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    Irish Water

    Irish Water

    Since its inception Irish Water has been enmeshed in controversy – on this programme managing director of Irish Water John Tierney revealed that more than €50 million had been spent on consultants’ fees which created a political furore. Yesterday, Mr Tierney made his second appearance before a Dail committee where he said that €10 billion will be required to update the system. Sean was joined by Paul Melia the environment correspondent of the Irish Independent. %MCEPASTEBIN%


    The water story sloshes on – the ESRI said this week that Irish Water could incur extra costs of between €1.5bn and €2bn. Overground or underground, the Government appears to have hit a boggy patch over the pylons issue. Elsewhere, Michael Noonan said what most people think, that AIB bankers do not deserve bonuses until their performances improve. Whistleblower, Maurice McCabe appeared before the PAC as the penalty points issue hots up and oin the European Court of Human Rights, abuse survivor, Louise O’Keeffe finally received an apology fomr Enda Kenny after the European Court of Human Rights deemed the ...


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