    New short essays: Experiencing Hurricane Debbie Twice by Art Ó Súilleabháin; The Magic Flute by Judith Mok; Holiday Sundays a poem by James Harpur; Shining by Anne Delaney; Life on Mars by Mark Brennock; Babies and Bambinas by Maurice Cashell

    Sunday 10th January

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 10 January 2016

    New short essays: On Meeting Ozymandias in Pearse Street by Maurice Cashell; In Dreams by Fidelma Mahon; O Teddy boys of Yesteryear a poem by Gerard Smyth; At St. Cáilín’s Well by Mary O’Malley; Geneva Barracks by Catherine Foley; Head- Smashed- In- Buffalo-Jump by Joe Kearney

    Sunday 3rd January

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 3 January 2016

    New short essays: For Saar on her birthday a poem by Michael O’Loughlin; Rodin’s Thinker by Denise Blake; The Planters’ Legacy by Pádraig McGinn; Last train to Wawa by Joe Kearney; Inishglora and the Children of Lir by Joanna McNicholas; World Historical by Michael O’Loughlin

    Sunday 27th December

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 27 December 2015

    New short essays: Tins of Maltan a poem by Paddy Kehoe; The Feisty Holy Family by Catherine Ann Cullen; The Connemara Half of Somerville and Ross by Geraldine Mills; A Singular Voice by John F. Deane; Five Minutes to Midnight by Hedy Gibbons Lynott; After the Shortest Day , a poem by Denise Blake

    Friday 25th December

    Podcast: Christmas Miscellany 25 December 2015

    A collaboration with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra which took place in the National Concert Hall - The spoken word pieces you heard were: Home for Christmas by Bernard Farrell; Rural Recycling by Anne Marie Kennedy; Paidir Ameiriceánach- American Prayer, a poem by Louis de Paor; Midwinter by Niamh Boyce; The Diceman Does Christmas by Dermot Bolger

    Sunday 13th December

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 13 December 2015

    New short essays: Fairytale, New York a poem by Mary O’Malley; The Poetry of Mathematics by Iggy McGovern; Star Wars: The Infant Strikes Back by Andrew McKimm; In Real Time by Enda Coyle- Greene; St. Moling’s Well by Terence J. Halpin; Silver Apples a poem by Gerard Smyth

    Sunday 6th December

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 6 December 2015

    New short essays: When ‘the Light’ came to the Island by Maura Gilligan; Knights with Umbrellas by Mae Leonard; Journey- December 2013 a poem by Paul Ryan; The Ill-fated Connolly Family by Kieran Foley; The Orphans’ Dinner by Gerry Moran; Rome, 1965 by John Horgan

    Sunday 29th November

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 29 November 2015

    New short essays: Angels from the Deep a poem by Chuck Kruger; Rock, Stone and Shore- Máirtín Ó Direáin remembered by Declan Collinge; The Black Heralds by Michael O’Loughlin; Mick Murphy, the last Railway Man a poem by John MacKenna; Fruitcake Weather by Hedy Gibbons Lynott; Solstice a poem by Sara Berkeley

    Sunday 22nd November

    Podcast: Sunday 22 November, 2015

    New short essays: In the Beginning by John F. Deane: Last Thing a poem by John Conroy; Phenomenal Frozen by Caroline Carey Finn; Wilfred Patrick Thesiger, 1910-2003, Carlow’s Bedouin by Kevin McDermott; Sunday in Meath a poem by Gerard Smyth; The Weather Forecast by Mary O’Malley; Desktop a poem by Paddy Bushe

    Sunday 15th November

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 15 November 2015

    New short essays: What it Takes a poem by Jane Clarke; She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain by Lourdes Mackey; Ringworm by Cyril Kelly; Casualty a poem by James Harpur; October a poem by Katie Donovan; A Visit to Luján by Val O’Donnell; Town Versus Country by Pádraig McGinn

    Sunday 8th November

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 8 November

    New short essays: Winter Heroes a poem by Katie Donovan; Spruce Goose by Breda Reid; The Last Irish Wolf by John MacKenna; My Grandmother, the Tailoress by Catherine Foley; George Moore, Irish Writer in Paris by Eamon Maher; Travelling a line. Knowing a Place by Jason Oakley

