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    Mooney, Monday July 22nd 2013

    Mooney, Monday July 22nd 2013

    NestWatch 2014 - The Blue Tit The nest is built, and the eighth egg was laid on Sunday, May 4th 2014. On the evening of Tuesday, May 13th, the eggs started hatching, and we now have eight nestlings in the nestbox. Send your observations in to, and keep watching! Click here to watch NestWatch 2014 - The Herring Gull The Herring Gull's nest is located on a roof at the RTÉ Campus. There are three eggs in the nest and we expect them to hatch any day now. Click here to watch
    Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the craze of this summer - but what exactly is supping? Mary Kingston went along to Dublin's surf dock to find out more! Mary Kingston (in the centre) tries supping with Colin Harris (left) and Dan Kealy (right)  Mary Kingston with Colin Harris   Dan Kealy, Mary Kingston and Colin Harris For more information, visit or


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