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    Study of Workhouse Bones

    Study of Workhouse Bones

    There were 163 workhouses operating in this country from the 1840s until the early 1920s.   They were feared and hated institutions – and the very last place people wanted to end up.   Consultant psychiatrist, Prof. Brendan Kelly who researched conditions in 19th century workhouses took Colette Kinsella on a virtual tour. A Study of Workhouse Bones  One of the ways we can learn about what life was like in these institutions is by studying the remains and the burial sites of the people who lived in them. Human osteoarchaeologist, Linda Lynch has done just that in Manorhamilton, Cashel and Tuam workhouses.   ...
    Blighted Nation: Episode One features

    Blighted Nation: Episode One features

    Death by Starvation  It’s estimated at that 3 out of every 5 who died were under the age of 10 or over 60. Aonghus McAnally read a medical account of the reality of death by starvation. Death by Disease  Most vulnerable people succumbed to disease rather than starvation as Dr. Laurence Geary of UCC vividly explained to us. Met Eireann Weather Forecast from 1848  Many people had pawned their winter clothes to buy food which left the evicted pitifully exposed to the elements. The winter of 1847/48 was a particularly harsh one. Gerald Fleming of Met Eireann brought us this ...

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