    Sunday 1st November

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 1 November 2015

    Recorded in Ballyshannon as part of the Donegal Bay and Blue Stacks Festival 2015. Written contributions:Mission Sunday by Olive Travers; No Pension Plan Blues by Little John Nee; Evangelists by Mary O’Donnell; A Fiddler’s Farewell by Martin McGinley; The Path that led me to storytelling by Joe Brennan

    Sunday 25th October

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 25 October 2015

    Recorded as part of the Donegal Bay and Blue Stacks Festival 2015: Written contributions by: What Emily Wore By Nuala Ní Chonchúir; The Ballyshannon Born Bluesman by Dave McHugh; An Culaith Úr a poem by Colette Ní Ghallchóir; In Times of Boybands by Denise Blake; From Glenties to Fall River by Frank Galligan

    Sunday 18th October

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 18 October 2015

    New short essays: Myth a poem by Grace Wells; Conflicting Loyalties by Val O’Donnell; The Arrival of Minalouche by Mary O’Malley; Famine Feminism by Áine Ryan; The Trimmings by John Mac Kenna; Leaving a poem by Grace Wells

    Sunday 11th October

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 11 October 2015

    New short essays: Not Stuck for Words by Alan Titley; 41 Michael Street, Kilkenny a poem by Angela Keogh; Cincinnati Alleyways and Japanese Exotica: The Strange Life of Lafcadio Hearn by Emer O’Kelly; Murty’s Wood by Mark Roper; Mental Sketching by Clare Lynch;Picture a poem by John Conroy

    Sunday 4th October

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 4 October 2015

    New short essays: An Imperial Flying Visit by Paul Moore; I am a Skype Granny by Maeve Edwards; The Aran Sweater by Michael O’Loughlin; Hissing from the Gallery by Karl O’Neill; Her Own a poem by Jane Clarke; Norris Davidson and Damhsa Árainn by Deirdre Ní Chonghaile

    Sunday 27th September

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 27 September 2015

    This morning’s selection of new writing was recorded last Sunday at the Shorelines Arts Festival in Portumna and featured: Autumn and Harvest by Grace Wells; Identity Crisis by Anne Marie Kennedy; Ródaideandrain, a poem by Louis de Paor; Red Books by Noelle Lynskey; Sun Life of Canada by Bernard O’Donoghue

    Sunday 13th September

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 13 September 2015

    New Short Essays:A Different Kiss by Alan Kealy; Break a poem by Enda Coyle Greene; Jam by A.M. Cousins;An Irish Nabob by Cathleen Brindley;The Return of the Migrants by Maurice Cashell; The Boys from Bagnalstown by Catherine Foley

    Sunday 6th September

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 6 September 2015

    New short essays: In the wake of Hurricane Katrina by Maureen Fitzpatrick; When Hurling Was a Crime by Gerry Moran; Gaillimh Abú by Mary O’Malley (from the archives); Cusack’s Stand by Alan Titley; 1979 by Clayton O’Driscoll

    Sunday 30th August

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 30 August, 2015

    New short essays: The Pre-electric picnic by Pat Boran; Boarding School Payphone a poem by James Harpur; Gallipoli’s Long Shadow by Dorcha Lee; That Summer of Rain by Enda Coyle-Greene; The First Day by A. M. Cousins; Exploring Fair Head by John Horgan

    Sunday 23rd August

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 23 August 2015

    New short essays: The Lord Mayor of Ireland by Trevor White; Following the Eruption by Maurice Cashell; Sunday's in Bastardstown by AM Cousins; Luck Penny by Leo Cullen; Cruising Altitude a poem by Sara Berkeley; Freney the Highwayman by Gerry Moran

    Sunday 16th August

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 16 August 2015

    New short essays: Ellen Hutchins, Botanist by Sean Moffatt; Birds on her Window by Iva Beranek;The Carnival Girls by Frances Browner; Horace Pink by Martin Malone; How I became an African chief by Larry McCluskey

    Sunday 9th August

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 9 August 2015

    New short essays: The Yeats Centenary 1965 by Stella Mew; Paper Cranes and Cherry Blossoms by Tom Ryan; Miss Yell by Alice Lyons; Roses by Mae Leonard; Summer Table a poem by John Mac Kenna; Sharkbait a poem by Sara Berkeley

