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    In recent weeks, campaigners designated Bantry as Ireland’s first fluoride free town after six businesses installed systems that will ensure that customers can consume food and drink made with fluoride free water. The West Cork Fluoride Free Campaign, which began in Bantry, has now spread to other towns, with Macroom Town Council the most recent to call for an end to public water fluoridation in Ireland. Sean was joined by physicist and cancer researcher at Oxford University Dr. David Robert Grimes and Brian O’Connell visited Bantry this week and met some of those who feel strongly about removing fluoride from ...
    Our Water Footprint

    Our Water Footprint

    Think tanks around the world that have projected that there could be wars within decades over struggles to access water supplies. We use far more water than we realise, and freshwater – no more than fossil fuels – is not a limitless resource. Yes freshwater is continuously generated in the water cycle, but this is limited and is not always useable. When you add population growth and changes in consumption patterns are considered, we need to use water more efficiently.. So how do you do that? Today we are looking at a new term to hit the streets - the ...


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