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    Child Centred Divorce

    Child Centred Divorce

    When a marriage comes to an end it can be tragic for everyone. But oftentimes it is the children that suffer most. So, if you are in a situation where your marriage has come to an end, how doyou make sure that your children suffer as little as possible? Sean was joined by Family Law researcher and senior partner in Arc Mediation, Dr Roisin O’Shea and by Dr John Sharry, Irish Times Parenting Columnist.
    Divorce and Mediation

    Divorce and Mediation

    Marriage breakdown is a stressful, and for many, a devastating time. Where there are children involved and where the parties sit opposite each other in an adversarial setting, the stress can be magnified. Under a new law being considered by the Government couples who want to end their marriage could be forced to take part in mandatory counselling and mediation. Family Law researcher and senior partner in Arc Mediation Dr. Roisin O’Shea spoke to Keelin this morning.

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