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    Technological Universities

    Technological Universities

    Three separate alliances made up of Institutes of Technology are currently vying to gain the upgraded status of Technological University. But in a country where there are already seven universities for a relatively small population of students, some have questioned whether we are not already perfectly adequately served in terms of our third level facilities. Sean was joined in studio by Professor Brian Norton, President of Dublin Institute of Technology - one of the institutes looking to be elevated to this new status - and joining us from a studio in Cardiff was Charles Larkin, Lecturer in Economics at the ...
    Children & Technology

    Children & Technology

    John raised the issue of the over exposure of children to technology. He thinks it is has become a huge problem that is affecting their development. John is on the board of management of his local school and he gets feedback from a lot of teachers and principals about the affect that this overuse of technology is having on kids. They say that it is leading to a silent classroom. Kids are less talkative. Children’s vocabulary is not as developed as it should be because they are having less converdation at home. Lillian joined the conversation - she teaches on ...


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