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    The John Murray Show Tuesday 11 February 2014

    The John Murray Show Tuesday 11 February 2014

    Writers Debut Léan Cullinan's book 'The Living' published by Atlantic Books, on shelves June 5th - a story of a young woman working in an Irish publishing house which is about to bring out the memoirs of a Republican activist - Cate sings in choir, falls in love, wide circle of friends but then realises she is being followed... Daniel Seery's book 'A Model Partner' published by Liberities Press, on shelves late February - a story of young man looking for love, knows his perfect partner is out there - lonely & on the fringes of society - turns to ...
    NSA Tapping

    NSA Tapping

    Revelations that the US National Security Agency may have tapped the phones of up to 36 international leaders have put the Wikileaks story back on the top of the international agenda and increased tensions between the EU and its biggest ally. James Walston, chair of the Department of International Relations and Global Politics at the American University of Rome joined Sean this morning.


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