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    Liveline Thursday 29 August 2013

    Liveline Thursday 29 August 2013

    WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORIES Have you got a story to tell? An issue you want to air publicly? If you’d like to talk to Joe on-air about an issue that concerns you then we want to hear from you. You can email the programme at any time to, call the office at 01 208 3263 / 2984 / 2980 or 3438 (or out of office hours and leave a message) or on 1850 715 815, Monday to Friday from 12.30pm – 3.15pm. All topics are considered and all calls are welcome


    Dierdre and Christopher were on the recieving end of random acts of kindness by strangers. Along with other callers , they talk to Philip about their experiences. Joe brought to listeners' attention the anomoly at certain Spanish airports where signs tell passengers they can carry and extra carry on bag of duty free purchases, but the airline, in this case Ryanair, do not allow this at the gate. Harriet is annoyed that the proposed nurse graduate scheme includes compulsary education modules . Her daughter is entering fourth year nursing. Bernie and Joanne speak to Philip about their experiences as parents of children with disabilities.


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