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    Horses and Other Animals in World War I

    Horses and Other Animals in World War I

      8 million horses were killed on all sides during World War I. Steven Benedict, author of Paschendeale, a novel set during the Great War, talked about the role of horses and other animals in this war.   Click here for information about Paschendeale When war broke out in 1914, the British army only had 25,000 horses.   The War Office was given the urgent task of sourcing half a million more to go into battle.  In the first year of war the countryside was emptied of shire horses and riding ponies, a heartbreaking prospect for farming families who saw their finest ...
    Christmas on the Telly

    Christmas on the Telly

    It wouldn’t be Christmas on the telly all the same without settling down to a three hour epic like Dr. Zhivago! Film lecturer, Steven Benedict gave us a rundown of what historical movie offerings we can expect on the TV this festive season.   Historical Movies for Christmas by Steven Benedict A Man for All Seasons Given the season that’s in it, let’s begin with A Man For All Seasons, Robert Bolt’s adaptation of his won superb stage play which itself began as an hour long BBC radio play. It centres around the struggle between Henry VIII of England and his ...
    The 50th Anniversary of the movie 'Lawrence of Arabia'

    The 50th Anniversary of the movie 'Lawrence of Arabia'

    50 years ago this week LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, the historical epic of all historical epics, was released into cinemas. Directed by David Lean, it not only made a star of Peter O'Toole, it also gave audiences an unforgettable introduction to Omar Sharif.Half-a-century on, the film's reputation seems only to improve with age. To mark its anniversary, a special edition 3-disc edition has been released on Blu-Ray and here to talk about it is broadcaster and filmmaker Steven Benedict.


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