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    Howth Gun Running - Mary Spring Rice Diaries

    Howth Gun Running - Mary Spring Rice Diaries

    On the 26th of July 1914, a shipment of arms landed at Howth harbour in Co. Dublin. They had been smuggled from Germany on board the Asgard, a pleasure yacht owned by Erskine Childers. The operation was organised to equip the newly-formed nationalist military organisation, the Irish Volunteers. This summer marks the centenary of the Howth Gun Running, an important episode in the struggle for Irish independence. One of the people involved was Mary Spring Rice, a nationalist activist. The diary that she kept on board the Asgard is a vivid account of the voyage, and offers a unique perspective ...
    Centenaries in 2014 (full programme podcast)

    Centenaries in 2014 (full programme podcast)

    This week, we discussed centenaries that will be taking place in 1914 with guests Katherine McSharry from the National Library of Ireland; Historian, Niamh Puirseil; Shane MacThomais historian with Glasnevin Museum and Tommy Graham, editor of History Ireland. The year 1914 would see a very changed landscape for Ireland and its citizens – and indeed, the world.   As the year started, a young woman called Alicia Brady died of tetanus and the Lockout was entering its fifth month.   The strike ended in January 1914 but in the aftermath, many people who had been on strike did not get their jobs ...

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