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    The History Show Sunday 9 March 2014

    The History Show Sunday 9 March 2014

    The Irish and World War One This August will mark the centenary of the start of World War One. We will be commemorating this anniversary on The History Show with special programmes and short items telling the stories of Irish people who were involved in the war. We will also be examining what was happening here during these turbulent years. Do you have relatives who were involved in the First World War? We would like to hear their stories. Email:
    70th Anniversary of American Note

    70th Anniversary of American Note

    Now - tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of reports of a sensational attempt by the Allies to force Ireland to expel all diplomats from Japan, Germany and Italy.  According to historian T.Ryle Dwyer, this led to ‘the greatest distortion of Irish foreign policy since the foundation of the state.’ The lead up to the letter and its aftermath is a complex tale of intrigue, deception and double-dealing which includes at least one larger than life character and many others who preferred to remain in the shadows. Historians T.Ryle Dwyer and Michael Kennedy (Royal Irish Academy) discussed the fallout on the ...


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