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    Modern Families

    Modern Families

    Household and family structures are changing in modern Ireland. The nuclear model of Mum and Dad and the 2.5 children is no longer the only model. Colm O’Gorman Amnesty International, Adrian Weckler, Technology editor of Independent Newspapers, Denise Charlton Immigrant Council of Ireland, and Senator Averil Power give their own personal experiences and have a general discussion on the way family structures have changed.
    Newspaper Panel

    Newspaper Panel

    Senator Averil Power; Claire Grady, new editor of the Irish Independent; Blair Horan, former head of CPSU; James Burke, retail consultant; Conor Pope, Irish Times consumer affairs correspondent. Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Adrian Weckler, Technology Editor of Independent Newspapers, join the panel to discuss and its linking to the suicides of three teenagers.


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