    Sunday 2nd August

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 2 August 2015

    Recorded in Drumcliff Church, Sligo as part of Tread Softly 2015. Contributors: The Wandering Childhood of WB Yeats by Brian Leyden; The Extra Second a poem by Rita Ann Higgins; Sitting down to breakfast with Yeats by Meg Harper; Mullagh na Sidhe by Joe McGowan; My Travels with WB by Dan Mulhall, Ireland’s ambassador to Britain

    Sunday 26th July

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 26 July 2015

    New short essays: Centurian of Clew Bay by Áine Ryan; Strange Fruit by Bert Wright; Psychopomp a poem by Michael O’Loughlin; Baby Things by Pauline Bosch; Irish Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela by Michael Fewer; Graonlannaigh - Greenlanders a poem by Gabriel Rosenstock

    Sunday 19th July

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 19 July 2015

    New short essays: From the Barrow to the Big Horn by John Martin; Woodstown 1935 a poem by Michael Fewer; A dog has died by Mary O’Donnell; I told nobody I was coming by John Horgan; Fly-tying by John F Deane; The House of Silence a poem by Eleanor Hooker; Where have all the whistlers gone? by Brendan Landers

    Sunday 12th July

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 12 July 2015

    Marking the 25th anniversary of the closure of the Arigna coal mines July 1990. Contributors: The Arigna Mining Experience by Brian Leyden; Life between Eastersnow and Sliabh an Iarainn by Caroline Wynne; My Life in Power by Charlie McGettigan; Miner for a Heart of Gold Yvonne Woods; Dust on the Lung, Striking a Seam of Memory by Vincent Woods

    Sunday 5th July

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 5 July 2015

    New short essays: The Road to Milltown Malbay by Jimmy O’Brien Moran; Bumper Cars and Model T’s by Caroline Carey Finn; The Raft of the Medusa by Joe Kearney; Lough Ree Islands a poem by Noel Monahan; The Red Haired Friar of Scariff by Vivien Igoe; The Rolling Wave a poem by Paddy Bushe

    Sunday 28th June

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 28 June 2015

    New short essays: From the Margins by Colette Olney; Skippy and the Swedes by Tom Rowley; Mozart’s Libertine Friend Lorenzo by Emer O’Kelly; Summer of ‘59 by Bert Wright; Daddy, Matthew and the Dog Called Spooky a poem by John W. Sexton; Fr. Michael O’Flanagan and the Cloonerco Bog Incident’s 100th anniversary by Joe McGowan

    Sunday 21st June

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 21 June 2015

    New short essays: My Father’s Hands a poem by Denise Blake; Alligator Days by Fred Johnston; Wellington, Trim and Waterloo by Pat Dunne; Deer Message by Olive Travers; Best Men on the Job by Pat Boran; Lavinia’s Necklace a poem by Brigid O’Connor

    Sunday 14th June

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 14 June 2015

    New short essays: In my Bethel of Solyman’s...Joyce and the Volta by Declan Collinge; On Showing The Dead at Villanova a poem by Mary O’Malley; Creating Love’s Old Sweet Song by Val O’Donnell; Lucia by Karen Ardiff; Bel Canto by Leo Cullen

    Sunday 7th June

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 7 June 2015

    New short essays: Peggy Guggenheim’s Palazzo by Mary O’Donnell; Cathedral a poem by Noel Monahan; Magna Carta by James Lawless; An Emperor Dragonfly by Mark Roper; A Special Visitor by Jason Murphy; Nudes by Catherine Foley

    Sunday 31st May

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 31 May 2015

    New short essays: Jude the Obscure by John MacKenna; Caitlín Maude- a reflection by Doireann Ní Ghríofa; Mushrooms by Michael O’Loughlin; The Power of Now by Kate Kerrigan; The Bronte Parsonage by Cyril Kelly; The Last Summer Term a poem by James Harpur

    Sunday 24th May

    Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 24 May 2015

    New short essays: The Quiet Man by Bernard Farrell; A Beautifully Constructed Revenge, Perhaps by Annie Dinner; Reading the Chambers Dictionary by Rosita Boland; The Birds by Pat Dunne; Sunshower a poem by Lys Browne; John B. Keane and the haunting of Listowel by Emer O’Kelly

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