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    The Undertaking

    The Undertaking

    by Audrey Magee (Atlantic Books) Audrey Magee has worked as a journalist for 12 years yet two incidents, twenty years apart, were the catalyst for her to write her debut novel, The Undertaking. The first occurred on a visit to Dachau in Germany when she was just 21 and the second incident some 20 years later after a chance encounter with a German man in West Cork who owned a restaurant she was visiting. The story follows the lives of two Germans, Peter, a young German soldier during World War II and Katherina, who get married to secure him honeymoon ...
    History Haunts Dachau

    History Haunts Dachau

    We began the programme with an eyewitness account from Audrey Magee of an encounter at Dachau Concentration Camp which illustrates how Germany's Nazi atrocities still haunt descendants and bystanders alike.  Audrey's essay appears below. A Dachau Encounter by Audrey Magee On a hot summer’s day in 1987, the American Jewish man and I stood outside the gates of Dachau, the Nazi concentration camp on the outskirts of Munich. The gates were shut. It was Monday and the camp was closed to visitors. The American man was upset. His relatives had died there, behind those gates, behind those walls, and he had promised his family ...

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