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    The John Murray Show Thursday 27 June 2013

    The John Murray Show Thursday 27 June 2013

    These are our three finalists from over 550 entrants to the John Murray Show/Saturday Night Show emerging music competition. Chanele McGuinness, Gary Showbiz and The New Transmission will battle it out in our live Studio 8 final on the John Murray Show on Thursday, May 29th for that coveted slot on the Saturday Night Show on May 31st.
    Sexism in Politics

    Sexism in Politics

    Julia Gillard was the first female PM of Australia until just yesterday. During her tenure she had to deal with a lot of sexist jibes & attacks, from Sydney we have on the line to Miriam, Dr. Elaine Byrne, journalist & in studio is Nora Owen, who has spent a lot of her time fighting her corner as a woman in politics. Nora joined the Dail in 1981 & served as Minister for Justice 1994-1997.


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