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    Loneliness Study

    Loneliness Study

    While recent years have witnessed greater public awareness and discourse surrounding mental health issues, the impact of loneliness on individuals is still relatively unacknowledged. Recent research has identified a link between loneliness and a range of mental health problems including shorter life expectancy and poor nutrition. Dr Joanna McHugh joined  Sean in studio to discuss she is post-doctoral research on the RelAte Project in the Neil programme at Trinity College Dublin.
    Trinity College Tar Drop Experiment Succeeds After 69 Years!

    Trinity College Tar Drop Experiment Succeeds After 69 Years!

    When it comes to reporting science in the media, journalists are always looking for "Eureka" moments - huge, groundbreaking moments of scientific progress that make a great story in the newspaper. Unfortunately, science doesn't work that way. As Thomas Edison said, "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration". And most scientific experiments tend to be long, laborious and painstaking. Researchers at Trinity College recently demonstrated this phenomenon, in probably the most extreme way possible. They have just concluded an experiment that was started all the way back in 1944 1944 was the year Casablanca was the big winner at the ...


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