Sunday Miscellany

    Sunday, 9.10 - 10am

    Sunday mornings mean Sunday Miscellany

    Its new radio essays and occasional poetry followed by complementary music capture our times, passions and curiosities. The contributor led content is selected from open submission and commissioned writing presented by new voices and established names.

    Reportage, appreciations, memory pieces, poetry, travel writing and personal accounts of events and happenings are the stuff of Sunday Miscellany. The programme is part of Sunday mornings since 1968. It is essential listening to thousands across Ireland and the world.

    Sunday Miscellany 25 January 2015


    Sunday Miscellany

    New short essays:

    Encountering John McGahern in the censors’ basement by Jack Harte

    The Liffey Ladies Bridges Club by Annette Black

    High Summer Gone - a poem by John MacKenna

    The Search For Josephine Henrietta McKervey

    The Breaking - a poem by Denise Blake

    The Nameless Village by Pat Dunne


    ‘Blues in Orbit’ by Duke Ellington played by Duke Ellington and his orchestra.

    ‘The Last Pint’ by Pierre Bensusan played by Lúnasa

    ‘Sonata’ by Mateo Albeniz played by John Feeley on guitar.

    ‘Machushla’ by Josephine Rowe and Dermot MacMurrough sung by The Three Irish Tenors.

    The fourth movement from Beethoven’s piano sonata number 12 played by John O’Connor.

    Sunday Miscellany

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