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    Data Protection Commissioner

    Data Protection Commissioner

    When the office of the Data Protection Commissioner was set up in 1989, no one at the time could have envisaged the scope that it would eventually have to cover. Even as recently as 2005, when my next guest was appointed as head of the office, it was nothing near the global privacy force that it has become today. With companies like Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, eBay and PayPal all having their European headquarters in Ireland, the ODPC has the responsibility of safeguarding the private information of responsible for safeguarding the data and the privacy of not just Irish citizens ...
    The John Murray Show Wednesday 13 March 2013

    The John Murray Show Wednesday 13 March 2013

    These are our three finalists from over 550 entrants to the John Murray Show/Saturday Night Show emerging music competition. Chanele McGuinness, Gary Showbiz and The New Transmission will battle it out in our live Studio 8 final on the John Murray Show on Thursday, May 29th for that coveted slot on the Saturday Night Show on May 31st.

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