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    Insolvency Deals

    Insolvency Deals

    The Insolvency Service of Ireland has admitted this morning that only four insolvency deals involving mortgage debt have been competed in the past year.  The ISI has stressed though that there are more deals in the pipeline which could be completed in the next few months. Lorcan O’Connor director of the Insolvency Service of Ireland offered a robust defence of the agency earlier on Morning Ireland. Joining Sean was Independent TD for Wicklow and member of the Dail’s Finance Committee, Stephen Donnelly.
    New Party, New Politics

    New Party, New Politics

    Outside Leinster House, political apathy is on the increase and voter turnout, particularly among younger voters continues to fall, while inside parliament, the largest majority in Irish history controls a Dail; where almost half of the TDs sitting were not members of the previous Dail; where intrigue, defections and break away groups are more a part of this House than any previous collection of politicians in the country… So, is the time ripe for a new type of politics in Ireland, or a even brand new political party? If so will it be the Reform Alliance or a new Left, ...


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