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    Letter From America

    Letter From America

    Simon Carswell moved to the US to begin his stint as Washington Correspondent this time last year. And as always in American politics it has been an interesting year. Not to mention plenty of Irish interest, not least with developer Sean Dune’s dealing with his creditors in Conneticut. He joined Sean in studio this morning.
    Stories From The States, With Lenore Skenazy

    Stories From The States, With Lenore Skenazy

    There's a bit of a baby boom going on in Ireland at the moment. And thousands upon thousands of parents out there are experiencing the joys of new parenthood! But along with the happiness that a new baby brings, there are ALSO the additional hours of housework cleaning up after your little "bundle of joy"! But what if you could turn your baby into a cleaning machine? A tiny, pre-toddler, crawling around the floor, cleaning as they go! An itsy-bitsy human mop! An enterprising designer over in the USA has designed a Babygro that actually doubles as a floor mop, ...


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