Shanks Mare

    Sunday 7.30pm

    Shank's Mare, Sunday July 7th


    King's River, Co. Kilkenny

    This week, Ella goes in search of her favourite mammal, the elusive and majestic otter. She joins zoologist Lughaidh O’Neill on his project along the King's River in Kilkenny.

    This programme was first broadcast on the 28th of July 2006

    In Shank's Mare, Ella McSweeney goes walking around the country and introduces us to the people, flora and fauna she meets along the way. From stunning Donegal to the rough edges of Mayo's coastline, ancient woodlands in Derry to rugged Kerry, she hears about the wildlife and people that make Ireland's hills, mountains and coastline such a magical environment for walking.

    Shanks Mare

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