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    House Insurance and flooding

    House Insurance and flooding

    Insurance Ireland estimates the cost of claims related to recent storm and flood damage across the country at 46 million euros.That's likely to be considerably less, however, than the bill facing homeowners and businesses arising from the storm and floods. As many as half of those affected may not have had flood cover. Conor Brophy has been looking at how both insurers deal with these claims and he joined Sean in studio.
    Limerick Floods Clean-UP

    Limerick Floods Clean-UP

    Just over two weeks since large areas of Limerick City witnessed unprecedented flooding, there is growing anger at the lack of a coherent strategy to help locals put their lives back together.  Brian O’Connell reported from the St Marys Park area in the immediate aftermath of the flooding, and he returned this weekend to see what progress has been made in helping those most affected. Brian joined Sean from the Cork studio.


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