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    Danish TV Drama - Borgen

    Danish TV Drama - Borgen

    The population of Denmark is roughly the same size  as Ireland with the same sized tv industry -  but the Danes are now thought to have the classiest & most efficient TV drama factory in the world, The Killing, The Bridge & Borgen. Joining John on the line are Camilla Hammerich, tv producer & former FG Minister, Gemma Hussey a big fan of the drama series. TG4 is to start broadcasting series one this Thursday 30th January at 11.00pm
    Bia Dúchais - TG 4

    Bia Dúchais - TG 4

    How many of you cooked a traditional dinner of bacon, cabbage and potatoes last Sunday to celebrate our national feast? Thoughts of St. Patrick’s Day grub got us thinking about our culinary heritage and whether in fact we have one when compared with say, the French or the Italians? Daniel Hegarty and Tanya Doyle say absolutely, yes. And they should know having made a new TV series about our culinary history and heritage. In their TG4 series, Bia Duachas, they took six of our nation's best-loved staples; Pork, Potato, Salmon, Grains, Honey and Cheese, and they traced how each of ...


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