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    Civil Court of Appeal

    Civil Court of Appeal

    A brand new court – the Court of Appeal – is about to open – judges have been designated for it and the aim is to have it up and running by October. The thinking behind opening this court – is that it will take pressure off the supreme where there is currently a back log of 4 years. And We voted for its inception in a referendum last year But not all agree that opening a whole new court is the best way to deal with the backlog Keelin was joined by Seth Barrett Tillman – a lecturer in ...
    Court of Appeal Referendum

    Court of Appeal Referendum

    The debate over whether to retain or scrap Seanad Eireann may be dominating coverage in the run-up to polling day, but voters will also be asked to Friday whether or not they favour the introduction of a new Court of Appeal. Sean spoke to Director General of the Law Society of Ireland, Ken Murphy and Seth Barrett Tillman, law lecturer at NUI Maynooth to debate the arguments for and against this new proposed court.

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