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    Horse and Chips

    Horse and Chips

    Joe Collins is a practicing vet in North Cork – Equine Veterinary Services- and still does some research work with UCD Veterinary school. 2 years back he was World Horse Welfare funded PhD scholar at University College Dublin, conducting research into equine welfare in Ireland. That work showed up the problems with the horse passports and microchips in Ireland, and at the time it was, if not dismissed by the authorities, certainly swept under the carpet.
    Why did we never take to eating horsemeat in this country?

    Why did we never take to eating horsemeat in this country?

    When horse meat was found in burgers and frozen meals in recent weeks, we learned a lot about our attitude to hippophagy. That might sound like a subject in Hogwarts but it’s the term for eating horse meat. Ireland has a long history of saying ‘neigh’ to horsemeat. Irish Times restaurant critic Catherine Cleary came in to talk about the history of the Irish taboo against horse meat, from medieval Irish monks to the Phibsboro horse butcher of 1960s Dublin.  Video link: Back in 1966 a Dublin butcher was selling horse meat for human consumption. Mr. Hickey the owner of the recently ...


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