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    Social Media and Work

    Social Media and Work

    Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media have created a whole new set of challenges in the relationship between workers and their bosses.  But what are the rules in this Brave New World, where a drunken Saturday night selfie could see you hauled over the coals on Monday morning? To explain, Sean was joined by workplace expert Paul Mooney.
    Problem Solving in the Workplace

    Problem Solving in the Workplace

    Today we are going to look a couple of typical ‘problems’ which occur in organizations. Joining Sean in the studio was Dr Paul Mooney – Managing Partner of Tandem Consulting. Paul, before we drill into the details of what you should or shouldn’t do when you encounter a problem, isn’t there a role for doing nothing? When we were growing up that we were often told ‘least said soonest mended’.  Don’t problems simply disappear if you ignore them? Sometimes there is a good argument for the ‘keeping your head down’.

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