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    Images of war in the middle east dominate our screens once again...the BBC website features a striking photograph of a teenage Palestinian boy slumped on the ground wailing in grief at the funeral of his father in Gaza city and on the other side of the border a distressed Israeli mother and daughter being treated for shock after a rocket attack. Since Israel’s offensive began  seven days ago its estimated that more than 170 Palestinians have been killed Joining Sean was Christopher Gunnes of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.
    The Philippines

    The Philippines

    Six days on and bodies still litter streets in Tacloban and other remote Philippines locations as aid agencies struggle to get relief supplies to the almost 700,000 displaced people affected by Typhoon Haiyan. The United Nations wants to significantly step up its relief operation in the Philippines and has appealed to member states for more than €300 million euro in aid. The United Nations Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Aid is Valerie Amos and she joined Sean on the line.

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