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    Policy Makers and Research Data

    Policy Makers and Research Data

    Beyond Demographics: Using Evidence to Inform Policy edited by Dr Pete Lunn and Professor Frances Ruane is a new book which looks at how policy makers,  i.e. government officials, ministers and politicians might make better use of the information at their disposal. Dr Pete Lunn - behavioural economist, former journalist and now researcher with the ESRI joins the panel in studio. Researchers like Pete Lunn publish evidence based facts extensively and try to get the message/ findings out to the public through various media but it seems these important facts which inform policy are not getting to the key decision ...

    Interview: Marian talks to cookery expert Delia Smith about her career, life, religion - and passion for football! Her new book is, "Delia's Cakes," published by Hodder&Stoughton and her website is CNN Golf Correspondent Shane O'Donoghue joins us on the line from Florida to give an update on Rory McIlroy. John Kidd, chairperson of the Irish Fire and Emergency Services Association, talks to us about the effects that the Croke Park talks could have on their members. Pete Lunn, behavioural economist with the ERSI, comes in to describe how people behave when we think we're being treated unfairly. Charles ...


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