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    Food Poverty - Conor Pope

    Food Poverty - Conor Pope

    There’s always a lot of talk about ‘food poverty’ in the lead up to the budget. According to a survey by Healthy Food For All – a staggering 10% of Irish people are living with ‘food poverty’. Conor Pope – Irish Times journalist joins Marian to talk about food poverty. He says the experience is as much about knowledge, confidence and access as it is about income.
    Beating Bank Charges - Conor Pope

    Beating Bank Charges - Conor Pope

    Many people may have noticed big changes in their quarterly fee account statements as some of the major banks in recent months either hiked up charges for transactions or reintroduced certain fees. To give us an insight into bank charges and how best to avoid them or at least reduce them is Conor Pope – Consumer Affairs Correspondent with the Irish Times.


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