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    This week, tens of thousands of Yazidis were stranded on a mountain in Iraq as they tried to escape militants, the developer Michael Flynn won a bid to have an examiner removed from his businesses and the actor Robin Williams died by suicide.... Meanwhile, there was joy for many Leaving Cert students but disappointment for the women’s rugby team as they lost their semi-final game to England... To take a look back at these and the other main stories of the week, Keelin was joined by Susan Daly, editor of; Vincent Durac, lecturer in Middle East politics, UCD; Ian ...
    Middle East

    Middle East

    Three years have now past since the Arab Spring deposed a number of dictators across the Middle East, an uprising of people which inspired hope of a democratic future in countries associated for decades with corruption, rough justice or no justice at all. But that hope has since faded and as we enter a new year, the Middle East remains trapped in a mire of volatility and uncertainty. Here to take a look at the developments that may be expected in the coming months was Dr Vincent Durac who lectures in Middle Eastern politics at UCD.

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