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    Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney

    We've spoke on this programme before about the importance of making a will. But there is another legal document that affords protection before death. Power of Attorney is an instrument that isncreasingly used to look after the legal affairs of elderly parents in the event of accident of illness, such as Alzheimer's, dementia or stroke. Joining Sean form Cork was barrister, Tim Bracken.


    Drawing up a will, and making plans for the division of our estate after our passing, is something many of us put on the long finger, especially if we’re enjoying good health. But a will is essential if we want to spare our loved ones unnecessary legal complications after we’ve gone. Sean discussed the advantages and tax implications of making a will, and how wills work in the age of civil partnership with Tim Bracken, a practising barrister and author of The Probate Handbook.


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