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    Cast Of Strumpet City Reunite...

    Cast Of Strumpet City Reunite...

    In 1980, writer Hugh Leonard adapted a James Plunkett book into one of RTÉ’s most iconic drama series: Strumpet City! It was set in 1913 at the time of the Dublin Lock-Out and featured many well-known actors - names like: Peter O’Toole, Cyril Cusack, David Kelly and Peter Ustinov. Bryan Murray and Angela Harding played the characters of 'Fitz' and 'Mary'. The cast of Strumpet City re-united yesterday for a photo-shoot, and we sent our reporter, Katriona McFadden, along to find out more! Anyone who has an interest in the Dublin Lock Out might like to know about a Commemoration Ceremony ...
    February Book Club: Strumpet City

    February Book Club: Strumpet City

    We’re already in year two of the so-called ‘decade of anniversaries’ and there is no doubt about which is the most significant centenary this year. In August 1913, right in the middle of the Dublin Horse Show, tram workers who were members of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union abandoned their posts and went on strike. Thus began the 1913 Lockout. It was a long and bitter conflict, often simplistically seen as a struggle between two men, James Larkin of the ITGWU and William Martin Murphy, newspaper proprietor, tramways owner and leading light of the Employers Federation. In 1969 ...


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