Shanks Mare

    Sunday 7.30pm


    Sunday 1st September

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 1st September

    On this week's Shank's Mare, they join Ella McSweeney walks along the majestic coastline of Canty's Cove, overlooking Dunmanus Bay.

    Sunday 25th August

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 25th August

    This week: Owls. Ella goes on a walk with John Lusby of Birdwatch Ireland in North Tipperary, just outside of Portumna, in search of a family of owls. (Repeat)

    Sunday 18th August

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 18th August

    Ella McSweeney goes walking around the country and introduces us to the people, flora and fauna she meets along the way. Tonight, she walks Bilberry Rock, Waterford. (Repeat)

    Sunday 11th August

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 11th Aug

    This week, Ella MacSweeney takes a walk from Tallaght to the Glenasmole Valley just beyond it. She hears from Benny, a beekeeper who has kept bees in his garden for over 40 years

    Sunday 7th July

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 7th July

    This week, Ella goes in search of her favourite mammal, the elusive and majestic otter. She joins zoologist Lughaidh O'Neill on his project along the King's River in Kilkenny

    Sunday 30th June

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 30th June

    Ella visits Durrow in Co Laois to find out more about the unique little freshwater animal, the Durrow Pearl Mussel which is found in the River Nore

    Sunday 23rd June

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 23th June

    Ella McSweeney travels to Corofin to walk with Ireland's only cave archaeologist Dr Marion Dowd, who has dug up some incredible remains. She found uncremated human bones dating back 3,500 years, buried with amber, shell jewellery and pottery shards. Ella also talks with caver Colin Bunce, and local historian Myra English.

    Sunday 16th June

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 16th June

    This week Ella walks the dramatic coastline of Hook Head in Co. Wexford, starting in the gorgeous fishing village of Slade. Ella's guides on the coastal walk of Slade to the Hook Head.

    Sunday 9th June

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 9th June

    This week, Ella McSweeney visits Knocksink Wood in Enniskerry, in Co. Wicklow. (Repeat)

    Sunday 26th May

    Shank's Mare Sunday 26th May

    This week, Ella McSweeney is in Galley Head in West Cork to catch a glimpse of whales and dolphins. (Repeat)

    Sunday 19th May

    Shanks Mare, Sunday 19th May

    This week, Ella walks the coastline of Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal, with local naturalist Liz Shephard, who talks to her about the unique coastal machair habitat. (Repeat)

    Sunday 12th May

    Shank's Mare, Sunday 12th May

    This week, Ella McSweeney visits Derry Valley farm in Ballybay Co. Monaghan. Her guide is Christina Cassidy. For full details on Derry Valley farm you can go to This programme was first broadcast on the 17th of June 2005.

    Sunday 5th May

    Shanks Mare, Sunday 5th May

    Ella McSweeney walks around the rugged coastline of Dungloe in Co. Donegal

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