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    Tuam Children

    Tuam Children

    The revelation last week that the remains discovered in a mass grave in Tuam, County Galway may actually have been those of hundreds of babies born in a home for unmarried mothers has re-opened one of darkest periods in Irish State history. Further evidence has now emerged on the potential cause of death of those – and thousands of other infants born in other such homes – actually died. In many cases, the babies died from the effects of starvation. Neil Michael is Chief Reporter with The Irish Daily Mail. He has been investigating three homes run by one order ...
    A Crematorium For Tuam?

    A Crematorium For Tuam?

    In this life, one thing is certain – we will all die. You don’t get a say in when you go, but you might like to have a say in how you go. The vast majority of people in Ireland who die choose to be buried. But a growing number of people are opting for cremation. It’s estimated that between 10 and 12% of people here choose cremation. That’s a very low proportion compared to around 70% in the UK, 99% in Japan and 40% in Germany. At the moment, in Ireland if you do choose cremation you’d have to ...

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