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    EU Sanctions on Russia

    EU Sanctions on Russia

    Military intervention in the Ukraine crisis has thus far been ruled out by both the United States and the European Union, leaving the superpowers with only one card to play in the form of economic sanctions. But with Europe hugely dependent on Russia for its gas and oil supply, is talk of economic warfare nothing more than lip service, and does Vladimir Putin have any reason at all to fear an economic slap on the wrist from the EU? Keelin was joined by David Horgan, Managing Director of Petrel Resources and by Con Coughlin of the Daily Telegraph.


    As the west is still grappling  with how to deal with the results of Sunday’s referendum in Crimea – a referendum which saw an overwhelming majority of those that voted – voting for a return to Russia. Russian president Vladimir putin has already signed a decree recognising Crimea as a sovereign state. Putin is due to address Russian MPs in the Kremlin on his intentions in relation to Crimea in just under an hour – for more on what he’s likely to say, Keelin was joined by Fred Wear, from the Christian Science Monitor.


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