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    Coming Up - Sunday 2nd March

    Coming Up - Sunday 2nd March

    Miriam will be speaking to the original supermodel;Jerry Hall about life, family, and her incredible career. Jerry will also be talking about how she is delighted to be involved with the Give Up Your CLothes for Good campaign with Enable Ireland and TK Maxx. You can find out more about the campaign on and     Also with the North back in the news, former I.R.A hunger stricker Tommy McKearney will be speaking about life 'on the run' and the ongoing legacy of the Troubles   And last week we had some beautiful live music from Conor O'Brien ...
    Coming Up Sunday 23rd

    Coming Up Sunday 23rd

    This Sunday Miriam will be speaking to Downton's Michelle Dockery about working with Liam Neeson on her new film   Cecelia Ahern will be speaking about her happiness with life, her amazing career and how she has come to deal with anxiety and panic attacks   Ciaran Hinds will tell us about the challenges of acting and how the Troubles shaped his career   And ahead of the Meteor Choice Music Prize next week, nominee Conor O'Brien of Villagers will perform some of his beautiful music


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