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    Arena Tuesday 5 November 2013

    Arena Tuesday 5 November 2013

    On Wednesday's Programme Live music from Chatham Saxophone Quartet, Arlene Hunt on her new book 'The Outsider' and John Kastner on his film 'Not Criminally Responsible'. Arena's 'New Planet Cabaret' Book The book 'New Planet Cabaret' will be launched on Friday November 22nd at The Gutter Bookshop on Cow's Lane in Dublin. The book is the result of Arena's on-air Creative Writing Course which ran from December 2012 to June 2013. The Publishers are New Island and the Editor is Dave Lordan, who also co-ordinated the course. All proceeds from the sale of New Planet Cabaret go to the Writers In Schools ...
    NASA To Design Warp Drive?

    NASA To Design Warp Drive?

    The voyages of the Star Trek's Starship Enterprise would never have been possible without the achievement of warp drive. Warp speed is, of course, the stuff of fiction. The idea that we could travel across space and time to distant galaxies is strictly explored in the imaginations of science fiction writers! Or is it? Incredibly, NASA have actually assigned a team now to investigate the possibilities of actually developing a real, workable warp drive: a gadget that would allow spaceships to travel faster than light, and to transport a spacecraft to the most distant stars in a matter of weeks. ...


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